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Yeagley: Protesters Are "Gangsters" "Commies"

Yeagley's latest "how low can he go" attempt brought nothing but condemnation from ACTUAL Indians and repeatedly showed how ignorant and out of touch he is.

David Yeagley-"AIM (Angry Indian Men) still holds the dominant and destructive image over many Indians today. Casting blame on America's past is still the easiest self-starting motivation for many Indians. They learned to protest in college, and this is still an important part of their lives."

Actually most Native protesters are not in college. Elders usually lead most protests.

"AIM set the example. AIMsters were immoral, ganster like people. Ask anyone who was alive then, and knew the people who involved."

A conservative Indian (an ACTUAL conservative, not a white supremacist who poses as one like Yeagely) named Jim Burnes, had the best answer to that:

"AIM did set the example, but not in the grossly negative way Yeagley implies. The men who founded AIM were street-wise, and in and out of jail for petty crimes. They did not know their nations' cultures, yet they understood that they could not continue in that life. You could find them drinking one day, and then working with the kids the next. The goal of AIM has always been clearly stated. The men and women of AIM acted on those goals and the result was that kids grew up to understand dignity and education was of extreme importance.

AIM also caused serious divisions in the nations, and there was violence linked to them. But I'd rather point to the good they did, and the projects they started, on a bare shoestring.

AIM today is really what they desired way back then: One or two or more Indians working towards the survival of the Indians in the community. No headlines, no photos, just a consesus that a goal will be reached.

That's AIM."

Back to Yeagley's rant:

"A few have learned better, but the damage was done, and the dye was cast."

Obviously Yeagley's degree was not in spelling.

"Yes, a few Comanches were involved, much to my embarrassment. I quickly testify to all, they do not represent the Comanche tribe, nor the sentiments of most Comanches."

Actually MANY Comanches were involved, and Yeagley knows very little about what ACTUAL Comanches think.

That's something we'll all see when Yeagley loses very badly in his run for Comanche Vice President.

"It's that Communist-funded "in your face" style of communication started in the '60's, when a few lost souls among the Indians were grabbed up by the white racial agitators and paid to protest. It's still going on."

Actually, Indian protests were around for half century before the 1960s.

And the only paid protester is Yeagley, who gets his from the Far Right and white supremacists like:

One Nation
John Birch Society

"As a candidate for Vice-Chairman of the Comanche Nation, I will certainly work to discourage such useless, indeed harmful activities. I do not want young people to see this, nor to think that it is appropriate, much less important."

Wait a minute. Is he calling for SUPPRESSING protests? Do we have another Dick Wilson in the making?

"The time, the place, the propriety--this is all lacking in the Communist style protest. No, we never look for decent people among this kind of imitate the ways of the anti-American Commies, the Leftists, the socialists, the Marxists, the "progressives," the pink-o's, proclaiming their weakness and helplessness."

Typical Yeagley, trapped in 1950 and seeing Commies everywhere. It must be difficult for him to sleep with that much paranoia racing through him. Does he look in his cupboard and under his bed for the Big Bad Reds every night?

"I look forward to the day when Indians don't have to care what white people think."

Actually, what white people think is ALL Yeagley cares about.

"I envision a time when Indians have our own textbooks, our own schools, run by Indians, with Indian teachers."

He just can't resist showing just how ignorant he is, yet again.

On many reservations, Indians DO have their own teachers, books, and schools run by Indians.

"Okay, so my ideas are a little futuristic."

There's his racism again. To him, white is futuristic, and Indian is primitive and in the past.

"As Vice-chairman of the Comanche Nation, I would advocate the idea that protesting would be allowed only if equal time was spent actually bringing about the goal."

Now he's coming straight out and saying it: He's calling for banning any protests he doesn't agree with.

Yeagley's rant brought nothing but condemnation from Natives:

Kiowakat- Here we go again, to me this guy wants us to assimilate, we have alot of those kind of born again ndns here preaching this kind of hate for ndns that hold on to our beliefs, whatever they may be.....

Lauramae- I don't understand him. If he wants to be white, be white. Why run for VP of the tribe? Hopefully people in the tribe will read this and see it for what it is: self hate.

Johnnie- As for Yuckles? He is simply a joke, a clown. He was too weird to find a niche as a real activist so he carved one out as the resident right wing nut job Tonto.
He too shall pass.

EYY- So why aint NE1 attemted to assassinate this fool yet? hes a "cowboy" aint he? Be easy pickins behind 1 of them lecterns ...

Comanacha- Yeagley's primary news source is
He just wrote about the Al-Jezzera clip that was discussed here.

Homegrown- Loser Idiot is right; am still smarting from him calling Enoch Kelly Haney a member of my tribe, everybody knows Kelly Haney is Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation!!!
Yuckles is stoopid.

Wolverine- You have to feel sorry for a person like this.
Beagley's Jealousy and Envy leaks through that entire Article.
500 Indians is A Power that was not only Seen but will be Heard long after one day.
It gave Oklahoma something to think about.
And though I was not there physically our thoughts were.
And No Matter How Insulting and Negative You Are About The Event Beagle Boy, The Only Shame I Feel Is For You Yeagley.
Be Positive Beagley.
I am not Comanche, but dude You Could Not Pay Me to Vote For You If I Were.( Not saying Comanche take money to vote for people either)I say this because I have seen the way Beagle Boy twist the Truth.
What? You think Indians can not Read? NumbnuttWhiteMan.

Johnnie-Yuckles reads here?
OK, DAAAAVVVVEEEEYYYYY, here are some things to think about. At the two events; the butt-kissers in Guthrie and the March, where were the most Indians in attendance?
There is a difference between being marginalized because you are right and it will take a while for people to come around. And choosing to marginalize yourself from your people because you are a right wing nut job.
And, just how many names do you post under on your own website? Is it to make yourself look like you have supporters or simply because you have multiple personalities and can't figure out what you are from one day to the next?
Finally, when I posted on your Baggy Beagle website a few months ago, you hardly challenged anything I wrote mostly because for all your academic credentials you are not an intellect. Not because I am smarter by any stretch, but as Jim Burnes says, a lot of this is common sense and truth. And when you have an agenda, furthering your own ego as a token Indian, then you are easily exposed and a major target for pointed and unanswerable criticism.
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Dr. Yuckles.

Danny Moon- It just isn't that much of a stretch for me to think that there are some right-wingers funding him. Don't they always like to have their token Indian, their Clarence Thomas? And then wouldn't they want to make sure they're getting their money's worth?
His accusation that the Centennial protesters were paid, doesn't that indicate his state of mind, that everything is up for grabs to the highest bidder? Even though he's the only one that's sold his soul, he still thinks that how it is for everybody?


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Maybe Yeagley meant the AIMsters cast a red dye to simulate blood.

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