Sunday, June 10, 2007

John Martin Can't Help But Make Himself Look Foolish

You owe me one hundred dollars, Mr. Martin.

He's made it pretty clear he follows both this website and my postings at religously. Perhaps stalking would be a more accurate term. All he's gotten for his efforts so far is a police investigation, a no contact order, and to make himself look far worse than I ever could.

So in answer his latest challenge. Martin offered a hundred dollars to anyone who could prove that half or more of all American Indians are not enrolled:
"Of 4.1 million American Indians, only 1.7 million are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. The remaining 2.4 million are either unaffiliated or belong to an unrecognized tribe."

The article lists as a source for the statistic:
National Council of American Indians (part of the National Congress of American Indians)
Federal Recognition Task Force Meeting
Press Release, February 2004

Mr. Martin, you can send me the one hundred dollars to:

1 More Time Martin Made a Fool of Himself
In Front of All of Indian Country, USA

And of course if you back out of it, this just shows you to be a liar, yet again.

Much like you lied about your military service.

Much like you lied to your boss about screaming death threats at my parents.

Sometimes the Yeagledites aren't even much of a challenge. Martin keeps getting into a battle of wits with me. Problem is, he's unarmed.


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