Sunday, September 30, 2007

John Martin Confesses to Felonies, Yet Again (And Other Things)

Yeagley's fanatic and violent racist supporter John Martin seems to be seeing how many times he can win the Darwin Award. That he hasn't killed himself with his own stupidity continues to amaze everyone.

Martin has just made two more amazing confessions:

Martin admitted to committing two federal felonies in an email to a longtime online friend of mine, Rob Schmidt of Blue Corn Comics.

From (One of several email accounts of Martin's)-

I have the tape of the entire conversation.
[A tape I sent to his employer of the death threats he made against my parents.]

He sent a copy of the tape to my place of business, my boss just laughed, actually we both got a kick out of it.


Leave it to John Martin to be stupid enough to admit to two federal felonies, Mail Theft and Mail Tampering.

Each of these crimes carries a minimum of a year in federal prison. And federal time is not like state time. No parole.

Thanks John! I'm certain the FBI appreciates your full confession. They have it now, along with the Postal Inspector.

Yet while that was the stupidest thing Martin has done yet, it's still not the funniest. Could you believe that Martin actually hints strongly that he knows David Yeagley is gay?

Martin also gives several hints that Martin himself might be, and that the two of them might be...? Well, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Just with Yeagley's hypocrisy about it.

Yes, Martin actually did that not once, but twice. Martin left this comment at, under the name "Jerry." Apparently it didn't occur to him that it's easy to trace the ISP of people who leave comments.

For the article "Is Yeagley Finally Out of the Closest?" Martin left the comment:

"Hahaha! Like no Indians are gay!"

And in one of the letters to Rob Schmidt, Martin made this interesting comment:

"I will be in Lawton OK, on the last weekend of Sept."

When Martin reads a post on this site describing an ad written mocking Yeagley looking for gay sex from his new home in Lawton, Oklahoma, what is his first reaction?

He tells a friend of mine he's rushing for a get together with Yeagley in Lawton.

Martin apparently likes giving hints he's "on the downlow" with none other than Yeagley himself. There's no other conclusion to draw.

Come out of the closet, John Martin. Both you and Yeagley will be happier if you just admit it.

No doubt prison would be just the place for you.


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