Thursday, October 12, 2006

Failed Censorship: Attempts to Hack This Site

Apparently fanatic devotees of David Yeagley cannot stand to see their favorite mascot exposed for what he is. This site is only slightly more than a week old and is already under attack by hackers. There are attempts to redirect viewers to this site to porn sites. There has also been a failed attempt to hack one of my other websites and alter my password without my consent. That attempt was so pathetic it was corrected within ten minutes. So far all our hackers and would-be censors have done is be mildly annoying and amuse me with their lack of ability.

This is not something unexpected. I've been an activist for more than six years. The group I've worked with the most, New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans or NAFPS, suffered through numerous hackings, failed attempts at censorship, threats of legal action, and even death threats and stalkings of our members. We are still standing, and bigger than ever.

All of those attempts failed, just as this latest attempt is failing. What I quickly learned from my experience with NAFPS is to never back down, to in fact push even harder when under attack. I take such attacks as a sign that I'm on exactly the right track, and wear every failed attempt at shutting me down as a badge of honor.

As I did in the past with NAFPS, so I will do now with I will EXPAND what I'm doing, create mirror websites, and spread the message even further.

To our failed hackers, good going: You just guaranteed my message will be spread even further.

To everyone who has written me and passed along information and encouragement, thanks. Keep spreading the word.


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