Monday, June 18, 2007

Martin Makes Himself (And Yeagley) Look Foolish Yet Again


An Englishman named John Lekay imagines himself an expert on Natives. He publishes an online magazine, Heyoka, that promotes one spiritual exploiter after another.

Politically, Lekay is on the far left, somewhere to the left of Ward Churchill and perhaps only to the right of Mao or Lenin.

Lekay is largely known for two things:

1. His work promoting Kevin Arnett, who has done enormous damage to the cause of justice for the Native victims of Canada's residential schools by repeatedly attacking anyone who disagrees with him as a police agent.

2. His work with the so called "9-11 Truth Commission," a conspiracy website of a wide variety of far left wingnuts who believe that the federal government (or Bush administration, or Cheney, etc) blew up the Twin Towers with "controlled detonations" or other junk science claims.

With their tinfoil hats firmly in place, Arnett and the "commission" have done a lot to discredit and disrupt good work and activism among both American Indian causes and the antiwar movement. They could not be doing more damage to the causes they CLAIM to support if they tried.

Lekay also promotes a laundry list of some pretty dubious characters falsely claiming to be spiritual leaders, Suzanne Dupree AKA "Looking Back Woman," Mala Pope, etc.

This seems to be Lekay's pattern:

1. Choose the most disruptive, ignorant, fringe characters and blindly follow them.

2. Choose a cause which makes him feel personally good and then DON'T go after the people in power.

3. Instead, Lekay repeatedly chooses to attack anyone with any stature or respect, whoever is doing the most good.

He has spent much of the past half year smearing Arvol Looking Horse with a vicious (though entirely ineffective) campaign of libel on behalf of Suzanne Dupree, a disgruntled former hairdresser living off the reservation for most of her life with the bizarre and ridiculous claim of being the "true" owner of the Lakotas' most sacred ceremonial pipe.

None of this seems to matter to either Martin or Yeagley. Seemingly their kneejerk hostility and hatred of me personally blinds them to the fact that Lekay is so ignorant and tunnel visioned he can't be trusted if he tells you the Sun is shining.

Lekay, after all, stated in a series of posts on NAFPS that he had never heard of an extremely well known activist (Alfred Bone Shirt), falsely identified Harlyn Geronimo as a tribal chairman (he ran over a decade ago, but lost by a big margin), and falsely identified Harlyn as "Mescarleo" repeatedly when he's actually Chiricahua.

Lekay even said that he thought Indians still live in tipis. His only claim to "support" Indian causes is meeting a few Native leaders when they've come to New York.

Like an immature child, Lekay wrote a whiny post on his site complaining he'd been unfairly kicked out of NAFPS.

Actually, Lekay was treated far better than he deserved, and with far more maturity and paitence than he has ever displayed. After more than forty posts in four days, most of them either insulting, downright racist in their condescension, or just plain spam, he was finally kicked off for comparing traditional Native elders to serial killers.

What was probably the most ridiculous demand of Lekay's was calling on me to give out information about my parents that would make it easier for violent dangerous lunatics like John Martin and Yeagley's other followers to threaten them, yet again.

Lekay should have known these things before he pouted in public about his treatment on NAFPS:

1. Martin threatened to murder my parents, not just once, but six times. He tracked down their phone number and was foolish enough to leave the threats on their voicemail.

2. Martin is under investigation and facing both criminal and civil punishment.

3. Brent Michael Davids received a similar string of death threats. Martin now has a no contact order placed against him, where he goes to prison if he tries to threaten Davids again.

4. Other followers of Yeagley's issued a series of threats against the parents of Rudy Youngblood.

So no, Lekay, a big N-O. I will not make it easier for my parents to be threatened again. No one in their right mind would do what you're asking.

If Lekay is too incompetent to think about asking around the urban Indian communities of San Antonio and Phoenix, that isn't my problem. (Then again, he'd have to actually contact Indians who don't live according to the foolish and racist stereotypes he holds, Indians who live in big cities, not tipis.)

Hopefully the fact that the only "Indian" Lekay can find agreeing with him is a white supremacist who poses as part Comanche will shock some sense into the daft Englishman.

Lekay's pretense of being an Indian expert has earned him only derision from Native people.
I have been watch this guy Lekay and his little magazine. He has promoted a child molester as a medicine man in the past.

Sometimes people on the Left are just as bad as people on the Right when it comes to meddling in Indian peoples affairs. White 'do-gooders' sometimes don't know the whole story and attack Indian people with out verifying the facts. Sometimes because they like the person or like their politics they write a bunch of bad stuff and attack those Indian people who are trying to get it right or for the betterment of our people.

That Lekay is one phony crackpot. Really like that pretentious photo of him posing in a bowler trying to look all serious when he really just comes off looking constipated.
When's that fake fat racist white wannabe fool tall-pretend-soldier gonna give up the money he owes you Doc?

I always take Yeagley's hostility, and that of his ignorant followers like Martin, as a compliment, just as I would any other white supremacists or apple Indians. Their lashing out just tells me they're unable to answer any of my critiques, and that I've hurt their racist anti-Indian crusade pretty badly.

As Suzan Harjo said about Yeagley before, "There's nothing in his writing to suggest any knowledge of tribal ways and protocols or involvement with actual Indian people... The more he publishes, the more he reveals his ignorance about Indian country."

John Martin seems determined to show himself just as ignorant of Indian ways as Yeagley. All they've done is made themselves the butt of jokes of every Indian who has ever heard of them.


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