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Since nobody is addressing the obvious I will. David is a coward among cowards, hiding behind is comp screen spewing his pseudo-intellectual antics. But what's worse, disrespecting the dead not even a week after they were murdered by stating such rants as...

"The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond. They didn't know how to respond. They have been trained to think responding is wrong. Morally wrong. Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared. They can only be victims."

My ancestors at Sand Creek were afraid to respond while they were being massacred but you and I weren't there, you damn sure weren't in the classroom so to make a generalized statement about people being murdered is wrong, on many levels. You don't know if those kids fought back or not but to go off with some commentary about how afraid they were or disrespect the horrific violence that occured is nothing short of disgusting, inhuman. I can't imagine a native that could think like you do or would be willing to. In fact, I'm not given into even comprehending a mind like yours that would attack the dead.

"Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act!"

This coming from somebody that's too afraid to allow people to remain on his little message board. Too afraid to come to and assert himself. Too afraid to answer for his imbecilic notions nor willing to simply and quietly respect the memory of those who were murdered.

"I'm sick of these killings. I'm sick of the weakness that allows them."

That you attack those who were massacred, to me, is also attacking my people at Sand Creek or the Knee and any countless number of locations were natives were murdered in cold blood. You are calling my people weak for not fighting back and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that disrespectful note be the end of it. Much like Churchill, you're unable to express yourself intelligently, thoughtfully and respectfully. So, when your cronies read this and get back to you at badeagle perhaps you could all pool your intelligence and see that I'm asking for a public apology. Not to me but to the young people and staff whose memory you've chosen to attack for not being "heroic" enough for you. I know you're obsessed with Youngblood but since you have time to dishonor murder victims in the name of sensationalism then I've sufficient time to illustrate just how f*cking stupid you really are. I'm surprised you've survived the overwhelming waves of your own idiocy for as long as you have.

Calling people weak and not heroic because they received bullets in their chest, heads and throughout their bodies is inhuman and deplorable. And to do so without even a hint of consideration to their families merely demonstrates just how weak, pathetic and sadistic you really are. I challenge you to come and defend your ill conceived jargon, assuming you're able to do so. The way I see it, you've disrespected all slain indians who were too "weak" to fight back which is a spit in the face and I'm calling you on it. Time to see just how brave you really are when challenged on your emotional meltdowns. Consider this my blog to you and you've got seven days to respond to it. After that, if you don't apologize I'll post on as many sites as possible to show others your disrespectful convictions. Trust and believe I can do it, even ask others to pass it along so people know that trash like you exists. You've got seven days, b1tch. Make your move.


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