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Yeagley Humiliates Himself Repeatedly With His Ignorance

Yeagley has lashed out at this educational website, and the response to him has been pretty uniform. We're all pretty amused at how Yeagley couldn't resist showing the whole world (yet again) just how ignorant he is. Not simply about Natives, but about the world of academia and his own lack of basic research skills.

From another website where we discussed Yeagley, we talked about his bigoted gay-bashing of one of his critics:

Dr. Al Carroll Says: October 16th, 2006 at 11:29 pm
"I had the same reaction: A guy like Yeagley who resembles Michael Jackson at his most effeminate likely goes into his frequent bouts of gay-bashing to hide his own “tendencies.”
“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Just with Yeagley’s hypocrisy and hatred.
And I found that part of Yeagley’s post about me pretty amusing. The best he could do was sputter incoherently.
One final point: I will bet right now Yeagley will break his promise to say nothing more about my site, and in less than two weeks."

Charley Arthur Says: October 17th, 2006 at 2:18 am
"Interesting gaff in Yeagley’s super-Indian schtick.
Yeagley observes that Mr. Davids “says he is Mohican, but also says he is Stockbridge-Munsee,” apparently in complete ignorance of the fact that Mohicans are in fact one of the several peoples subsumed under the oh-so-indigenous title of “Stockbridge-Munsee.”
Just once, it would be really, really nice if Yeagley had some tiny clue what he was talking about before running that shithole he calls a mouth.
Here’s a news flash, you Klannish clod: The same situation pertains with regard to the “Siletz,” “Warm Springs,” and a bunch of others.
Next, we’ll give you a few tips on the Comanches.
What a slimy fucking fraud you are, Yeagley… "

John Moredock Says: October 17th, 2006 at 2:18 pm
"Well, the Michael Jackson comparison had me in stitches for about ten minutes, Mr. Carroll. So thank you.
And there’s no way in hell I’d take you up on any bet that runs contrary to Yeagley’s obsessive compulsions. I have no doubt but you’re right on there."

This isn't the first time Yeagley's embarassed himself like this. Several years ago he proposed that American Indians start their own bank. The problem? There ALREADY were more than two dozen Native-owned or operated banks and credit unions. Some of them were decades old and had been widely reported about in not just the Native press, but on shows like 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Frontline. Several of these Native banks were short distances from Yeagley's home address. When Yeagley made the proposal, Native audience members actually broke out laughing. Yes folks, he really is that out of touch. Many would also say touched.

I really should thank Yeagley for giving me so many belly laughs. Never have I seen someone make so many clumsy mistakes at once. To any actual Native, his ignorance about Native peoples and for that matter virtually any other topic exposes him as a fraud far more clearly than anything I can do. For the first time I actually am beginning to feel sorry for him since he seems to be cracking under the strain of his impersonation of what he thinks an Indian is like.

After reading this educational website on him, Yeagley was reduced to sputtering incoherently and largely admitted he could not answer my charges against him. So let's take a look at what he had to say and enjoy laughing some more:
"Dr. Al Carroll's (Yes, he snagged that domain before I did. I never knew that there were people that cowardly and dishonest, with no self-validation possible so that they must use someone else's name.)"

Yeagley uses the name of Bad Eagle for his own website to validate himself and his white supremacist beliefs, white imposter that he is. So by his own argument, he is cowardly, dishonest, and of course hypocritical.

If Yeagley is too ignorant to know that .org websites are only for educational purposes, that's his problem. The only validation I need is the praise of actual Native people, who have all been very kind with their words about my work, not just for this website, but for my book on Native veterans. My work speaks for itself, as do the kind opinions of the scholars who trained me.

"Dr. Carroll billed himself as a faculty member of St. Phillips College in 2005"

Wrong again. Actually in 2005 I taught at both St. Phillip's and San Antonio College. In 2006 I teach at St. Phillip's.

"St. Phillips is traditionally black/hispanic"

Wrong again. SPC began as a Freedmen's college, educating former slaves. Of course to Yeagley's bigoted eyes, that "taints" me.

"Dr." Carroll, otherwise not to be found on the internet"

Just how terrible are his research skills? I'm all over, Blue Corn Comics, The World In Our Hands Foundation, H-Amindian, etc. It seems Yeagley can't even read, much less do an online search.

"he is somewhat familiar with the academic world...particularly in the fields of sociology and ethnic studies."

Wrong again. Not a single one of my professors were in those fields. All were in history.

"He thinks listing his professors somehow qualifies him."

To anyone with any academic accomplishment (which leaves out Yeagley), it does. And Yeagley shows himself a hypocrite again, because that's exactly what he did on his own website, right on down to listing ever composer or artist he ever met.

"Dr. Carroll feels completely competent and qualified to devote an entier blog to picking appart every sentence of mine he thinks is faulty."

Well, he just makes it so easy sometimes. And that's "entierly" true, as Yeagley says.

"he is wholly insignificant and pompous individual, with little comprehension of true academic thought and work. At least, he doesn't show any real rigour of thought in his blog. Every blog is a labored distortion."

Several people have emailed me to tell me Yeagley needs to look up "projection" in a psychology book.
And why the British spelling for rigor? Is he going to claim he's related to a British lord next?

"He thinks listing books he claims to have written--which are not listed on the internetand listing articles included in other books with other authors (published by insignificant presses)"

Poor Yeagley just can't resist looking foolish. University of Nebraska Press is the most prestigious of ALL academic presses when it comes to publishing Native history.
Greenwood Press has more than its share of accolades too.

But it's hard to take someone like Yeagley seriously when he's only published by a tabloid,, the National Inquirer of the far right. He's largely been a paid blogger, so naturally he seems more than a little jealous of actual published scholars. As I've said before, I have never seen anyone accomplish so little as Yeagley has in academia. The average person with a Master's has published more than Yeagley. A single scholarly article in his whole career is pathetic.

"I don't like liars...Liars are evil, and create only evil for all parties concerned."

I'm hardly the first person to note Yeagley's intense self-hatred.

"Both Brent Michael Davids and Dr. Al Carroll have lied, excessively. For this, I have no respect for them."

I take that as a badge of honor.

"My readers can pursue them"

Did he just issue a threat? Did he just call for his white supremacist followers to stalk myself and Davids?

Let me serve notice now: At the first sign of any kind of threat from his followers, I will be sending the law to Yeagley's door.

"I'll have to take a Bill O'Reilly move here. I have spoken about this once. "You'll never hear from me about this again"

O'Reilly did so because his lawyers urged him to. He had no case, which is why they settled for an "undisclosed sum" that by most accounts was in the millions.

O'Reilly also routinely refuses to say anymore when he knows he'll LOSE an argument, that he has no answer. So thanks again, Yeagley, for admitting you have no answers for any of my charges.

But not content with embarassing himself repeatedly, Yeagley broke his promise to "never speak again" within less than a single day. He did so by expounding a paranoid conspiracy theory, that there is a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy out to get him.;act=ST;f=1;t=6499;&#top
"The truth is out about Leftist bloggers: they're paid....Dr. Al Carroll has been at it, almost daily...It is's the only way I can account for the fact these blogs exist. It takes too much time, too much research. These few aren't just blathering. They are making a serious effort."

Poor, poor Yeagley. Apparently hard work is just too amazing an idea for him. And unpaid hard work, that's beyond his comprehension. Not only do I put out this website for free, I also teach, write more books and articles, do more unpaid volunteer work for NAFPS (, and have also been caring for my mother and my wife during their recent illnesses. By contrast, Yeagley does little but be a paid blogger for the far right. Then again, what more can he do? He already got himself fired from his first (and only) job in academia for trying to indoctrinate his students.

His graduate programs must not have been very strenuous. For mine I routinely put in 14-hour days. Hard work didn't bother me, I was already used to that after the US Army. (Remember, Yeagley never joined the service either.)

It also apparently never occurs to Yeagley and his followers that what makes doing this work (really, any work in Indian Country) much easier is networking, the old Moccassin Telegraph, and other ways people help each other out. I get a lot of material sent to me by people, so much that it's often hard to know which to use first. Material from actual Comanches and other Indians, or people who know (or once knew) Yeagley, and especially from people within Yeagley's own forum. That includes people that Yeagley personally deals with on a daily basis, that he naively thinks he can trust. This also includes actual conservatives who are upset with how Yeagley gives conservatism a bad name.

It just apparently never occurs to Yeagley that none of what I do is part of any Vast Leftwing Conspiracy. (For starters, I'm not even a leftist.) It's a Vast Indian Country Conspiracy that Yeagley is facing.

To paraphrase what Edward Murrow said about Joe McCarthy:
Since Yeagley made no mention about any mistakes that were made in my articles, everyone should assume Yeagley admits I made none.

"my readers, probably all of whom didn't even know his blog existed until I mentioned it here."

Again, Yeagley admits his incompetence. The number of views is right there on my site. More likely, he was so choked up with anger over being exposed he failed to notice the counter.

"Fanatic devotees? (The word is "fanatical.")"

Poor Yeagley is as grammar-challenged as ever. Fanatic is also an adjective.

"I'm not very significant myself. "

I never would have thought I'd find myself agreeing with Yeagley.

We'll close this article with some more kind words from
"Dr. Al Carroll (whom we like a little bit, as you may have noticed) takes apart David Yeagley’s Comanche dreams, lie by fucking lie....
Get your ass over there and get to reading. Dr. Carroll has the goods, including links, testimonies from Comanche elders and interviews with Yeagley’s childhood neighbors.
Dare we say it yet again?
Of course we do.
How does it feel, Yeagley, you fucking ethnic fraud?
* By the way, Dr. Carroll has promised the tale of David Yeagley’s undergoing fucking plastic surgery to make himself look more Indian.
We haven’t been this excited about a story since we heard of Dan Caplis’ penchant for beating up pregnant women with flagpoles."


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