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Did Yeagley Have Plastic Surgery to Look "More Indian"?

This first link below is David Yeagley as he looked back in September 1999, before he made a calculated career move to become a (white imposter playing a) professional token Indian who would defend virtually any racist claim about Natives and dedicate himself to undermining every Native cause he could. As you can see, David Yeagley back in 1999 had short curly brown hair, wore no Indian jewelry, and did not pose at all as the stereoytpe of what he believes an Indian should look like.

That's Yeagley in the middle, despite the paper's false ID. The student paper writer, Erin Wallace, confused Yeagley with his friend Jerod Tate. That can easily be confirmed by doing an image search for Tate. (Tate is virtually the only Native to have anything to do with Yeagley, though there is no sign Tate agrees with Yeagley's politics.) Here's the photo in context:

By September of 2001 and in all later photos, Yeagley's appearance changed dramatically. As you can see, Yeagley's cheeks, cheekbones, and eyes look entirely different.

Yeagley also grew out his hair, straightened it, and possibly dyed it from what earlier looked to be medium or light brown to its present color resembling black shoe polish. We can surmise Yeagley's hair is medium or or light brown because it appears the same color as Jerod Tate's, and Tate had brown hair in the photos I found online, such as at his own website at Notice also that in the second photo Yeagley is using makeup on his cheeks as well as eyes. He did this to hide what seems to be very bad acne scars, evident in this later photo.

Incidentally, I'm not the only person amused by Yeagley's choice of what he thinks are "Indian looking" clothes. Where did he get the idea that Natives wear a lot of turtlenecks and 1960s Nehru-style jackets and shirts?

How do we account for this dramatic change in appearance in such a short time, less than two years at the most? One of the most widespread rumors is that David Yeagley had plastic or cosmetic surgery. It's become something of a running joke, one that's earned him the nickname "Michael Jackson." For example:

(Yeagley's use of makeup, effeminate appearance, and speculation about his sexual preferences also play a part in his nickname. In his fifties, Yeagley has never married or even mentioned a significant other, either male or female, in his life. His frequent gay-bashing and intense anger towards women, even joking about and defending sexual violence against women, adds to that speculation. A number of members of his own message board tell me they believe he is either a self-hating gay man or had such disastrous relations with women that he remains celibate. Several also believe he is actually masturbating when he is spouting racist abuse or hatred for women and gays.

Within most American Indian cultures, if he were actually gay that would not be any reason to condemn him. Many American Indian cultures traditionally accepted same-sex marriages, for example. It's his likely hypocrisy and self-hatred which is the issue.)

Proving he had plastic surgery is difficult. Medical records are confidential, after all. Even professional plastic surgeons disagree on the degree of Michael Jackson's (the actual Jackson) surgery, for example. His drastically changed appearance could also partly come from severe illness causing a dramatic weight loss. Finally, one of the members of Yeagley's board suggested to me just the opposite, that at a younger age Yeagley appeared "more Indian." Then later on he experimented with trying to make himself look as white as possible, curling and dying his hair brown and wearing makeup to lighten his skin.

Which of these is true is ultimately only known by Yeagley and his doctors. His doctors are sworn by oath to say nothing, and Yeagley has never been inclined to be truthful about ANY subject, period.

The hair and clothing we can be more definite about: Yeagley changed them to fit his bizarre stereotype of what a "patriot Indian" looks like. But whoever told him either Natives or rightwingers wear turtlenecks and Nehru jackets, or pancake makeup? And why aren't those on the far right laughing as much at Yeagley's bizarre appearance as Indian Country is? After all, Yeagley's attempts to "look Indian" are as laughable as his claim to speak for ANY Native people, or be one himself.

A final point: posted a hilarious side by side comparison of David Yeagley and Michael Jackson. See for yourself how Yeagley got his nickname.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about the Plastic surgury part, however in reading his site and his affiliations, I feel he is definately a White Supremists. He has no interest at all in the Native American Culture, yet he posts endlessly about them. He thinks they are so inferior as to matter, yet more and more are challenging him and his views. I happen to know the Comanche Nation does not endorse anything he does.

His views are the image of the "Turner Diaries", if he could change one Native American into his views, then he has done his job, but I know of not one that takes him seriously on being Comanche. I had to read only a little of him and I instinctively knew he was not culturaly inclined and after seeing how many anti-Indian statements and his using his Religion and illness to gain sympathy and momentum.

Any person (usually white)with an ounce of prejudice will fall prey to this teaching and be influenced by people and his ilk, he has always been a White Racist, it started with his Breed Mother and White Father, who told him at an early age, that when he fails at anything, it is because he is Indian. I believe that is what made him who he is, not being an enrolled Comanche member with absolutely no Cultural ties.


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