Saturday, March 15, 2008

News Sites Tell the Truth About Yeagley: He's "Anti Indian" and "Racist White Nationalist"

It's becoming rarer for anyone to fall for Yeagley's claims that he's just "conservative" or a "patriot." (For one thing, how could anyone be a patriot if they were to display the same contempt Yeagley frequently does for veterans? Even Jane Fonda is not as hateful.)

Two recent articles correctly tag Yeagley for what he is.


VDARE is a racist white nationalist website providing an outlet for far right-wing writers and racists to vent their hatred. Since being founded in 1999 by Peter Brimelow, they have been a well recognized hate group by many civil rights and media watch group such as Southern Poverty Law Center (who lists it as a hate site) and Media Matters. Racism, xenophobia, religious discrimination against non-Christian fundamentalists, sexism, homophobia, and right-wing fascism have been the bonding themes which have identified the VDARE staff and audience.

There are a few dozen active writers and staff members of VDARE. While rogue profiles are available for several VDARE members (and we note them here), the whole lot of them are a trashy and hate-filled bunch, and their ideals and behavior define the racist ideals of the group, so to be honest, they all deserve a rogue profile. Some of the folks there that don't have a profile are on the backlog, but since writing them has taken a while, not to mention starting to sound a bit repetitive, we are providing a summarized group profile of the VDARE members....

David Yeagley
There are sellouts and there are sellouts! This so much of a sellout that he has written nasty articles saying back in the day Native Americans fought and shed their blood in the nastiest wars against the US Army TO be put on reservations.


Anti-Indians come to Washington DC

Elaine Willman, alleged Cherokee, and her cabal of creepsters were in Washington, D.C., over the weekend for the annual Citizens Equal Rights Alliance/Citizens Equal Rights Foundation conference. Just what does this group stand for?

Based on this list of bills that CERA/CERF supports and opposes, we know they hate gaming, land-into-trust, federal recognition and tribal political donations. But they aren't anti-Indian, no siree. How do we know? They actually support H.R.4462, the Code Talker bill!

That puts CERA/CERF in the same company as the National Congress of American Indians, whose executive director Jackie Johnson promoted the bill at NCAI's recent winter session in DC. Just don't bet on Jax and Lainie roaming the halls of Congress together to lobby lawmakers on this important issue.

"They are getting more organized, more aggressive and more active," Johnson warned of anti-Indians groups like CERA/CERF.

We actually think Jax gave them too much credit. Have you seen their web page? It makes Dom Nessi look good.

Their conference agenda is pretty sad too. It's basically Elaine Willman on every single panel, because you know she isn't busy at all with her new job in Wisconsin, fighting the Oneida Nation.

And where are the important members of Congress and federal officials at their conference? Their biggest get a few years ago was David Yeagley aka Bad Eagle. What ever happened to him?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is being decIevious and lying his way for his new career in Comanche Land, THE FILM INDUSTRY.

He puts his foot in his mouth again, the TRUTH may set you free, but he doesn't believe in the TRUTH.

His claim to being ill and Christian helps people to fall for his untruths but does follow along the lies he spews forth.

Men like him, usually kiss babies and kiss up to the Elderly, well guess what? he can't stand either one. He constantly speaks against Grandmothers who helps to raise their Grandchildren. Indian Women love their babies, their Grandchildren are "their" second chance to some cases its a have too, but in some cases its their own choice, in both cases its for love of their "Grandchild" and their family, thats all there is to it. But of course in his campaign, he knew nothing of the "Indian Child Welfare Act", so his misunderstanding of our Indian ways does not suprise, he has none, grew up without it, now is claiming to be Comanche in his ELDER YEARS. He just started out on the wrong FOOT, I actually feel sorry for him, he tries so damn hard, but is chasing the "Wind"

7:09 AM  

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