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Yeagley Attacks a Native Ex-Supporter

An Apache veteran of the Vietnam War who posted by the name of Naiche on both and Yeagley's Badeagle forum passed on recently. Yeagley seems to have taken to attacking Naiche, both just before and after his death.

(Update: THere are differing accounts of whether or not Naiche passed away. Nevertheless, Naiche's relative remains extremely angry at Yeagley both for his racism and his attacks on Native veterans.)

His nephew, who goes by the screen name Alchesay, has been posting messages like these below to Yeagley on several Native forums. Alchesay's anger about Yeagley's attacks on his deceased uncle is so powerful it makes it difficult to understand everything he says. I did my best to clean up the spelling and punctuation and explain a few points to make it clearer. My notes are in parentheses.

It seems Alchesay's and Naiche's family and friends want to teach Yeagley a lesson, with their fists:

1st Post
You SOB, I said you disrespected my uncle and now it is time to go.

Why, I have been here and watch what a breed azz who hates blacks and puts up with another breed who what? Yall are "super injuns"?

Well, nitwit, know this.

You still danced to my tune and others in Oklahoma are really upset so you will find out what [and] why.

And, oh yeah, why do dye your hair and pluck your eyebrows to make yourself look what? "More Injun"?

Little man, you will soon see someone and know this, nothing.

That you, oh yeah [with] a divinity [degree], whatever, and hates and judges, whoever or wise up you [aint] so perfect.

But now, getting back to you, and it has been about you and your lies of what being Indian.

Well, hoto (Spanish for a gay prostitute) the Comanche I know in Okla are coming for you.

Why, you will soon find out, and this [is] why.

Did not you just say what you nitpick what, and talk all big and bad why to impress?

Well you will have plenty of time to impress.

Thus [this is the]last post here and you and your monkey french breed and who is bipolar go **** yallselves.

2nd Post
Response to a so-called Comanche.

And who in the heck would trust a man who dyes his hair and plucks his eyebrows. (Referring to Yeagley's used of makeup, hair dye, and other effeminate habits of his.)

Oh well, I stuck around due to this fake had disrespected my uncle and did not want to be a man.

But know this I am banned finally (from Badeagle, Yeagley's forum) and I stayed due to what I love to see, monkeys dance.

And know this I do respect real Indians.

Doctor Yeagley, heavy on the white part of this or this why would a divinty whatever hate blacks and or any one who does not follow him.

Yet the little pissant (Yeagley) let me stay and post.

I am from OKLA and know of real Comanches who are really upset at this.

Whatever, yall were right.

I just stayed due to seeing if the monkey would dance some more for me.

Even the BAG (Betty Ann Gross) another "super injun".

Oh well, the best is yet to come.

The last post seems to be older reposts of the late Naiche, made when he was still on
Quote (naiche @ June 01 2007,11:45)
Last post here and you and your monkey french breed and who is bipolar go f*** yallselves.

Why do you run little doctor of whatever?

Ban me? No matter. I and others are coming.

It has been a game to see [you] and the bipolar breed ***** dance.

Like I give a ratsazz what you think. Oh yeah, your words of how giving praise to vets and whatever.

Coming from who a little breed who what? [Who] speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Or this for all of y'all, think on it.

He says all this about his [education].

And then cant take the posts from a black woman who never said anything bad or hurtful.

(Yeagley and Betty Ann Gross were extremely abusive and racist to a Black woman who calmly tried to get through to them about their racist hatepreaching before she was banned without cause.)

And then the all knowing french breed.
(This is becoming a common insult for Yeagley, calling him the trained French poodle of right wing whites.)

That means they are part [of] what white folks want.

And [they] keep using it for why? To make themselves better than others.

Y'all think about it, there are vets I know that asked me "Why do you stay on that fake azz board?"

I said one keeps his enemies closer, and when [it's] time to do something you have not to go real far.

This pissant talks and never served in the military and y'all are going to listen to this as real source of what? Just talk.

Well there are some really good folks here, and know this I have stayed due to I still like making monkeys dance.

Sounds mean, but this jackass puts on a blog that vets are this or that and all of the other BS, and then like he knows something, judges who others [are].

Why? Due to he is so insecure and petty like the bipolar ***** who is part white and hates blacks due to see [what he] got some from a black.

What, breed? You [are] mad due to they didnt come back for more?

Well ***** you, will soon see.

And you think you're safe. How damn dumb are you?

You give me your phone numbers, and it is hi tech location and no one will save your ass.

Why I will not even have to go to see, which I have already.

Well y'all can have this pissant site.

EGO EGO, and now [is] the time to see if their mouths move as fast as their feet and all.

No threats, no actions of human harm. Why? Due to them. And their words speak for themselves.

Think about it. If the little breed don't delete these posts which I dont really care just LOL how the monkeys danced. Oh well.

Come on breed post to what I said. All your judgements dont mean crap.

Why you [are] a little fake ass and pluck your eyebrows and dye your hair.

Now there [is] enough to ban me. No matter. What is done is done and your own peeps are coming for you breed.

And to my digust you bring dishonor to your mother, but know this. It will not be by my hand what is coming for you.

And your disrespect only shows what a real white man you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect Mr. Carrol, I believe that Naiche is alive and well. Unfortunately, he has been temporarily suspended for calling David out on his racist views of blacks. I've followed the whole thing, and Naiche posted those comments you have up, not anyone else. Naiche was the one complaining about the disrespect shown to his uncle. It was not a relative of Naiche's, I can assure you.

10:35 AM  

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