Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yeagley's Supporters: White Racists, Self Hating Natives, Plus One Surprise

Yeagley is no longer making any pretense that he is merely conservative and has come "out of the closet" about being white supremacist.

Yeagley responded to the letter I sent to campus groups at Florida State University, where I detailed his more infamous quotes and hatred of literally every nonwhites group on the planet. Undeterred by being exposed yet again, Yeagley had this to say:

"I believe in the things I say. If I am wrong, I will deal with the consequences... I believe I am right."

FSU's College Republicans say for their part that they still support him, even knowing his suppport for white supremacy, hatred for nonwhites, and admiration for Hitler.

"Mr. Coyle, [Young America's Foundation]

Just wanted to share this letter with you and Dr. Yeagley that's circulating around school. I'm sure you've seen it before but I wanted to make sure it was brought to your attention. Regardless we support Dr. Yeagley and can't wait to have him here next week.

Brandon N. Neeld
FSU College Republicans
Vice Chairman '06/'07"

I consider the letter I mailed to campus groups at FSU a big success. The issue at FSU quickly became far less about mascots and far more about Yeagley's lack of credibility and his bigoted nature and beliefs.

On Yeagley's own forum, his followers became pretty unbalanced with hysteria. For Nadine/Buzzy, apparently daring to point out white supremacy actually is white supremacy makes me "simply evil." John Martin/Large-Imposter-Posing-as-Gulf-War-Veteran continued to make himself look far worse than he could ever make me look, with yet another string of racist slurs, cheered on by fellow racists at Badeagle.

The big and pleasant surprise came from Naiche, also known as Alchesay on He deserves praise for his courage. On Badeagle, he defended me as doing good work over at NAFPS and argued that idiots such as Martin who claim I'm not Apache don't know what they're talking about.

He had his criticisms of me too, some of them not too clear. In any case, as he is a wartime veteran I will cut him slack for that, as I always do with wartime vets. (Note that Yeagley not a veteran, and that Martin falsely claims to be a Gulf War combat veteran, when he was actually a clerk stationed stateside.) But as one of the few people on Badeagle who actually is Native (Yeagley certainly isn't, and for Martin it's not clear either), and the only Apache there, to have him defend me at the Badeagle forum is a nice surprise.

In an earlier conversation on, he was insistent about something else: He is absolutely NOT a Yeagley supporter or follower in any way. He also offered to meet with me, and I gladly accepted, but have not heard back from him.

He is welcome to contact me through this website or NAFPS.


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