Sunday, April 06, 2008

John Martin Got Kicked Off The Internet!

Yes, John Martin AKA Tallsoldier77 AKA LakotaSiouxperman AKA APACHE_NDN AKA dozens of other online identities and claims of being Lakota, Oneida, Cherokee, white fundamentalist, an elderly woman from Pine Ridge, an Airborne Ranger, a Gulf War veteran, and who knows what else....

...finally managed to get himself kicked off of the mesage board a SECOND time!

To which we laugh and point and say, "John Martin got kicked off the internet!"

Martin came to the board at the direct orders of the white supremacist possing as Comanche, David Yeagley. Yeagley wanted him to go after "enemy boards" namely Indianz and also NAFPS. He also wanted Martin to spy on a former member of Badeagle, an elderly Apache veteran, Naiche.

On NAFPS his trolling was a spectacular failure, just exposing more people to the kind of low tactics Yeagley and his supporters would resort to.

On Indianz he was largely a failure as well. Naiche humiliated him repeatedly. Other Indianz members laughed at his attempts to pass as Lakota, Oneida, or whatever tribe he claimed to be from that day. His abusiveness, racism, and threats and libel so alienated most people that at one point a number of Indianz members offered to run him over with a bus.

Most notably, his only supporter was Larry Sampson, an imposter who has set up a fake version of AIM with himself as the sole member. Sampson was also shortly kicked off. Martin also occasionally won the support of Paul Krech, an Anishnaabe carrying a grudge over a white friend being exposed at NAFPS as an exploiter posing as a teacher of Lakota spirituality online.

After bringing to the attention of the Administrators at how Martin was smearing four people as child molestors and rapists, Martin was kicked off of the Indianz board.

Some members at Indianz asked for all the evidence of John Martin being the one and the same Tallsoldier77 and LakotaSiouxperman, as well as his death threats, libel and defamation, and being sent over to the Indianz board to disrupt it.

Presented below is the hard work done by a helpful member of NAFPS, all available as a Google document. If you want to see the original screenshots, go directly to the links.

Thanks again to all the good people at Indianz who supported myself, Brent, Michelle, and the late Mike Two Horses, and stood up to Martin's smear attempts.


This collection of information is to demonstrate that Lakota_Siouxperman ( LSM ) and Tallsoldier77 (TS77) , is the same person , and that this person is a supporter of David Yeagley

This person has a pattern of attacking anyone who publishes substantial criticism of the views presented by David Yeagley.

I have blacked out the statements which falsely state that people committed serious criminal behavior, although these accusations are still published on line.

(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to discredit and intimidate people into silence)

The first thing people need to understand, is why some people criticize David Yeagley.

Yeagley often publishes statements in which he presents himself as authoritative on the grounds he is enrolled as a Comanche Indian, but his statements do not represent the views of the vast majority of American Indians and often serve to undermine respect for tribal sovereignty.

The quotes below should help people understand why someone like Yeagley acting as a spokes person for the Indian community raises objections;

By David Yeagley

"Superior beauty is in the white race, with its scintillating varieties of color: red, brown, amber, golden hair... green, blue, light brown, gray eyes. In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore."

"These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie."

"But Hitler was wrong in Mein Kamf (1925), when he accuses the Jewish male of a racial plot. When "the black-haired Jewish youth" finds himself sexually attracted to the fair Aryan maiden, there is no "clear aim of ruining the hated white race" through intermarriage. The Jew himself would breed out, for he is a small minority.

But the masses of darker races don't fear extinction, because they are the vast majority. The white race is the world's minority.

Its Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people; but the darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage, in the name of equality and diversity.

Pat Buchanan says that there's something wrong with a race that doesn't care whether it exists or not. In his new book, The Death of The West, he refers to my article, "What's Up With White Women," in which I write about a white girl who has no pride in her race or its accomplishments.

There are dark people who look forward to the end of "whitey." 2/26/2002 LINK

Quoting Yeagley
"Mixed raced people can't help what they are. Their's is no fault. But there is no need to repeat the same, or to advocate more, or to idolize such a condition by perpetuating it. When you realize you're on a wrong path, even if you didn't put yourself on it, the only dignified thing to do is to get back on the right path." LINK

Yeagley also has a reputation supporting groups who oppose Indian sovereignty.

Quoting Yeagley
"I was invited to speak to leaders of Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, United Property Owners, Upstate Citizens for Equality,and One Nation. These organizations represent over a quarter of a million Americans citizens who have personally lost money,property, business, and basic civil rights as the result of aggressions by the Indian casino industry. (Not to mention the income counties and states lose to tax-exempt "Indian" casino business.)"

Quoting Yeagley
"It's their people that created America, not Indians. Only a diabolically self-righteous liberal politician would take America out of the hands that created it, and give it to those who either lost it, or never had anything to do with it." LINK

Quoting David Yeagley
"As a Comanche Indian, I'm sensitive to this history. I believe the conqueror has a right to what he has conquered. No one owns the land. Only he who is strong enough to possess it will control it and the people living on it. That's the law of war." LINK

Quoting Yeagley
“The casino billions are a mysteriously ineffective fix. The reservations now represent a blackhole in America’s Homeland Security system. What greater cause to abolish them? “ LINK

Some more examples of how Yeagley represents Indian people can be seen in the documentary HERE in which Yeagley acted as a spokesperson.

Quoting from the documentary
“When the warrior was finally defeated, he became the reservation Indian” (leaning forehead toward camera for added emphasis).

“The, the loser. The alcoholic. The depressed, keep-away-from-me, leave-me-alone”

Quoting from the above documentary
“The idea that you can build a community with its own government, with its own economy, its own schools, its own language. That’s the idea that many Indian leaders are hoping for. They cut off themselves from participation, from successful positive participation in the world around them”

Both LSM and TS77 are supporters of David Yeagley.

Posted: Nov. 26 2006,9:46
“All I am saying is that the self-proclaimed "Fraud-hunter" posts some of the most slanderous and blatant lies I have ever seen, since I joined this forum.

He calls Dr. Yeagley every name in the book. He says that is a neo-nazi/white supremacist stronghold, I have never seen any post here that supported or re-affirmed the white separatists movement.

I thought this site was primarily concerned with all issues Indian. The personal attacks aimed at Dr. Yeagley were unprovoked and instigated by this person, "Al Carrol", who is not even an Indian, he is Irish/Mexican, I reserve the right to refrain from calling him an Apache, because he has not proven that he is in fact even enrolled with a specific tribe.

I finally decided it was time to call this "Al Carrol" person on his accusations of stating that this site is run by white-supremacists. When I did, Carrol, a so-called "Phd", could only respond with more lies and slander and hate directed at me.

I for one, think the guy is a coward, he has done absolutely nothing but spread a hate filled racist ideology on other forums, particularly his own "NAFPS" web-site. Indians don't care about frauds/rip-offs, most of the Indians I know are too busy trying to survive and hold on to the traditions and customs and ceremonies that were passed down to them from their valiant ancestors.

If this "Al Carrol" person were really concerned about the welfare of the Indian community, he would be using his "Phd." to teach, to help others attain knowledge and through a positive academic enlightenment attain self-esteem and self-reliance. This is what is all about.” Link

In 2006 Al Carroll started a thread called "A Way to Spread the Truth About Yeagley" on the Indianz,com message board. Here is some of TS77 response to this;

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 08:44:52 AM
“Instead of posting useless, slanderous accusations about a man who could intellectually demolish you in a milli-second,”........

“I have the researched the misinformation you call fact, libel and lies, from a lying liar. ...”

Posted - 11/19/2006
“This link or website or slanderous propagandist link is almost 2 years old, What's the matter, with all your resources you couldn,'t "Copy and Paste" an article a little more recent?
The links you provide are all out-dated, biased, and circumstantial, provide a real political periodical, that can show how Dr. Yeagley has been a detriment to the "plight" of the American Indian”LINK

Posted - 02/15/2008 : 10:24:58 PM
“I have visited and have not seen anything problematic or threatening to American Indians. Dr Yeagley is harmless. He has a right to voice his opinion just like that Irish hooligan Al Carroll. It's called the 1st Amendment.........

Then there is his obsession/stalking of this Dr Yeagley person. Dr Yeagley is a relatively benign proponent of Indian affairs, compared to Al, he is a saint. I read one of his articles and found nothing anti-Indian about it:”

Posted - 02/15/2008 : 10:46:11 PM
“Why do you call Dr Yeagley's input on the History Channel garbage? Are you a Comanche historian?

I think Dr Yeagley is harmless because instead of worrying about what he says in is blogs, you should be more concerned about real issues facing many tribes on the brink of cultural extinction. Dr Yeagley is a professional blogger. If you people stopped giving credence to what he writes then he would fade away into oblivion.

Now, the reason I don't like this Irish punk Carroll is because he began calling me a white supremacist. Unbelievable.” LINK

Not only are both LSM and TS77 Yeagley supporters , Yeagley explicitly asked TS77 to keep an eye on “enemy message boards” like

David Yeagley
June 4 , 2007, 2:30
“There is talk now, about Naiche, on the other Indian sites.

It seems that more than one person wrote in under the name "Naiche". His identity was ambiguous from the start. I have never had any arguement with him, personally, and he desired to be dismissed from Bad Eagle so I dismissed him. It's what he wanted. Others have left this way before. He's not the first, and probably won't be the last.

He's already re-connecting with former comrades on, or so itheyi say. These are amoung the anti-Yeagley cadre.

I'm not going to say anything. I have nothing against Naiche> I just wished he would curtail the vulgarity, and take more time to type carefully, and show more respect for others. Thats all.

He had plenty to say but rarely said it.

Under respectful cirtcumstances, he is certainly welcome. he was not banned, just suspended--- a new term I've taken to identify a technical procedure much less complicated than banning. I can suspend someone from posting without banning them . banning rather hurts the site.It is an eye-sore. Suspension can be reversed with a click.

But we will see what course Naiche ---whomever and whom all are using that name--pursues.

Tallsoldier I respect what you are doing. I trust you. Take a look at the sites, the "enemy" sites. See what they are doing. Carroll has already claimed Naiche as a friend, and welcomed him into the anti-Yeagley fold.

So be careful my friend. Beware of liars and traitors. Sometimes, you just have to walk it alone, and be strong. consistency destroys or disarms most of these weaker characters. “ LINK

On Yeagley's message board TS77 credited Yeagley and New Age promoter John Lekay with temporarily silencing the educational information provided by the NAFPS website.

“I told you guys that nut Al Carroll was breaking the law. I can see him now, crying over his laptop, lamenting like a woman.


David Yeagley
Posted: Aug. 01 2007,10:18
“Brent's site has been down almost a week!
But I can still get a page for Carroll's blog, the one he calls
You mean his Nu-ager Fraud site? Wow. That's a big step. That really is good news.
There surely must be more actions to come.
This is amazing... “Link

The link below goes to a long dialog with TS77 AKA (John Martin ) saying many things to discredit Al Carroll . In one comment he says and the main reason the NAFPS web site got shut temporarily down, was because of Al Carroll's web blog on David Yeagley (screen shot to the specific comment is in the lower link)
See ya in Lawton by Bullet proof vest Wednesday Aug 15th, 2007 11:10 PM
.........Carroll is now under investigation by the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT for, among other things "identitiy theft". He has revealed the personal info, i.e. addresses, phone numbers, places of employemnt of his victims. Al Carroll is a cultural menace, an extremely mentally disturbed individual. He has done more damage to the Native American Community than any other racist in history. Go to and get a taste of what Carroll is dishing out. This is the primary reason why he was kicked off the internet, he will of course blame and name others, however, when the dust settles, it is Carroll who stands alone, a beacon to those who enjoy bashing American Indians.
John Martin (Enrolled Oglala, Lakota).

The comments above are only a few examples of many that have been made by both LSM and TS77 showing support for Yeagley.

Lakota_Siouxperman more or less admitted he was the same person as Tallsoldier77in the post below;

Posted - 03/21/2008 : 11:05:04 AM
I run an expose site, exposing lies, the post included John Martin's false claims of military prowess, and in response a blogger sent me factual corrections: Martin was a file clerk, is NOT single (as he was initiating relationships with females on myspace under fake personas), and has a wife and kids (with links to prove it). Nothing more, no mountains here, just mole hills.

Posted - 03/21/2008 : 1:31:31 PM Show Profile Reply with Quote
Brent Come on man. Do I have to show my DD-214 to shut you up? I was an 11Bravo, I was an Airborne Infantry grunt. I served my country with honor and distinction. What have you done for this country?

So LSM must be TS77

And there is more;

Below is a message written by Tallsoldier77 and posted by Lakotasiouxperman on the THE FIGHTING CHEYENNE message board

LAKOTASIOUXPERMAN (Original Message) Sent: 7/16/2007 5:38 AM

(the article)

From: tallsoldier77 (Original Message) Sent: 7/15/2007 8:41 PM

Someone on noticed this above website and pointed it out, thinking Lakota_Siouxperman was TS77 who had been banned from the message board a year before;

multiplied by twilights
Posted - 11/07/2007 : 4:16:35 PM
Originally posted by Elvira-40DD-25-38
"Lakota Siousperman is TALLSOLDIER77!"

Posted - 11/07/2007 : 4:26:37 PM
“Nice try. I have been using LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN for about 10 years now.This "tallsoldier" guy stole it from me in July. What's the matter? Nothing better to do than stalk people.”LINK

TS77 stole the name LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN from where?

10 years of using an on line name is a long time . Where else on the net has that name got used besides in the past year on ? And why if someone stole a user name that had been his for 10 years is LSM acting like he doesn't understand the confusion this caused ?

Posted - 11/07/2007 :
This Elvira person is playing games. Who the hell is Dr. Yeagly? Who the hell is John
Swifthawk/Martin? I think Elvira is that "rain-drops" girl who got mad at me because I was not returning her PM's.
This whole can of worms is a bunch of lies. But why me? I don't understand. I know who I am, that's all that matters to me.”LINK

This sounds like complete bullshit because Lakota_Siouxperman has already claimed Tallsoldier stole his ID in July .

1. He knows who TS / John Martin is because he said the guy stole his user name;

2. He knows " Why me" . Someone thinking he is John Martin when they have used the Internet name is not at all surprising

3. Knowing all this how can it be honest to blaming Elvira for the confusion?

The exact same message is posted on wikipedia by TS77

(Same article) HERE

The exact same message has been posted twice on Indianz,com by LSM.

LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN Posted - 01/11/2008 :
"I received this interesting PM from someone calling herself "Firechica" it's actually someone on this forum, but to avoid CBT's (Carroll's) stalker behavior, I will respect their privacy. It's one of the many PM's people have sent me about the pitiful Chief Taco Bell:
(same article)LINK

Apache or Mexican?
(same article) LINK

Below his new explanation as to where he got the article he previously posted and said he received in a PM

LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN Posted - 03/19/2008 : 2:27:52 PM
“I got that post from another web-site. I thought it was an accurate assessment of "doctor" Carroll”. LINK

And in explanation of where LSM supposedly found his most recent post of this same article , he posted the link below;

The above link goes to an article written by an associate of John Lekay a non native promoter of New Age exploiters of Indian culture, who was previously supported by TS77. This article was written to try and discredit the movie Spirits for Sale, which features many recognize traditional Indian leaders and which was made to educate the public about the damage being done to traditional culture and ceremonies by ignorance and commercialization . Even though they hadn't yet seen this movie, both TS77 and LSM have ignored or defamed the many recognized Elders who are given a voice in this movie, and have repeatedly posted information on message boards to discredit recognized American Indian leaders.

Below are several screen shots of TS77 once again trying to discredit both this film and the many traditional Elders who made it.

(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to intimidate people into silence)

Screen shot of TS77 on Yeagley's message board complaining about the film, and Yeagley suggesting both Al Carroll And BMD are perverts;

Screen shot of TS77 once again trying to discredit both this film and the many traditional Elders who made it.

Screen shot of TS77trying to discredit Al Carroll and the film Spirits for Sale.

Posted - 03/18/2008 : 3:25:11 PM
“Why can’t Al Carroll exploit his own” tribe”? What is an admitted non-Indian doing commenting on Native Spirituality in the first place? How come Al won’t reveal his Apache “ancestry? This Swedish lady, Annika Banfield is exploiting an old Lakota man, Looking Horse. She and Al don’t give a damn about real Lakota issues, i.e. addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, teen suicide, hopelessness etc; That’s why she sent your CD back Mr. Luke.

Mrs. Banfield is just another euro new age Indian groupie. Her and “doctor” Carroll are making a mockery of and desecrating Lakota Spirituality. Mrs. Banfield is now publicly lamenting because she was not able to recoup her financial losses because her film flopped.”

Posted - 03/19/2008 : 2:33:29 PM
“Knowing that your film would offend the Lakota people why did you make it in the first place? Why couldn't you have used Al's tribe? The Mescalero Apache? You owe the Lakota an apology.”LINK

Lakota_Siouxperman and Tallsoldier77 have so many of the exact same feelings about things. Must be because they are both are enrolled Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge living in California;

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 3:59:55 PM
“I am an Oglala, Lakota, my beloved mother and father are from Pine Ridge.”LINK

Posted - 02/15/2008 : 10:46:11 PM
“I am a fully enrolled member of the Oglala, Lakota out of Pine Ridge, SD, as were both my parents. I have been very candid about my proud Lakota Lineage.”LINK

Posted - 03/10/2008 : 1:41:54 PM
“Lot's of people losing their homes out here in Calif. It's sad. They got in over their heads with those variable rates when the market was on fire. The Govt. May have to step in.”LINK

Posted - 10/15/2006 : 04:13:15 AM
"it's only 1:12am here in Los Angeles........Kat.

Both LSM and TS77 have attacked the people who publish substantial criticism of Yeagley.

Michel Shiningelk criticized Yeagly
TS77 publicly accused her of being a pedophile, something she found so ridiculous - as a woman - she has published screen shots of these accusations in her blog;

(there is no reason to believe this allegation is true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to intimidate people into silence)

Friday, March 9, 2007
“What's more, the TS77 wants to cry and whine around like a little baby when he feels those he has attacked, attack him via his family -- talk about crying wolf and a tried and true bi-polar narcissistic hypocrite. When he posted photos of some children (see below) who he claims are on "his" soccer team and under that photo (see below) he calls me a pedophile (?), sick and twisted (?) and then threatens me to stay away from his children??? He is crazy! Deeeee deeeee deeeeee! The volume on the circus music playing in his head must be so loud it is clouding his ability to act rationally, or like a normal person. Uh, TS77, thanks for demonstrating that you are the pedophile here. And my, wouldn't the soccer moms of these children be interested in learning that you are using their children in your own sick, twisted and perverted manner - posting photos of unsuspecting and innocent people TS77, I mean really. You really are a dim wit. ....”
Posted by Michelle R. Shining Elk “LINK

Brent Micheal Davids has a blog criticizing Yeagley

In a similar way, he also gets repeatedly publicly attacked and unfairly defamed

One post that accused BMD of serious criminal activity is not included here, as it is now modified and by including a screen shot I might further damage this persons reputation.

(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to intimidate people into silence)

Posted - 02/18/2008 : 6:14:22 PM
“Isn't Brent Michael Davids the winkte/chubby gay guy who posted pics of little children on his website? Figures he and crazy Al are internet "bed-fellows". BMD as I am told he goes by is some morbidly obese pervert who stalks little kids.”

Posted - 02/18/2008 : 6:25:13 PM
“The massive coronary waiting to happen Brent Michael Davids.
Miss Davids the winkte has been known to post pictures of little children on his website. So if you have any pics of kids on here, delete then ASAP! The guy is a fat pervert.”LINK

Al Carrol has a blog criticizing Yeagley

and Al Carrol runs a message board which educates non native people on how to avoid empowering frauds and exploiters who pose as Native leaders when they aren't .

Al Carrol also gets repeatedly publicly attacked and unfairly defamed ;

(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to intimidate people into silence)

LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN Posted - 03/06/2008 : 7:18:37 PM
“What's the matter Carroll, no shamans to stalk or is your Russian porn site down? I have been hearing rumors that you were mixed up in some rape scandal involving two female Asian students while you defrauded the Dept of Education by claiming Indian status to receive grants. So you are a cheat and a liar. Let's see you worm your way out of this.
I received this e-mail from a very reliable source at ASU. They told me to let everyone here know the truth:”

Posted - 02/19/2008 : 1:07:44 PM
“Al, you are the biggest coward/idiot on this forum. You know that your flabby friend posted pics of innocent little children on his stupid website. He is almost as big of a pervert as you and your Russian porn fiasco. You called me a white supremacist. Now prove it. You are so full of shyt. What kind of Apache are you supposed to be? Tell fatboy to stick to what he does best: BLOWING THINGS!”LINK

Posted - 03/16/2008 : 03:32:05 AM
“Irony is a strange thing. Funny a person who comitted sex offenses while a grad student at ASU would even stoop so low to say such a thing. "Doctor" you should be ashamed of yourself. Al Carroll is the biggest Irish joker out there, Happy St. Paddy's day "doctor".”LINK

Both TS and LSM constantly lie about Al to discredit him. For example look what was said when Al Carroll started the topic "A Way to Spread the Truth About Yeagley" on the message board.

(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to discredit and intimidate people into silence)

DrAlCarroll 11/18/2006
“Yeagley's been using Wikipedia to spread an awful lot of lies, false claims about who he is and what his "achievements" are..”

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 08:44:52 AM
“Instead of posting useless, slanderous accusations about a man who could intellectually demolish you in a milli-second,......”
“I have the researched the misinformation you call fact, libel and lies, from a lying liar. ...”
“Your "site" is woefully trying to solicit funds to "keep" your little "organization" alive. BAD EAGLE.COM does not have a pathetic, telethon like, "tote board" begging for cash like a lost derelict.”.....
“What's wrong "Carrol"? You can't go out and obtain meaningful employment, or are you just to lazy and un-marketable?
Your web-site is the only one I see that is desperate and willing to go to any lengths to "rip-off" unsuspecting "subscribers". Tell me "Carrol", what do your supporters receive in return for giving to your so-called "non-profit" organization? Please, do not tell me that the evil rhetoric and arrogant lies you preach, to these clowns here at this Zoo, is it?
You are a greedy, lazy little man who is trying to "tap" into the Native American community to fund your archaic, incompetent on-line con-game?”

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 3:59:55
“He is using Dr. Yeagley here to get people to "contribute" funds to keep his web-site, up and running, so to speak. “ LINK

Screen Shot showing more of the type of defamatory messages being posted about Al Carroll BY TS77
(there is no reason to believe these allegations are true, and all the evidence suggests this is just an attempt to discredit and intimidate people into silence)

Posted - 02/14/2008 : 1:59:22 PM.
“The coward Al Carroll is knee deep...........
I just find it really creepy that some psycho (Carroll) has nothing better to do than to stalk me. I think Al Carroll engages in this deviant behavior to deflect attention away from his non-Indian status.
Along with his cyber-stalking Carroll is also a pathological liar:
1. Al Carroll lied about being Apache, he’s not even Indian. ........
2. AL Carroll defrauded the Dept. of Education by stating he was Indian to get grants to pay for his wasted education.
3. Al Carroll lied about being a full tenured Professor of History, when he is in fact, just some cheesy part-time high school teacher.
4. Al Carroll has made numerous personal attacks against Indians on this forum. (Ajibik, Myself etc;).
I could nail that sorry S.O.B. for calling me an advocate of white supremacy, but never showing proof of his outlandish allegations. Put up or shut the phuck up Al. Then there is his blatant homophobia. This is really bizarre because his life partner is some other idiot named Brent Michael David’s, a full blown gay guy. So Al’s a hypocrite too. LINK

True to his word he does try and nail Al Carroll and anyone else in a position to put a dent in Yeagley's credibility;

“Finally, you little shyt Carroll, you had better get down on your knees and pray our paths never cross. I will give $100.00 bucks to anyone who can prove that Carroll is Apache. Every Apache I have talked to has never heard of him.
So keep telling your lies Al. One of these days those lies are going to get you into a world of hurt.”LINK

To be fair , it needs to be stated that TS77 and LSM are not the only ones who have engaged in mud slinging . There has been statements made on all side which have questionable merit and which may not be true .

The blogs which keep track of Yeagley have a legitimate purpose in keeping people informed about what this guy is up to , but not everything in these blogs seems to be relevant to the public interest.

Comments have been made about Yeagley speculating he may be gay, that he may have had plastic surgery to look more Indian, and that maybe Yeagley isn't an Indian and was enrolled by mistake.

Yeagley does enough offensive stuff that can be proven , nobody needs to distract from the truth , by trying to humiliate the guy with unproven speculation.

There has been comments have been made about TS77 / LSM's lack of knowledge of his culture, his general character , and his intelligence or lack of it, and though this may be a fair evaluation considering his behavior , some of the inflammatory language may have made it unclear who was stalking and harassing who.

I think it is important to remember that posting insulting comments about someones online character, is entirely different than publicly accusing someone of immoral or criminal activities that they did not commit.

One of the main points TS77 and LSM like to harass Al about is who are his Apache relatives . Why would he want to tell anyone who his relatives are with TS77 making death threats and seeming like he has a loose screw – or worse that he is intentionally harassing people who support First Nations sovereignty ?

Posted - 02/18/2008 : 5:19:53 PM
"Everybody that posted on this board when John Martin aka Tall Soldier was on here w/ his militia style attacks & threts to go to peeps houses & attack there familys...that crap got him banned here...He was obsessed w/ Dr. Carroll then too. Hell U can reconize the SOB by his constant Carroll threads. & only a fool woud think this Lakotasiouxperman aint TS"
Yes, LS and TS77 are both John Martin, the death-threat answering-machine stalker, posting a thread as one ID and responding to it as another. Lame. LINK

Posted - 03/20/2008 : 1:25:23 PM
“Actually, Martin posted the photos himself in some flicker-type internet site, and another blogger forwarded the links to badeagle.ORG (the truth-telling site, not the Yeagley blog), where NO photos appeared at any time, only TEXT links to photos briefly appeared.
Since the original uploads were by Martin himself, and posted on a public site, had no legal or moral compulsion to remove the text links, but I personally removed the text links out of sympathy for Martin's request. Nothing more.

Contrarily, Martin left many death threats on my answering machine, his response to my kindness. Those wishing to hear the threats can simply go and listen to them, they are a matter of public record now:”LINK

More of TS77 making crazy sounding death threats on are posted in the link below;

Michelle Shiningelk
Friday, March 9, 2007
“When he posted photos of some children (see below) who he claims are on "his" soccer team and under that photo (see below) he calls me a pedophile (?), sick and twisted (?) and then threatens me to stay away from his children??? He is crazy!”LINK

Ajibik is another poster on Indianz who often supports LSM . They appear to be friends . It may just be internet posturing, but Ajibik's use of threatening images in his posts, together with the suggestion he has some sort of affiliation with the Hell's Angles might be more than a little intimidating to some people.

In conclusion, the person posting under the user name LAKOTA_SIOUXPERMAN is almost certainly the same person as the person posting under the user name TALLSOLDIER77.

This person is a supporter of David Yeagley and harasses anyone who is in a position to make a serious dent in Yeagley's credibility.

Protecting free speech is a good thing, but if people exercising their free speech get threatened, stalked , harassed and have their reputations seriously damaged by having intentionally malicious lies spread about them , is peoples right to free speech really being protected by ignoring this sort of abuse ?

And when the people who are doing this harassment are supporters of someone like David Yeagley, isn't supporting this harassment, supporting people who are undermining the respect for Indian people ?

This situation can't be judged only on enrollment , as if nobody who was enrolled ever got manipulated into betraying their own people.


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