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Lekay, Martin, and Yeagley FAIL to Censor Their Critics

NAFPS was only mildly inconvenienced by Lekay and Martin's campaign of lies. We're back after only a few days offline.

And during that time, so many Native activists and other truly good people rallied behind us and stood up to Nuage racist crackpot John Lekay, violent racist posing as a Gulf War veteran John Martin, and white supremacist David Yeagley.

Just a sampling of the support we got. There were also nearly a dozen people who sent words of support and offers to help but ask to remain anonymous, fearing threats from Lekay, Martin, and Yeagley. They know all too well how dangerous these racist loons are.


From: phil cash cash
Date: August 7, 2007 1:18:27 PM CDT
To: NetRez-L
Subject: [NetRez-L] Native Cultural Activists Voices Silenced Again (fwd link)

Native Cultural Activists Voices Silenced Again

by Angry NDN
Monday Aug 6th, 2007 9:45 PM

A Native American Consumer Advocacy group, New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans, has been repeatedly denied free speech rights on the internet by the very frauds that they expose!


From the Yahoo group Powwow Circle:

Thanks for letting us know this has happened. They are afraid of what we can do to their grubbing of their frogskins. I hope soon this will soon be taken care of...i will write in.

I will pass this around al....this is ridiculous..why dont these cockroaches crawl back into the woodwork and leave us alone eh? i will post this far and wide..and write to your host...


From the Native student activist group in Tucson, Do No Harm:

My name is Tim Star. I'm Lakota and I've been interested in what NAFPS and this group does for quite a while, but I've never bothered to post. It really burns me that such an obvious faker can shut NDNs down.

Heyoka is a pretty slick Lefty publication that features several well known New Age Frauds. In my opinion, the look and style give it away as a pub by waanaabiiz for waanaabiiz.

It's got all the markers of a typical twinkie publication. There's appropriation of the Didgeridoo and lots of stuff about "Black Elk's vision" (well known twinkie marker) and he seems to think that if he throws in Noam Chomsky and a few pro environmentalist pieces with old time hippy favorites thrown in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, John Lennon etc to appeal to the boomers and make up for his shameful promotion of some very well known frauds.

Naturally, everything focuses on white guilt for the sins of the fathers and there's no current interviews with LEGITIMATE tribal leaders or information about OUR ISSUES - tribal sovereignty or current environmental/tribal struggles. (All the environmental issues are at least 20 years old except for the NYT articles that he
posted directly to give his twinkie rag more credibility)

How the frauds love the past!

It really offends me how Natives are portrayed as subservient storytellers and spiritual guides who pine for the lost past and just want to help save the whiteman (from his own greed and self- destruction)

It's definitely intended for an upper middle class WHITE college educated audience. This is not a ForUsByUs kind of pub.

If the "featured Natives" weren't so offensive they'd be comical.

Red Elk is featured once in volume. He gets a loon of the month award for his hilarious work on google video:
(don't watch while drinking liquids)

Blackfeet and Shoshonee)

RED ELK: The search for Big Foot

Here's Dan Asher doing something ridiculous with a drum by the fire

Here's Jim Medicine Tree (alleged Cherokee Elder caretaker of the United Nations Turtle Pipe and the 200-year old Black Thunderbird Pipe, to help heal our drought-stricken land.)doing his twinkie thing in Australia.

And Mala Spotted Eagle Pope who runs the Nanish Shontie scam in Washington is featured in the rag.

I wonder how much money he gets from advertising these guys?

I ran across one page is just plain offensive, I submitted it to blue
corn comics wall of shame

the caption reads:
"Drawing a comparison between indigenous Native Americans whos land was stolen by European colonist-settlers, and indigenous Palestinians whose land continues to be stolen by European colonist-settlers, peace activists held a demonstration at a West Bank roadblock, dressed up as Native Americans in bid to get their message through to
visiting US secretary of state."
(email robschmidt@ to enter)

Then there's this bizarre interview with someone who is only identified as "Robin a respected Native Grandmother"

I mean, who talks like that? Real NDNs just don't talk like that.

The woman just spews out the usual specious rhetoric of the twinkie apologists and seems to be unable to grasp the concept that the FRAUDS bear the burden of proof and that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. She attempts to create a side issue by claiming that NAFPS members are not enrolled. She mostly just repeats the standard twinkie arguments in a rambling incoherent fashion. (Big surprise!)

There is apparently no standard of proof that would satisfy her and she tries to use the term "cut and paste" to disparage the research of the group. I don't know what this is about?

This guy is on some type of crusade to get Al back for exposing all his twinkie friends.

Check this out:
> > >
> > >

If these two pages don't expose LeKay as a nutcase I just don't know what will!

There's no proof anywhere in the rag that Red Elk, Mala Spotted Eagle Pope, "respected Lakota grandmother Robin, Dan Asher, William Under Baggage, John Martin, David "Sitting Owl" Littlejohn and Jim MedicineTree or that any of the other hang around the forts in the magazine are enrolled, yet LeKay makes Al's tribal ties an issue.

My question is Who is John Martin and why is he wearing sunglasses?

I'm tribally enrolled Lakota and I've never heard of these people!

The nuts just keep crawling out of the wood work and declaring themselves pipe carriers init?

It seems like the Crystal Skull people who started out in Washington State are all associated with this guy. Real Lakota are having a lot of trouble with this particular group of frauds. The stuff the peddle is just bizarre and no real NDN would ever mistake them for legit They all think they're pipe carriers



From a poster at Indianz


Looking forward to your site being back online. I know switching hosts does not happen overnight and that it is a real pain in the butt. Best of luck.

Your site was a real beacon of hope when a family member got caught up in one of these new age "Native American" scams. I was able to expose the lies, false background and greed of the leader of the group. In the end all my relation lost was a lot of money but she was on her way to ruining her family.

I am sorry to hear about the constant attack you are under. It pains me to read posts like the one above, people obviously do not understand the element you are confronting. It does not surprise me though. When I was trying to question the leader of the group I dealt with I got a flood of verbal attacks from her and her followers and all I was doing was asking questions. These folks are not just exploitive and mercenary they are dangerous and I am grateful to people like you who work so hard to shine the light on them.

Keep up the good work.



I do support Annika and her documentry. She is a nice woman who is standing up
so that we can have a voice aganist these new agers and wannabe that attack our culture.

We need to keep this list so we as tribal people can add to it. i usually stay out of these things unless i post on here or another site.

Keep the site and the list I can add more.



I posted over there for a while trying to get information and the clique from Bad Eagle was giving him a hard time. John LeKay, the guy who is the editor of Heyoka Magazine, filed a formal complaint with the web server and the site was put on notice. LeKay, an interesting character to say the least, made it his mission to close down the NAFPS site.

Just goes to show the juice a white man has to stop Indians from discussing white people playing Indians.

Go figure on that one.




Not very often I speak up on something, on any boards. Except when it pisses me off, and when I get the time.

What I would like to know is why a white guy, Le Kay, is having a big say about Nnd's, and why some are being brainwashed by him. We dont need him.( Or is he giving out blankets?)


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