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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Great Reviews for Presidents' Body Counts

So far there have been four reviews of my new book. Two gave it rave reviews. One, later withdrawn, was by a libertarian who didn't like libertarianism criticized. The fourth gave it a mixed review, praising the book itself but wishing I did not have such a strong point of view. -------- Review by: Mark Sellers on April 22, 2014 : star star This book did have a great deal of information to correct misinformation that is spouted as true. The only trouble I had with the book was the obvious slant of the authors personal beliefs. I'm sure he could have added numerous other examples. -------- Here are the two positive reviews from Smashwords at -------- Review by: JohnMartine on April 21, 2014 : star star star star star I'm an avid reader of the likes of Zinn, Chomsky, and Loewen. This book fits well with their. It is a devastating critique of the presidency and its failures, contrary to the sunshine patriotism view one gets (mis)taught. It likely will appeal to you if you are much like me, cynical about power and presidents but not sure what information to believe or where to find it. In his intro he states that politics and history are too important to be left to professionals. Then he lays out his case for judging presidents on humanitarian standards. Not their party, not left or right, and he goes into a thorough debunking of nonsense claims about liberal media or universities. It is a revelation that Nixon and Jackson both ordered genocide, and Reagan worked with generals committing genocide in Central America. One president after another comes up lacking. Clinton and FDR are taken apart for ignoring genocide. LBJ, Nixon, and GW Bush all ordered torture, and Obama ordered assassinations. But some presidents come off very well. Jimmy Carter was one of our greatest presidents and ex presidents. Grant as well. Carroll is neither liberal nor conservative. He comes across as a devout compassionate Catholic. His favorite term is ideologically blind, meaning someone so dedicated to an abstract principle he will even let others die to prove it. Libertarians and hardline leftists will both hate him because he tears their worldviews to shreds. But, as he shows, they deserve it, because they are very often blind to the harm they do. A search for him online shows he's American Indian, very well respected by most but deeply hated by racists and religious exploiters. More can be found at his website and his human rights organization of Natives, I join them in saying he has my respect, and I expcet this book will be much used as a resource by anyone wanting an antidote to all the hazy president worshipping bios. --------- Review by: SamBear on April 23, 2014 : star star star star star Dr. Carroll is well known in Indian Country. He has fought for many years to protect our sacred ways from the wasichu colonial spiritual invaders at his site He also has a very good book on our Native vets. I have read this also and his words honoring our warriors are good. I am glad he represents an Indian point of view on American presidents. Yes he is a strong Catholic also, but I have known both good and bad Christians. He is a Christian offering a helping hand, not a closed fist or closed mind. Obviously I'm going to say most about what he writes about how presidents have treated Indians. Jackson is the third worst president because of the Trail of Tears. Most of the Five Tribes say he was the worst. But I understand why Carroll lists Reagan as even worse. Reagan killed so many more of our Indians cousins, Mayans of Guatemala. Nixon is the worst president he says, and most Vietnam vets will tell you the same. Both Nixon and Reagan should not be honored by anyone. They should have faced a firing squad like Eichmann. A lot of my Dakota relatives will disagree about Carroll saying Lincoln was our greatest president. We remember the Dakota 38, the worst mass hanging in America's history. But I never knew that Lincoln saved 270 of my relations from being hung. I also never knew Lincoln saved so many Indians in California. The words you have written are very good Dr. Carroll. I hope many heed them.

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I had not even been back to this blog in many years, its purpose having been over and done and successful long ago. I intend to let this blog lapse and may even take it down entirely. But it continues to rank very highly in links about both me and its original subject. So let me direct the viewer to better sources about myself and my work. _The_Twelve_Worst_and_Four_Best_American_Presidents_Based_on _How_Many_Lived_or_Died_Because_of_Their_Actions'-body-counts-the-twelve-worst-and-four Excerpt

Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions

Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions by Al Carroll Available for free at Speak No Evil About Presidents. So say most textbooks, journalists, commentators, and even some historians. Not in this book. An eye opening look at all the evil done by presidents, mass murder, incompetence, and terrorism, and the noblest presidents also. How many of these do you know? -Two presidents ordered genocide, and another collaborated with genocide. -Four presidents ordered chemical warfare. One ordered atomic warfare. -Two presidents pardoned mass murderers, one a war criminal who murdered women and children, the other a terrorist who blew up a plane. -At least four presidents ignored genocide. In one case he could have saved up to over a million lives. -Two other presidents, besides Bush, ordered the mass torture of prisoners. -Two living presidents may face war crimes trials. -One president ran for office as the candidate for terrorists. -Two presidents were members of the KKK, one of them initiated in the White House. -One president was so incompetent, the White House was burned down by the enemy. -One president holds the record for the most invasions of Latin America. Two other presidents are the only ones in the last 120 years to not try to overthrow governments in Latin America. -Four presidents strongly despised by many were actually our greatest presidents. -America's greatest president may have saved over a million lives. -America's greatest ex-president saved even more lives than that. He also helped bring democracy to 25 nations. -America's second greatest president headed off genocide, and prevented two wars. -For almost every evil president, there were far better men who might have won the election. -For almost every good president, there were also far worse men (and women) who could have won. The most insightful and damning expose of the presidency you will ever see. By a historian and professor, lively and not pulling any punches.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Great Reviews for Medicine Bags and Dog Tags

My university publisher sends me all the reviews for my book, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans From Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War. So far I've had three reviews.

One was in Indian Country Today by a historical fiction writer. That was rather strange, both praising it as "groundbreaking" and then strongly criticizing it for not having enough about New England Indian veterans. Seemingly he overlooked the pages on one very famous veteran, William Apess, along with a number of other New England Indian veterans scattered throughout the book. Even a glance at the table of contents or index would have given him what he wanted. But I guess there's not much one can do except to hope that in the future Indian Country Today hires reviewers who actually read the whole book, not just skim it.

The second review come the book editor of Native Peoples magazine, Debra Utacia Krol, who is Salinan and Essalen. It was reviewed together with From Warriors to Soldiers, itself a fine book from Gary Robinson and Phil Lucas. I was interviewed along with Robinson on a radio show broadcasting out of New Mexico. I was still working in Indonesia as a Fulbright Scholar at the time, so unfortunately the radio show got cut short by technical difficulties.

Krol's review started off with summaries of both books for four paragraphs, and ends with these nice words of praise.

"These two books should be in the hands of not only Native but non-Indians veterans and service groups, in order to better understand why we serve, fight, and die in the service of the United States, and how best to honor Native soldiers and veterans."

The third review come from a fellow historian who has also written on Native veterans, Thomas Britten. Britten wrote American Indian Veterans of World War One and teaches at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He reviewed the book for the scholarly journal Great Plains Quarterly. After summarizing the book for three paragraphs, Britten offers some nice words as well.

"Although he dismisses previous scholarship as biased and misinformed, Carroll relies almost exclusuvely on secondary sources and oral histories. An interesting and provocative book, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags succeeds in providing an Indian perspective on military service and its effects on cultural renewal and perseverance."

Britten certainly shows himself to be a consummate professional. I criticized him and his own book for relying too much on government documents and not providing enough Native views, and did so in the very book he reviewed. There is a slight inaccuracy in his review. I criticized some previous studies as biased. I praised two very good books by Jere Franco and Tom Holm, namely Crossing the Pond and Strong Hearts Wounded Souls.

I should also report that the book has been a huge success. It has sold about three and a half times the number that academic books usually sell. The last check I did showed it available in at least four hundred libraries, including every military academy. My sister even saw it for sale at the VA Hospital gift shop in Phoenix. I've also gotten some nice emails from people complimenting me and thanking me for writing it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Comanche Chairman Wallace Coffey: "Yeagley Is a Far Right Racist...I Am Against How Yeagley Thinks....He Does Not Represent the Comanche People"

The latest from Barbara Duggan, a very helpful and interesting talk with Comanche Tribal Chairman Wallace Coffey.


I just got off the phone with Chairman Coffey of the Comanche Nation. He was nice enough to talk to me. I told him my name and what tribe I was from and explained to him why I was calling him. I told him what I was doing with regards with me bringing out that Yeagley does not have a famous ancestor Badeagle and about him racism.

I asked Chairman Coffey if he felt the same as Yeagley with regards to his racists views and hatred toward Black people and ndn/black people. He told me that Yeagley is a far right racist Republican and that he is vehemently against how Yeagley thinks and that Yeagley does not represent the Comanche people.
That he has nothing to do with the tribe and that Yeagley had the audacity to run for Chairman. I told him I knew about that and how Yeagley lost.

Chairman Coffey also said that he is not a friend of Yeagleys nor would he want to be. I mentioned to him that I would be there on the 18th along with Beverly Isaacs at that meeting. I asked him about the venture,"COMANCHE MEDIA- A NEW CORPORATION," that Yeagley will be presenting to the tribe for funding. Chairman Coffey told me that the tribe has never funded Yeagley for anything nor would the tribe fund this venture of his or anything in the future.

I told Chairman Coffey that I would see him on April 18th and was looking forward to meeting him. It made me feel good that the Chairman and the tribe is not behind Yeagles. Yeagles might as well forget his proposal with regards to "COMANCHE MEDIA - A NEW CORPORATION". The answer will be NO as far as the tribe giving any money to start it up. I guess he will have to pull money out of his bank to start that venture or Gross can give him the money for it. He can ask his posters on his site to donate to his fund or ask Richard Lawrence Poe and all his other white supremist friends to give him money.

Poor Yeagles, all he has is his pitiful site and the 10 people that post on there and the ONE loser Indian, Gross. He is enrolled on the Comanche tribe but HE HAS NO TRIBE THAT WILL BACK HIM UP FOR ANYTHING. HE HAS NO FAMOUS ANCESTOR. LIKE I SAID ALL HE HAS IS AN ILLUSION OF GRANDEUR AND OF COURSE GROSS BETTY.

Of course, I'm not telling Yeagles not to go; I still want to see him and meet him so I can tell him to his face what I think of him. Hope this makes you feel better Beverly and you might want to thank Chairman Coffey.

Beverly, I hope this makes you feel better. You might want to give Chairman Coffey a phone call and thank him.

Barbara Duggan