Thursday, October 05, 2006

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

This site has no relation to
This site has no relation to
This site is not run by David Yeagley or on his behalf.

There is no way he would sanction myself or anyone else telling the truth about him. In fact his own history shows a pattern of trying to suppress through empty legal threats the actual truth about him, falsely crying libel while at the same time himself libelling and slandering his opponents. Yeagley is congenitally incapable of ever telling the truth about virtually any subject.
He deals in distortion, deliberate misinformation, and outright lies as an everyday manner of doing business.

Unlike Yeagley, I take great care that all information in this site is accurate to the best of my abilities. However, if you believe the information is inaccurate, please contact me. If it truly is, it will be corrected.

As noted before, I am well aware of Yeagley's habit of using empty legal threats.

I will NOT be intimidated or silenced by any such threats. Any attempts at libel or slander on his part WILL be met by legal action of my own.

Yeagley and his supporters need to learn the law. Truth is an ABSOLUTE defense against libel or slander. And unlike most of what Yeagley claims or says, everything on this site is true.


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