Monday, August 20, 2007

John Martin ADMITS to Issuing Threats, and Spouts Yet More Racist Threats

I'm seriously thinking of nominating John Martin for a Darwin Award. How he's survived this long without winding up dead from his own stupidity is a mystery modern science would be hard pressed to solve.

From his new (paid?) post at the pseudo-Heyoka New Age tabloid run by English Nuager and fellow racist John Lekay (or Lackey, as he's increasingly being referred to), Martin seems to be in a race to see how much he can embarass himself, Lackey, and Yeagley. Not a day goes by without him sending racist and anti Semitic hate mail from the tabloid's address.

The tatters of Lacky's credibility disappeared long ago. All of the twenty year old faux-leftist articles can't hide his irrelevance. Seemingly no one without a Nuage or racist agenda to peddle has anything to do with him.

Martin now openly admits he issued threats against myself and my elderly parents.

Martin has also issued yet another series of death threats and racist and bigoted rants, targeting a man for being Jewish.

" had better tread lightly there "Hawk" before you get
I will track you down like the wild pig you really are.

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!"

And a second death threat.

"Do you feel threatened? Do you want to be put down, like a
rabid dog?


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