Thursday, December 27, 2007

More on Yeagley's Humiliating Defeat

More sites have reposted the article:

Thanks to Andre Cramblit of AIM and ICARE.

That last link was at the Red Lake Network News, the site of yet another great tragedy where Yeagley chose to insult the victims.

These comments were left at the site:

Great to hear!
by John Bishop
Monday Dec 24th, 2007 12:58 PM
Good to hear that Yeagley keeps getting his butt kicked. This pretender is a disgrace who doesn't fool anyone except a few gullible whites who want a token Indian and a couple self hating apple Indian sellouts.

Yeagley hates himself slightly more than he hates his own
by Louis Gray
Monday Dec 24th, 2007 9:02 PM
David is an insignificant flea in Indian country, but he is important to racist groups out to terminate our people. So he is a thing we can't fully ignore.
So news of his defeat is gratifying to hear. I'm shocked he received even one vote. There is always someone for some reason who supports the hateful.
Yeagley will dissappear into the hateful sunset some day because you really can't stay that crazy for very long.
To the rest of the proud Comanche Nation. Good job in turning him away from leadership; you saved yourself a big headache.

On the Native American Issues yahoo group one poster called for Yeagley's ban from reservations.

"Hey Steph, that was a great article and good to know about this creep Yeagley. He should be banned off the reservation not only the Comanche, all reservations. I wish he lived around my area me and my buddies would kick his butt every time we seen him, and would most likely shave off his funny hair leaving him bald so he could look like one of his neo-Nazi skinhead friends. There has to be something mentally wrong with people like him who wants to ruin a nation of people, but he's just another ugly piece of the puzzle that is walking this country. There has to be an end to this type of scumbag, I wish I could take him on a one way vacation to South America.
Dan Wolf... Venceremos"


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