Thursday, October 05, 2006

Was Yeagley Truly Fired for Being "Conservative"? In His Own Words, No

Yeagley's claims of being a professor at Oklahoma State University fired for promoting patriotism are entirely false. The title of professor implies that he had tenure. Tenure is only granted after a specified number of years working at an institution and showing merit and accomplishment by publishing works or receiving good reviews from your students and colleagues. Yeagley only worked at OSU for a single semester as an adjunct, teaching a single course. His clumsy attempts to indoctrinate his students and his repeated right-wing harangues of them in his class alienated virtually everyone.

(Ironically, Yeagley is himself guilty of what his boss, David Horowitz, seeks to outlaw, using university classrooms as a bully pulpit, to force your own political views down the throats of your students.)

By his own description, and the quotes he provided of two of his supervisors, he was fired for repeatedly falsely representing his own views as that of his former university’s. Far from being "persecuted" for his views, his supervisors actually did their best to protect his position:

David Yeagley, “fired,”, 7-20-06.
“I was warned not to mention the school name in articles or interviews, except with a disclaimer stating that my views were independent….
‘This is it,’ said Tim Faltyn, the new head of Arts & Sciences. ‘I can’t protect you anymore.’ ‘The administration has decided to let you go.’
The final ax fell in a meeting with Dennis, my supervisor. ‘Yeagley, you’re creating a lot of bad PR.’”


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