Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today marks the start of David The purpose of this site is to provide an archive describing the actions and true nature of alleged Comanche and pretend-conservative David Yeagley. Please be patient, this site will take time to get up and running.

All quotes from him are accurate and true, usually taken from his own websites. Great care is taken that his words are never taken out of context. When you see his words preaching white supremacy and hatred of Blacks, Arabs, Mexicans, Catholics, women, gays, and yes, American Indians, they truly are an accurate depiction of him and his beliefs.

Future topics of this website:

Was Yeagley Truly Fired for Being "Conservative": In Yeagley's Own Words, No
Yeagley and His So-Called "Scholarship"
Yeagley the White Supremacist
Yeagley's Hatred of Blacks
Yeagley's Calls for Mass Murder and Mass Deportation of Arabs and Muslims
Yeagley's Hatred of True Indians (From Latin America)
Yeagley Defends Violence Against Women
Yeagley's Contempt for Non-Christians
Yeagley's Hatred for the Handicapped
Is Yeagley Actually a Comanche?: Actual Comanches Say No
Yeagley and His Stereotypes About Natives
Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?
What Actual Natives Think of Yeagley
What Actual Conservatives Think of Yeagley
Yeagley's Ties to Neo-Nazis, Eugenicists, and Other White Supremacists
Yeagley's Hypocrisy About the NMAI
Indian Humor About Yeagley
Yeagley's Support for Genocide (Against American Indians, Arabs, and Muslims)

I welcome feedback and comments. Especially if you have firsthand experience of Yeagley or know someone who does, please contact me.


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