Friday, October 13, 2006

Kind Words for

Not to be confused with kind words for Yeagley himself, of course. In only a little over a week, I've gotten quite a bit of encouragement and compliments for this site, both from email and posted online:

"Thanks for doing this website on that hateful man."
Bee Neidlinger, Munsee traditionalist, founder of Yahoo group Ancient Native Heritage

"The blog looks good, Al! I have already passed it along. One of the moderators on NDNAIM placed it in their links section and urged people to read there often."
Debbie Redbear

Which is truly good to hear. The central purpose of this site is to be a resource people can go to to counter Yeagley when he lies, which is virtually every time he speaks.

(I'm certain Yeagley and his supporters will cry "Communist!" at the mention of AIM. Naturally they're too ignorant to know that AIM has done far more to fight actual Communism than Yeagley and Co. could ever dream of doing. Most AIM leaders and members are Vietnam War veterans, many of them as part of elite units. Many AIM members also supported the Miskito Indians against Nicaragua's Sandinistas. Yeagley, it should be noted, is not a veteran. But like many on the far right, he can't resist the urge to smear veterans who practice true patriotism far more than he does.)

Other comments:

"Dr. Carroll, the blog gets better and better. That is exactly the way one ought to deal with Yeagley, defining, dissecting and exposing his racism word for word.
As an academic and a Native you are exactly the kind of person who can credibly burst the Yeagley-bubble."

"Great stuff! I will keep you posted about any Yeagley topic I may publish or stuff of his I see and won't use for myself.
You are quite a formidable adversary for him. I bet he is shitting his pants.
Best regards"

"Hi Al,the blog is excellent!"

"Good. Send it to me and I'll help disseminate it."

And I truly appreciated the blunt humor from Tryworks blog, two days in a row.

"There’s a new kid on the block dedicated to whipping the shit out of our old pal David Yeagley: Dr. Al Carroll.
His latest post takes on Yeagley’s support for Columbus Day. (And it looks like there’s more to be said about Yeagley’s Comanche roots, which shall probably get us adjured yet again.)
....As much of a dribbling fucking lunatic as we’ve always considered Yeagley, we’re always impressed at the depth of racism one encounters when making the mistake of paddling around in his shitty little brain."

"Don’t Fuck With Al Carroll
October 13th, 2006
Dr. Al Carroll, David Yeagley’s latest better, checked in with us here. And though we ain’t much for the Southern Poverty Law Center, hoo boy, are we laughing our flabby white ass off."

Thanks, everyone. Up next: Two articles I'm sure many of you have been waiting for.

Is Yeagley Truly Indian? Actual Comanches Say No.
Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?


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