Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Strange Bedfellows: New Age Exploiter Promoter John Lekay and White Supremacist Supporter John Martin

Winston Churchill once said "There's nothing more exhilirating than getting sniped at to no effect." I think he meant it's always amusing to watch your self proclaimed enemies try and fail repeatedly to get at you. That is how I'm feeling more and more watching John Lekay constanty fall flat on his face.

Two articles and by my count more than fifty emails to nearly a dozen people, and the only person he can get to believe him is an open racist and white supremacist supporter facing criminal charges, John Martin. All that he's accomplished is convince more people that he is an obsessed and bizarre character who doesn't have any idea of what he's talking about.

Nearly all of them, you see, have in turn contacted me. The kinder comments people have sent me include things like, "Lekay needs help, professional help." "What's his problem?" "I will pray for the man because I feel sorry for him." The less kind comments, well, I'm starting to actually feel sorry for him too, so I won't publish them, especially the ones filled with profanity for Lekay.

This latest effort of his, of course, comes after more than forty posts on NAFPS where he just managed to convince everyone there that he's extremely longwinded, paranoid, and more than a little racist, not to mention a defender of New Age exploiters and other fringe characters out to do damage in Indian Country.

I don't think I've ever seen someone become so childish, petty, and paranoid over losing an argument online as Lekay. Most people would simply realize they aren't wanted and move on.

Lekay and John Martin apparently are now working together. So much for ideological principle. On the one side:

Lekay, a promoter of New Age fabricators about Native traditions such as Suzanne Dupree and Mala Pope, an English dilettante living in New York who imagines himself an expert in Native peoples and eco activist, promoter of conspiracy theorists who do enormous damage to Native causes like Kevin Arnett.

John Martin, who is white supremacist David Yeagley's biggest supporter, risking prison to deliver a series of more than a dozen death threats to myself, Brent Michael Davids, and others.

John Martin even recently sent his brother Joe Martin over to NAFPS under the screen name "Pit Bull" to defend Jimmy La Vallee, who makes his career posing as a therapist. Unlike John, Joe actually presented himself calmly and politely, though his defense of La Vallee fell flat.

How do two people on the opposite sides of the political spectrum justify working with someone they would both normally despise, denounce, and work against? How did Hitler and Stalin justify working together? The extreme left, like Lekay, and the extreme right, like Martin and Yeagley, are a lot more alike than they want to admit.

I will make the prediction right now: Lekay is so driven by his petty obsession, losing arguments repeatedly to myself and other NAFPS, that he will very soon interview Yeagley on his online "magazine."

Lekay once had a tiny bit of credibility for giving interviews that brought attention to Native environmental causes. That credibility began vanishing when he promoted dubious characters on the fringe like Suzanne Dupree and spiritual exploiters like Mala Pope.

Any shred of respect any Natives ever had for him is disappearing faster and faster when Lekay lines up with people like John Martin and his beloved leader David Yeagley, one of the most despised and mocked persons in all of Indian Country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Martin is an Indian who looks it and hates it, he hates all Indian Women. He has nothing good to say about his Sioux Nation. Its his reservation, he should try to think of positive input and want to help his Sioux Nation, but he prefers to call it a concentration camp, he does not live there, he has no Spiritual nor traditional ties. He is just a troubled, trouble maker.

Yeagly is an Indian who does not look Indian, his only claim to being Indian is trying to cash in on the name "BADEAGLE". He has only recently really tried to understand the Indian Nations and half of his life was spent being White. He too hates Indian Women, he has nothing positive to say about anything they have conributed, even as being Mothers and keeping the Nations going. To him the Brown Indian is a BEASTLY BORE, and their offspring are bastards. What kind of person talks this way and attends church on Fridays and Saturdays, my only answer would be the kind that don't attend Church on Sundays!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Whose Lekay gonna link up with next? Some John Bircher/KKK type?

No wait, thats exactly what Yeagley is, ennit?

5:28 PM  

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