Sunday, November 19, 2006

David Yeagley Is Too Much of a Coward to Debate Me

Issued through one of his extremely few Native supporters, "Tallsoldier."

Posted - 11/19/2006 : 4:08:51 PM
For a "Tallsoldier," you sure enjoy wallowing in the mud, alongside the piano doctor with no courage.

Jake said it before, straight to point: Yeagley wants NDNs to spend their lives kissing white behinds, and he's certainly talked you into doing just that. While he fills his site with Neo Nazis and eugenicists, he talks self hating skins like yourself into hating their own culture and people, not to mention hating anyone besides the Great White Master.

It's truly sad to see you tearing down other NDNs, especially great warriors like the Taino caciques, who have far more courage than a hypocrite coward like Yeagley whose never been closer to combat than a museum. You dishonor every NDN who ever fought to save their people when you spit on the memory of brave Taino resistance to genocide.

Since you and Yeagley are in a permanent liplock for much of the time, kindly pass along this to him, since he's generally too much of a coward to come to, where virtually everyone except you and BAG are well aware he's made his career spouting hatred and lies after failing to ever hold onto a real job.

(PS. is a FREE BLOG with no place to even send contributions. Thanks, "Tallsoldier," for showing us you're either not very bright, or a baldfaced liar.)

(PPS. This challenge is being reposted at my own site, and at any others I care to.)

After "Tallsoldier" first demanded I debate Yeagley, he backed off when I issued this challenge. He has also backed off from a challenge from Mohican Brent Michael Davids to debate Yeagley on musical theory.

So thus far, both Yeagley and his followers show themselves to be afraid to have him debate anyone.


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