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More From Another Native Critic vs. Yeagley

Comments left at by Cherokee lawyer Patrick Barkman:

The Local Crank said...

Kind of off-thread, but: I linked to one of your articles about
Yeagley's revolting VT comments and he went after me on his blog,
calling me "probably white" (which should make him like me more,
shouldn't it?). His commenters said I was "paisty" [sic] and that I
looked like "a young Rip Torn" (okay, that last one was actually pretty
funny). Until I started reading your site, I thought Yeagley was merely
another repulsive conservative hack; I had no idea he was such a
blatant white supremacist. And the fact that he is supporting the
Cherokee Nation for kicking out the Freedmen descendants? Please,
Yeagley, don't help. God, I hope you are right that he is not really


Once again, Yeagley could not help but reveal his ignorance. Barkman's home base, Cleburne, has a local Cherokee community, and Barkman is a member of the American Indian Law Forum for the Texas Bar Association. A lot more Indians probably know Barkman than know Yeagley.

What's also amusing is that Yeagley, who is paler than Michael Jackson after his chemical peels, labelled Barkman "pasty."

After all, "pasty" is exactly how Suzan Harjo described Yeagley. Barkman is not only darker than Yeagley, his features are more typically Indian.

This might be a good time to also remind people that Yeagley altered his physical appearance to look more like what he thought Indians look like by dying and straightening his light brown curly hair.

Barkman followed up Yeagley's bashing of him with yet another critique of Yeagley:

"If he is in fact NDN, I think we've seen his like before in history;

They were the first ones in line to accept a bottle of whiskey or a flag or a military jacket from "The Great White Father" in exchange for scratching their marks on a piece of paper and giving away land that didn't belong to them.

They were the ones who volunteered to be scouts, tracking down the "wild" NDNs, or tribal policemen, silencing "dangerous" NDNs like Sitting Bull.

They were the ones who voluntarily shipped their children off to boarding schools to have the red beat out of them.

They were the Treaty Party, the Laramie Loafers, the "Good" Indians.

No wonder he's so obviously full of self-loathing."


Blogger The Local Crank said...

I freely admit that I am not all that red, but the "paisty" [sic] comment was a cheap shot, especially in light of the plastic surgery you mentioned. I wonder what NDNs in, say, North Dakota and elsewhere who face nasty and sometimes violent discrimination based solely on their appearance think of Yeagley "trying to pass"?

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