Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scathing Criticism of Yeagley's Attacks on Virginia Tech Victims

It seems to be the view of a lot of people that this is the worst thing Yeagley has ever done.


"He and Churchill have this in common. In the process of "representing" as Indians they made remarks that Indian Country, if polled, would disagree with by about 99%. This is beyond being controversial.
"Being controversial" was when Harjo spoke against frybread."
-Steve Russell, Cherokee law professor, Indiana University

"What would Yeagley have done if he had been in the building while the shooting was going on?
Would he have tried to wrestle the gun away from him?
Would he have crafted a weapon out of whatever was at hand?
He would have been the first one out the window, probably knocking down women in the process."

"You people are giving him tooooo much credit... he is just an azzhole."

"He is obviously deeply into a psychotic episode. If we respond to him we are validating his delusional thought process and will make the illness worse in him."
"He has completely lost it.
This is his ultimate "look at me...playing in the bathtub with my frivolous opinions".

"maybe he believes that s***, maybe not but i think his plan is to draw more attention to himself.
he craves publicity in the same way as Imus, Jackson and Sharpton.
doesn't matter to them whether it's good or bad, just as long as their name is out there"
- Tso-i-de

"Why does that not surprise me? His fodder is always those he considers "weak", dependent, and non-entitled. His words are par for his very narrow course. It's plain to anyone with an ounce of grey matter that he has no children of his own. And given the kind of "manliness" he exhibits--the kind that comes from the "take it all" white culture he's so enamoured of--he never will. Piss on him, and all his enablers. And I've got an even better idea than Mr. Nativebadass: forward his ranting on this topic to the Republican candidates for office, especially in his district, and also to the Governmor of Virginia. If's news arm hasn't gotten hold of it yet, make sure they do."
"The man lives and breathes the Republican creed. Since they were no less shocked and saddened than anyone else by the carnage, embarassing the flag-waving Indian patriot before the friendly camp is exactly what he has coming to him."

"Is anybody else reminded of Churchill's famous "eichmann" comment?
I swear ward and yeagles are related."
-Multiplied by twilight

"Maybe forward it to some white supremacists in his backyard.
I'm gonna send his blog to the Governor now that I have his email.
"How does he expect them to respond to tragedy. The best thing to do when in danger is to run or else get killed. It's fight or flight and only the strongest survive. Doesn't he know anything about life?"
"He's a another attention whore typing with his boney fingers."

And from his own webapge comments, even his followers are pretty sickened by Yeagley's attacks:

Journal Weblog
Comments: VA Tech Killer: Cho Seung-Hui
"I wonder if this is yet another yeagley LIE or if he actually believes this crap."

Posted by concha at April 19, 2007 08:59 AM
"This garbage you have written on your journal is flame to the social fabric of our world.
One-dimensional thought such as your view on the VT Tragedy and the Imus Fiasco is the reason why it continues.
There's no need to go into specifics of my reasoning, because you're not going to listen anyway. Fundamentalists like yourself are completely incapable of listening. Just be aware of that. That's the one point that IS worth making here."

Posted by ecology at April 18, 2007 03:30 PM
"There were enormous acts of bravery at VT, especially the Holocaust survivor. Anyone who has never been in a life or death situation, where your adrenaline is out of control and sucker-punched with a real situation, which is nothing like a John Wayne movie, should keep quite about being brave in this case.
....I'd wager that those mouthing off about the cowardice of these kids have not idea either and are just talking tough, and saying what tough conservatives are supposed to say.
Spend some time with a bunch of veterans and ask them what's it's like to be faced with the stark terror of a gun in your face or being pursued by someone wanting to snuff your life out. I'm sure it's not only scary, but unpredicable how things turn out or how you'll react."

Posted by Sioux at April 17, 2007 04:35 PM
"I also don't see the need to politicize this as being the fault of liberals. Why is this the first reaction of some, I wonder? Is it to appear tough and different?
....This is no one's fault except the puke, shoulda-been aborted-before -he -was -born--slime ball that committed murder. I refuse to even contemplate blaming anyone but him, least of all the murdered people. As this story progesses, the heroism of many people will become clearer."

Below is a nice bit of irony and sarcasm probably lost on Yeagley:

Posted by concha at April 17, 2007 03:35 PM
"I applaud you and your colleagues on your empathetic showing of compassion and humanity for the VT students, faculty and their families during this tragic event.
The immediate and proper response to such a catastrophe is to politicize it as quickly as possible. It is, of course, the Christian thing to do."

Posted by Tamara at April 17, 2007 12:36 PM
"Link to a documented act of heroism ...
Holocaust Survivor shielded students at VA Tech"

Posted by Matthew at April 17, 2007 12:33 PM
"I just don't know if those kids would have been able to take him out, having never killed anyone or been in a situation where their lives were at stake. That's not something you anticipate at school.
...the volatility of such a situation often leaves people paralyzed, particularly young people. sounds like some faculty and students acted as courageoasly as they could, given the circumstances."

Posted by ecology at April 17, 2007 10:31 AM
"Do you really think a bunch of teenagers should have acted-out scenes from a Steven Seagel movie and disarmed the guy amidst all the chaos? Something like this would have taken kids from a hundred years ago by surprise the same way it did yesterday. I doubt any of them were combat trained, so unless one has been in a life or death situation, with the adrenline causing you to shake so bad you can hadly move or think, I'd hold off on blaming liberals for this."


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