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Real Indian Women Oppose Yeagley

One of the more ridiculous claims in recent weeks came from Betty Ann Gross, an open racist of Lakota background who is one of Yeagley's extremely few supporters to actually be Native.

"Many Indian women support Dr. Yeagley."

Actually, as several people have pointed out, many of those "Indian women" are likely Yeagley himself, a white-racist-posing-as-part-Comanche and in turn posting online pretending to be Indian women. The speech patterns that most of the "Indian women" use at his forum are exactly identical to Yeagley's. Yeagley has a very UN-Indian way of speaking and writing. A rather strange case of cross dressing, or "cross writing" as one described it.

Yeagley seems to have a particular problem with Native women, especially with those who are strong and proud. That, plus the fact that Yeagley seems to be a lifelong virgin over fifty years old, seems to be behind his need to fabricate support from them by posing repeatedly online as numerous Indian women.

Actual Native women have proven to be some of his most dedicated and outspoken opponents, first Suzan Harjo, then Juanita Pahdopony, then Cinda Hughes, and now several others.


After Yeagley made a post attacking the Dalai Lama and praising whites as "courageous" for coming west and taking Native land by force-

Response by a real Indian Apache Woman:
And why do I have to attribute this to white people? Because you say so? Well, no I don't. They weren't courageous, they were idiotic and expected the US Army to protect them, which they did to a certain extent and you call that courage?

Apaches had a courage beyond anything white people ever had because we only had ourselves to protect us.

And not acknowledging the courage you claim white people is certainly not doing a discredit to the courage of the Apache people. I value the power of my people. I value that most Indian people here have the capacity to choose for themselves who should be honored and respected. YOU aren't giving Indian people that credit. You chastise them and write that we don't know about other religions. YOU believe that we are naive about such things. That, my friend, is a paternalistic attitude. YOU know better because we're just a bunch of friendly Indians.

And you're right we can't change what happened in the past, but by god I will remind you of it until the day my eyes close for the last time.

The Dalai Lama in NOT irrelevant anymore than JC nor is either better. That ideology is all in your head. He is just as revelant as you are David Yeagley whether you like it or not.

I don't know what this has to do with Indian women. Maybe you should try being with one to understand. Quit being so afraid of us. Perhaps you won't find your mother in one, but I bet you'll come pretty darn close if you could only get past those blinders you have on.


After Yeagley attacked an Aztec dancer at a powwow as a "Mexican chicken" and then went into a racist rant comparing them to "Negroes" -

It seems just mildly disrepectful to refer to someone as a 'Mexican chicken' just because they are wearing their traditional headress.

Also odd that he made the comparison with 'Negroes from New Orleans in their Mardi Gras costumes', as if he is saying Aztecs aren't Indians. They're not North American, but presumably if there are no 'north American Indian only' specifications on entry, there is no reason why an Aztec should not be present.

No wonder he doesn't like Aztecs, he'd probably prefer the Spaniards who massacred them.

He just likes to upset people, I think. When looking at his site I did notice how he emphasizes his learning, 'classical music' etc and other 'achievements.' Is he perhaps very insecure? When someone does that it gives me that impression. Pity he takes it out on everyone else though.



Ocahi Waste:

Don't you know yeagley's NDN Auntie hit him one too many times with the skillet, knocked the color right offa that boy and turned him against real NDN womenz for life.

But the whities sure do love him, ennit.


Cedarwood: He is an idiot...I think he is skeered of real ndn women.


Another Native woman had these words of support against one of Yeagley's fanatic racist followers-

DrAlCarroll, I just wanted you to know that you have my sympathy & total support in regards to John Martin. I've been following this since the beginning, when he came to both BE & a few months ago. And how he disrespected everybody & everything in sight, including your elderly parents.

And I concur with what you said in another thread a while back, which was to the effect that he belongs in prison.

If he did to my family what he has done to yours, I would kill him. And that's no lie.

Nadine White

Finally, a Native man had these comments about Yeagley and his bigoted attacks on the Dalai Lama and Mexicans-

He obviously has a critical bolt missing in his brain. He's delusional and suffers from delusions of greatness but it's apparent that he hates the indian blood in his veins.

He needs to be in Ward 12, not on a soapbox.

What I HAVE read of him tho convinces me he has no indian blood of any kind. If he had one drop he couldn't think and spout like he does... He's 99.9999% white.


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