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Yeagley With Other White Supremacists in Racist Film "Prisoners of the Past"

"Prisoners of the Past" is not just an offensive or unbalanced film, but one that outright promotes white supremacy, using three white supremacists (David Yeagley, Barbara Lindsay, and Keith Windschuttle) as sources. It's as insane as using Nazis or the Nation of Islam as a source on Jews.

The film also is a "blame the victim" racist smear that clearly is urging the outright destruction of indigenous cultures worldwide. It falsely imagines that American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and Sammi are somehow "entirely independent" instead of what they really are, locked in struggles with powerful nation-states to regain some control over their own lives. Anyone Native knows that the US gov't, to take one example, has an enormous amount of control over Native lives, lands, education, health, even sacred religious sites.

The film instead makes several ridiculous assumptions:

That indigenous cultures harm indigenous peoples, when actually they are our greatest source of strength in the face of racism and genocide.

That indigenous people adapting aspects of other cultures somehow makes them "less" indigenous. But do Europeans cease being European when they use NATIVE technology, hundreds of Native medicines and inventions like quinine, hammocks, canoes, kayaks, freeze dried foods, asphalt on roads, etc?

It's also very disturbing how the filmmaker even manage to get it totally wrong on the one indigenous group they should have known the most about, Sammis. The Sammi I met in Sweden did not strike me as "assimilated" but as very proud of their heritage and providing a great example of holding onto their culture in the face of everything. They have secured for themselves many victories that Natives here in the US don't have, such as protection against selling counterfeit crafts.

That David Yeagley is a white supremacist posing as part Comanche is well documented.Tthat he has ties to or is a member of numerous white supremacist groups and other extremists on the far right like the John Birch Society, the National Alliance, Stormfront, VDARE, eugenicists Gene Expression, and One Nation is also beyond dispute. Yeagley himself brags about his white racist allies.

Barbara Lindsay also appears in the film, is of the notorious One Nation. She was expelled from a Cherokee heritage group for her membership in that white supremacist group.

Keith Windschuttle is not conservative, he's outright racist and white supremacist, and often makes up "facts" to support his racism. His take on history so extremist he can't find an academic publisher and has to self-publish. But he and his supporters imagine that because he's clearly seen as racist is somehow proof that academia has been taken over by leftists.

"Further, you can find a very thorough analysis of the various ways in which racism manifests in Keith Windschuttle's self-published (as opposed to 'serious academic') research in 'Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle's Fabrication of Aboriginal History', Black Inc. Agenda, 2003. The book contains contributions from scholars across the Australian academy."


Windschuttle is pretty racist towards Asians too, imagining them "taking over," that whites are "endangered", and that being racist is central to white Australian identity.


"22. Anglo-Australian men as an endangered species in the law are only a part of Fraser's apocalyptic vision of the future. In an article, "Rethinking the White Australia Policy" (a review of Keith Windschuttle's book, The White Australia Policy), Fraser asserts:

Within two or three decades, it is not unreasonable to expect that Australia will have a heavily Asian managerial-professional, ruling class that will not hesitate to promote the interests of co-ethnics at the expense of white Australians. (Fraser 2005b).

23. Fraser supports this statement with the fantastic notion, as recapped by Windschuttle, that "Europeans ... evolved in a cold climate to support non-kinship forms of reciprocity and thus to welcome strangers," while "Chinese and Japanese businessmen operate within mafia-like, extended family clans that are bound by shared genes to support one another" (Windschuttle 2005)....

Despite their internal differences, however, Windschuttle, Fraser and Duffy represent an institutionalised and politically powerful configuration of contemporary Australian nationalism that exists on a continuum with assertions of race pride that are usually disowned as extremist....

30. The most distinctive feature of the formation represented by Duffy and Windschuttle is its foregrounding of Anglo-Australian achievement and white racial pride. Its platform is premised on a whitewashing (Manne 2003) of Australian history, especially of the violence directed towards Indigenous people and their ongoing resistances."


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