Monday, April 30, 2007

Yeagley Lacks the Courage to Face His Critics

It's been one week, and he has yet to answer the "Call Out" by Multiplied By Twilight. (See post on April 22.)

For someone to call the Virginia Tech victims "cowards" and "weak" for not taking on a heavily armed maniac, when Yeagley is afraid to face words online, only shows hypocrisy.

Critic after critic noted that.

From comments at

When I first read the referenced "article", I was appalled, disgusted, and horrified beyond belief. Armchair bravery is so easy. But when has Yeagley ever showed any true courage? I've never seen even a hint of it.
I can just imagine what Yeagley's response would have been, had he been in one of the classrooms under attack at VT. His only "action" would have resulted in soiled, smelly britches.
Yeagley rails on and on about a "victim" mentality, while he is full of excuses for never really facing the world. He doesn't even seem to realize how often he plays the "victim" himself.
He whines about you, Dr. Al, and the_editrix, referring to you as his "ememies" and writes as though he is being "victimized" by you. Yet he doesn't even have the courage to let you critique his "new" harmonic theory. Such bravery he shows!
Keep up the good work here. Yeagley must be exposed for the racist, misogynistic hypocrite that he is. He is an embarrassment to true Indians and to all decent human beings.

Editrix (Nora, a German conservative):
It JUST dawns to me WHAT I find so repulsive about our Sitting Duck. It's certainly not each and every one of his views. If I had to name a single thing, I'd name this appalling lack of compassion and empathy he shows towards his fellow human beings, and I suddenly remembered... isn't it the narcissistic personality, which gets in the way of compassion?
We may even be dealing not just with a neurotic personality, but with a full-blown personality disorder here.


Steve Russell, Cherokee Law Professor, Indiana University:

Don't hold your breath, MBT.
Remember the time he came over hear and Pootatuck removed his hair?
Remember when he was taunting me to debate over at SadEagle where he has the delete key because he was getting hammered here?
I think he got enough of Indianz.

I'd be more than willing to venture over to his board. I know he'd feel much more comfortable with his groupies to support him and his mods to console his delicate ego after I textually thrash him. I might just go over there and copy / paste this thread there but knowing him I'd get banned and deleted.
He's not banned from this board so we'll see just how "heroic" he can be online, without being shot at and fearing for his life.

I guess nothing Yeagley says should surprise me. However, his statements about the VT shootings is too much even for him.

Everything that I have ever read here says that David Yeagley won't come over here and debate anyone. He doesn't have enough gumption.

The point is the victims were murdered. They were not the ones murdering anyone, they are the innocent victims. Both, Yeagley and the Baptist quack, are wrong anyway they try to justify their odd attacks against the victims.

I applaud you wanting to tear him a new one.. but I think it gets him off. Ewwww. He is a sick, tormented, twisted soul who needs to be smacked across his snout with some rolled up newspaper.

i quit reading his site long ago... my boot-scraper wore out.

It takes balls to hang out here.
Yeagley does not have any!

Time Warrior:
Mr. Yeagley loudly proclaims that the Indians are "warriors, therefore there could have been no holocaust." At the time of the Red Lake massacre, he proclaimed it happened because "there were no warriors." Same song and dance he most recently used for the Virginia Tech massacre. Odd to see how little of the warrior he has in him, eh? When a real call comes, he won't step over the line in the sand for fear of falling on his keister. When somebody coined the phrase "You can't just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk," his was the personage they had in mind.

He is such a sad, pitiful little creature. I won't call him a man, he is far from being that!

Michelle Shining Elk:
The dumb doc, the Ph.D of puppetry, manipulation and absurdity is quickly losing his fan base on a daily basis. Poor lil piano man. Does he not get that he has done it all to himself...he calls us his enemies, but he doesn't understand that he makes his own enemies with the crap he writes and the rumors and lies he starts.

I didn't wake up one morning and say "hey, I think I want to become an enemy of some assinine blogger today." Nope. I didn't. I'm not an enemy in so much as I believe in putting that little man in his place and pointing out to anyone who "might" be interested in him that he is merely one small unworthy little blogger of a man who is a lot crazy in the brain and constantly says really STUPID things that all come back to haunt him.

Multipled by Twilights...he won't come out of his closet to take you on. He's too deeply hidden in it. He'll just keep on living in that little fantasy world he has created on his little fantasy site with his little fantasy fan club continuing to listen to the circus music playing around in his head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The piano doctor is a self hating closet homosexual. He should just get a sex change operation so he can date men without the social stigma he so fears.

His writing is atrocious and my teenager could give him lessons in grammar and sentence structure. He got a vicious beat down over to Indianz. I am glad to see that the racist little puke is now getting whipped on a larger stage.


Steve Russell, Cherokee Law Professor,

12:32 PM  

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