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Yeagley Admits Failure In His Campaign to Smear Youngblood

Yeagley talked yet another reporter, Lauren Horwitch of Backstage Pass, into doing a story about his allegations against Rudy Youngblood. Just as in the story for the LA Times, Yeagley's efforts backfired again. Yeagley has been reduced to whining on his forum about yet another Vast Leftwing Conspiracy.

This leaves the rest of Indian Country in stitches, watching Yeagley fume helplessly.

"Just thought I'd point out another liberal approach to truth--this time eliminating truth altogether:

Pundit Questions Actor's Ancestry

....It takes up Rudy's position, and merely says Michelle [Shing Elk] 'accused Yeagley of falsifying his own background.' Yes, that's a fact....they support Rudy, who is a confessed liar, and who has provided absolutely no evidence of who he is.

Apparently, these liberals are content to repeat each other's lies...

I was personally interviewed by Laura Horwitz, of BackStage....She covered for Rudy completely.

That's HOLLYWOOD. That's liberal media. LIARS every one....

I don't think I will interview with any liberal media outlet again....

I hope I've learned my lesson."

The article by Horwitch, much like the one by the LA Times, was actually pretty easy on Yeagley this time. But you couldn't tell Yeagley that, especially since it quotes prominent Native figures lecturing Yeagley for all the damage he's doing while both defending and mildly criticizing Youngblood.

April 11, 2007
Is He or Isn’t He?
‘Apocalypto’ actor under fire.
....A March 28 Los Angeles Times article took the controversy , which has been brewing in Native American online forums , into the mainstream. Jolene Schonchin , a spokesperson for the Comanche Nation , supported Youngblood and told the Times he 'is not on our tribal rolls , but he does have Comanche blood. His blood comes from his paternal side. His father was a full-blooded Comanche and a prominent member of the Comanche tribe , Preston Tahchawwickah.'

However , Youngblood told the Times and wrote on his website that Tahchawwickah is his adoptive father. According to www.rudyyoung , 'As a young boy , Preston and Fern Tahchawwickah brought Rudy into their family as their son. He was also adopted Cree and is a member of the SlimJohn family. Like many Native people , Rudy is an integral part of several Indian families throughout the United States.'

....So far , Youngblood is keeping the specifics of his genetics under wraps. He told the Times , 'I am Comanche. I’m not going to go into names. My tribe knows it. That is all that needs to be said.'

....Actor Mark Reed , who serves as chairman and national representative for American Indians in Film and Television , an advocacy group for Native Americans in entertainment , said the issue goes beyond Yeagley’s beef with Youngblood. 'Both Rudy and David Yeagley need to consider the impact they’re having on the entire American Indian community of artists , ' he said. 'Although David Yeagley is making very poignant points about it , he needs to take that into consideration. But at the same time , Rudy Youngblood has an obligation to Indian country to dispel these charges rather than avoiding it.'

The controversy comes at a particularly bad time for Native American actors , who are starving for TV and film work. In a recent study of scripted television series from fall 2005 to fall 2006 , Reed’s organization found there was not one Native American actor among 400 regular roles , 1,000 recurring roles , and 8,000 guest roles. In January a UCLA study of TV and film casting breakdowns from June 1 to Aug. 31 , 2006 , found only 0.5 percent of roles called for Native American actors.

And even when the odd roles are offered , they’re usually less than desirable. 'They’re very limited roles , and they’re always stereotypical roles…. Unless the individual really is of the American Indian community , they can represent Indians in a very demeaning way without even knowing it , ' Reed said , adding that the eruption between Yeagley and Youngblood could narrow that playing field even further. 'If there’s a controversy that goes on every time they hire an American Indian when the community comes out and says he’s not an Indian…[casting directors] say , ‘Look , we don’t want to take the time or energy to deal with that.’ They’d rather cast somebody else.'

....Reed said enrolling in one of the 562 federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes can be an exhausting process , particularly because each tribe has its own enrollment criteria."

I think I'll join in agreeing with Michelle Shining Elk's amusing comments on the whole matter:

"Here is a little fun to watch.

The dumb doc is crying around because he feels he has, yet again, been the victim of injustice. Oh such a victim he is....

Being the slow and dense doctor that he is, that buffoon just noticed her article written on the 29th, today, and is taking that as the article she interviewed him for...Of course he had to talk about this in his forum, and he goes on further to attacks Lauren and calls her a liar, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well she emailed me the story and told me that Yeagley had emailed her and called her all sorts of things....

The fun part, watching, to see how long it takes that ninny to see was a dumb ass he is, that he is referring to the wrong article."

Once again, all that Yeagley's efforts have done is show more people just how much of an obsessed, small minded, mean spirited, and destructive person he is.


Blogger The_Editrix said...

"But on the positive side, it did rightfully demote him from "pundit" to "blogger"..."

Isn't that really and truly precious?

The dumbo attacked Horwitch after her first article, which was actually quite friendly on him, because she dared (as any serious journalist ought to) giving some minor room to the opposite side as well. About that, our self-appointed "journalist", lover of freedom, free speech and a free press got his knickers in such a knot that he had another one of his compulsive "leftist commie liars" discharges, to which Ms. Horwitch reacted, somewhat understandably, less than amused.

And now he is whining, because he doesn't want to face the fact that it was his own fault and his own fault alone that Horwitch wrote that follow-up, worse than the worst "leftist commie liar".

Isn't it FUN to see him coming apart at the seams?

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