Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeagley "Is a Wannabe French Poodle," an Incompetent, a Crossdresser, and "a Leper"

From two American Indian professors at Indiana University come these assessments of Yeagley:

"What I would suggest about Yuckles is this.

He knew he could not make it as Indian activist in a regular sense so he purposely chose to wear a conservative suit of clothes which are ill-fitting with the pockets full of little fuzzy things which he pulls out on occasion and ponders with little rhyme or reason.

Calling him a Nazi is actually wrong in this sense. There are relatively clear demarcations to that philosophy and Yuckles is all over the place. He does have a Messiah complex for sure and if you visit his site, as I have off and on for a year, he spends an inordinate amount of time selling himself which is exactly what you hear from right wing hate radio.

At best, he is a wannabe celebrity who chose right wing ideology cause he knew he would rise quickly to the top of the pile of Indians, which is a mighty short trip. He does not have the word-smithing skills to do anything but flutter around the edges, and is trotted out like a French Poodle among the bulldogs of the far right fringe.

In short, he has no ideology save what he considers to be some chicken feathered warrior image he learned in the third grade. You give him way too much credit. Over there on his site, he posts a lot of that stuff hisself taking on other names and identities. Spend some time looking at the syntax and grammar of some of the other "posters," especially the women. In my opinion it is none other than the Grand Poobah his own self, a kind of internet cross writer. He even answers his own compliments which is actually kind of pitiful.


And this from Steve Russell:

"There will always be a market for an Indian to tell white people that Indians got what they deserved and just need to get over all this touchiness about theft and homicide.

Yeagles fills that niche right now.

I keep thinking somebody will come along with more talent, but so far at least all the Indians who could plausibly be called public intellectuals treat Yeagles as a leper. Nobody wants to be him when they grow up. Unlike, say, Vine Deloria, Jr., who we all wanted to be.



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