Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yeagley is a "Brainwashed Monkey," "Fool" Who "Disrespects Murdered Children," Suicidal

Yeagley's latest racist rant about Columbus drew scathing criticism from Natives from a number of tribes:

"This man is just feet kissing the Americans, he just do whatever makes them happy, he is just a hypocrite."

"A perfect example of someone who...grew up white and not Indian at all."

One Cherokee law professor wondered if Yeagley is filled with self-hatred and suicidal.

Steve Russell:
"He acts like he's ashamed of being Indian...I guess if he has to play white or kill is better than death, because his head might come out of his azz at some point and that sure would embarass his white handlers."

Multiplied by twilights:
"David's a brainwashed monkey.
Honestly, his twisted ideology and closed minded perceptions makes me physically ill when I read his diatribes.
On the real, "Give me the aspirations of Columbus. Give me the world to explore! That feels a lot better." Right, because it turned out so awesome for native people ennit! Friggin dumbass.
"They offer instead an attitude of perpetual complaint, protest, and depression. They degrade reality." So sayeth the man that disrespects murdered children.
F*ck yeagles."

"Has anyone ever jumped his ass? I mean physically tore him up? Im a firm believer in the old "beatdown" if everything else fails. Leave him in a back alley... breathing enough so he can remember why this happened to him."

"A girl could whip is skinny little ass."

"Yeagley will never be accepted as a true white nationalist, he must be 100%white to be accepted, perhaps they will use him until they won't need him more and then kick him back."

There were some nice words of praise for the author of, Brent Michael Davids.

"Yeagles fancies himself something of a musician and composer whereas Brent is the real deal.
He makes a good "houseboy" and token for them so that they can point to him as an example of a "good indian" though."

Probably the one comment that would hurt Yeagley the most was comparing him to Ward Churchill.

"What is this phenomenon called anyway? I see it frequently. Someone claims to be Indian in order to curry favor with either the right, or rednecks and then they slam Indians.
Some go on Bill O'Reilly and claim that they are the persecuted "real" Indians and play on the irony of refusing to support Churchill. Both have the same amount of actual Indian blood.
Yeagley, who also seems to have found a place with David Horowitz just as our old "chiricahua apache" did in his supposed battle with the left over Churchill.
Yeagley in his "commanche" support for colombus day gives pundits like Horowitz hope.
I also see it on a smaller local scale too. Someone lays weak claim to heritage and then talks ignorantly about treaties, law, etc."

Another Comanche confirmed Yeagley is widely known to be an imposter POSING as Comanche.

"Yoogles is a fool and all Comanches know it. He has a lot of nerve going after Rudy Youngblood. Yoogles is not blood-comanche. He is pretty much ignored by the people."


Blogger Rob said...

Re "David's a brainwashed monkey": Yes, and he's admitted as much. As an Indian, he believes he's as mindless and savage as a chimpanzee. (No offense to chimps intended.)

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