Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yeagley's So-Called "Scholarship"

By any reasonable standard he is no scholar. Yeagley’s claim of a PhD and title of doctor are deceptive, since he claims expertise in history, Native cultures, and current affairs. His degree is in music.

While his website describes him as “a published scholar,” it lists him as having a grand total of one scholarly article published in the US.
“Cultures_Jews,”, 7-15-06. “…he has published only two academic papers in American journals. In fact, both works are in the same journal, one of the more broad minded, called the Journal of the American Liszt Society.”

Virtually his sole writings are for Horowitz‘s websites. For a man who has been a student at universities for almost his entire adult life, his articles do not seem to reflect that. His writing would not get a passing grade in a Freshman Composition course. Most of it is badly disjointed, filled with one-sentence paragraphs, with no logical progression and not much thought or knowledge behind them, even taking into account his juvenile intent to shock. For someone claiming to be a scholar (often repeatedly and defensively, as if he's not sure of it himself), he often does not use even the barest of standards. He does not even bother to use spellcheck.

His writing "style" is truly bizarre, like a National Inquirer reporter who enjoys reading Aryan Nation pamphlets trying to sound like Sitting Bull. This is really not too surprising since by his own admission he relates to his alleged heritage by the stereotypes about it. It is possible, though, he could be deliberately dumbing down his writing for those on the far right he appeals to. If true, that is itself revealing of the low opinion he and Horowitz have for their own followers.
In future articles I'll be discussing Yeagley's ignorance of Native cultures and virtually any other subject he comments on.


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