Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cherokee Lawyer Denounces Yeagley as Slanderous Fraud

"Name: Patrick Barkman Location: Cleburne, Texas, US

Just a simple Cherokee trial lawyer, Barkman has been forcing his opinions on others in print since, for reasons that passeth understanding, he was an unsuccessful candidate for state representative in 2002. His philosophy: "If people had wanted me to be nice, they should've voted for me."

Fake Indian Joins Slander of VT Victims

David Yeagley, the Right Wing's pet "Indian," who for years has fraudulently claimed to be Comanche, has predictably added his weaselly voice to the chorus of marginalized lunatics blaiming the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings for their own deaths. Normally, I would never waste band-width on this reprehensible toad, but I'm afraid some people might believe his wannabe shtick. Yeagley is not Comanche, he speaks for no one but himself, and he is beneath contempt."


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