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Yeagley's Support for Genocide and Holocaust Denial

It might sound extremely strange that David Yeagley would repeatedly support genocide. After all, doesn't he claim to be Comanche? Didn't his own alleged people suffer through genocide? But as I will be discussing shortly in a future article, virtually all the evidence says that Yeagley is NOT Comanche at all. (Absolutely none of the "evidence" supporting Yeagley's claim to be Comanche is conclusive.) He is a white supremacist posing as Comanche.

Yeagley has supported genocide repeatedly, against not only Americans Indians but against Arabs and Muslims. He not only cheers genocides of the past, he calls for such atrocities to happen NOW, against those he sees as enemies of white supremacy. Often he goes to elaborate lengths to deny that genocides were, in fact, genocides. For doing so, he should rightly be regarded as belonging to the ranks of tinfoil hat wearing cranks that make up those who practice Holocaust Denial.

Yeagley has cheered or excused away genocide against American Indians, including those he falsely claims as being his own people (Comanches) on many occasions:

"As a Comanche Indian, I’m sensitive to this history. I believe the conqueror has a right to what he has conquered. No one owns the land. Only he who is strong enough to possess it will control it and the people living on it. That’s the law of war."

"America did not commit genocide against Indians, and in fact was pleased to leave a good deal of land for relatively small population."
"I think genocide is a very relative term....Also, the germ warfare thing is hackneyed as well. It's been around for millenia. No special horror, just the usual....War is war."

"The Indian situtation is not comparable to the Jewish Holocaust. Jews did nothing to anyone. Indians did....Like I said, it was a car wreak.[sic] An accident of geography and demographics. "

Where to begin with his ignorance and racist hatred? American Indians outnumbered Europeans in 1492. The lowest credible estimate was 80 million people, the highest over 125 million. In what is now the US the most credible estimates are 15-18 million people in 1492. By 1910 the Native population of the US was down to less than 150,000, a loss of over 98%. The US government "left" land to Native tribes because it was cheaper than fighting to wipe out Indians to the last man, not out of the goodness of anyone's heart. Entire books can (and have) been written describing the genocidal attitudes of famous and powerful white Americans like Cotton Mathers, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Frank Baum (author of The Wizard of Oz.)

For years, Yeagley has gained more notoriety (and seems to revel in it) by defending the initiator of genocide against American Indians, Cristobal Colon/Christopher Columbus:

"I wanted to lead the New York City Columbus parade this year, October 13th, 2003. As a Comanche Indian, I thought I could touch up our savage image a bit, and reconcile the offenses other Indians have caused the Italian-Americans in recent years. It would be a national reconciliation, I thought. Comanche Indians were not known for kindness to strangers."
"Columbus was simply a courageous man. Columbus was willing to go to a place where, as far as he knew, no man had gone before. This is momentous. This is all I see in Columbus. This is all I need to see."

Again, where to begin with such ignorance and race-baiting by a white supremacist posing as Native? Columbus had little courage, nor did he need it. The actual voyage was short, uneventful, and held little danger outside of boredom. Anyone doubting that could read his own journals. But Yeagley brags about not needing to see anything he does not want to.

Columbus commanded the genocide against the Taino Indians, almost exterminating them. The lowest credible estimate is that he mass murdered 1 million Tainos. The highest estimates have him slaughtering 8 million.

As a dedicated white supremacist, it's no wonder Yeagley does not want to see anything to tarnish his hero. He extends his glorification of genocide to include Bosnian Muslims.

"The track record of Serbia is quite heroic compared to its neighbors....The trial of Milosevic and others, is in fact an opportunity to set the record straight. The Serbs are white, and Christian."

Then comes Yeagley's paranoid conspiracy theory.

"Balkans are a test case for the multi-nationals and their New World Order. They have to succeed in the Balkans, and they think Milosevic is there [sic] key to success. Is it possible that opposite is true?"
"The public does not know the history of Serbia. The "war crimes" for which Serbia is accused have been isolated, dramatized, anathematized. The name Slobodan Milosevic is universally execrated."

Yeagley used to maintain a section of his forum solely to support the genocide against Bosnian Muslims by Serbia's war criminal regime. For some time he's also called for the mass deportation of all Muslims and Arabs. Yeagley's ignorance is not limited to history, culture, or politics, but includes law. (Instead he substitutes bigoted paranoia.) Under international law, such mass deportation is ethnic cleansing and constitute genocide.

"Tthe Arab/Pakistani Muslim situation is different. They have left their own countries, to come here, to kill. Untill [sic] Arab Muslims are all deported to their own countries, until there is at least a temporary ban on all world travel for Arab Muslims...Muslim leaders are pimps, and their murderous minions are whores. Whoso invites and harbors them deserves their plagues.
In the name of freedom, deport all Arab Muslims back to their own countries."

Obviously Yeagley doesn't know much about Arabs and Muslims in the US. (Or Pakistan, which is a US ally receiving much US aid.) Would he deport Danny and Marlo Thomas? Both are Arabs. James Abourezek, US Senator who had much American Indian support? Also Arab. Ralph Nader (again, Arab), who ran for president with Ojbiwe activist Winona Laduke as his VP? Would he deport Muhammed Ali and millions of other US born Muslims? Some American Indians have also converted to Islam. Even if he limited the mass deportations to only those who are both Arab and Muslim, you're talking about hundreds of thousands of good people, including many US troops who are Arab and Muslim. Meanwhile, most terrorists in the US are, in fact, white (and also white supremacists like Yeagley) and claim to be Christian.

Not only does Yeagley call for mass deportation, he has reportedly call for the mass murder of all Iraqis, even women and children.
"[Yeagley] wrote once that Martin Luther King Jr. was a 'blight' on American history and that women and children in Iraq should be destroyed so that they don't grow up to be terrorists."

Yeagley's version of Holocaust Denial bizarrely insists that it is "anti Semitic" to refer to anything as a holocaust except the Nazi genocide against Jews. His position is not unique, and it is one that I am sensitive to, since my niece and her father are Jewish and my sister a Jewish convert. My brother in law's parents are Holocaust survivors, having lost dozens of family members to Nazi death camps. But pointing out other cases of genocide does not mean the Nazi one against Jews was any less of one, and does not offend anyone Jewish that I know.

The problem with Yeagley's version of this argument is that he's a hypocrite. He uses the term holocaust very casually, to refer to trivial and insignificant things, like the time an Italian girl rejected him:

"But as one who had never experience [sic] romance with an Italian female, Yeagley was unprepared for the personal holocaust."

So by his own argument, Yeagley is himself an anti Semite.

Future articles will go further into his intense hatred and paranoia about Arabs. Other future articles will further describe his stereotypes about Jews. While Yeagley claims to admire and defend Jews, like other fringe members of the Christian Right, his main interest is in using their story for his own sordid purposes, while having no understanding of their culture.

Please keep sending me material. Let's keep the public informed about the true nature of this white supremacist posing as Indian.


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