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"1% Yeagley": Comanches Reject Yeagley by a Landslide

Yeagley went to down to a humiliating defeat in his campaign for Comanche Vice President. 90% of Comanches voted against him in a vote that drew only about 10% turnout.

That means that barely one out of a hundred eligible Comanche voters voted for Yeagley. Yes, Yeagley actually got only 1% of Comanche votes.

Yeagley came in an extremely distant fourth place out of four. The leading candidate, Ronald Red Elk, garnered more than four times as many votes.

One Comanche source stated literally every last vote Yeagley got were absentee votes. That suggests two things:

Very few of the tiny number who voted for him knew his actual views. Yeagley quickly realized he had to keep his white supremacy beliefs to himself, and that he had to get naive voters to cast their ballot for him before they could find out about his many notorious positions, from hatred for American Indian veterans to his attacks on the Virginia Tech massacre victims as "cowards".

Or that his tiny amount of support came entirely from people not living in the Comanche community, people who had not witnessed him repeatedly embarass himself with such acts as hiding out from women critics and not knowing the most basic things about Comanche culture.

A few quick reactions to the news:

His message is harmful to all Indians. He perpetuates stereotypes and provides racists with ammunition to attack Indians. The Comanche saw right through this imposter attempting to infiltrate their tribal government.

That is really good news.

You gotta understand that those of us who were not in a position to know his status in Comanche country were holding our breaths because if he had won he would have jacked up his "Indian" pulpit even higher than it is and attacked all tribes from that forum.

-Steve Russell, Cherokee and law professor

Funny how Comanches have never seen any of his family at the meetings. They are from the OKC area, they didn't even show at that meeting.

I'm disappointed he got 100 votes = 100 idiots!

I'll tell you why I'm so dissapointed. There will be a run-off. This is not good. That position has been open for 3quarters of a year and this idiot who's shameless self-promotion of just "being on the ballot" has hindered the progress of my nation.

The winner must get greater than 50% of the vote. Now it will take another 2 months to process another election by that time, whoever runs will be out that year the position has been open.

He cares only about himself. In his deficient un-reality, he thinks good for him is good for others.

His learning curve is about 50 years behind. Our people used to embrace the mascots simple because we wanted others to know we were still here. Today, we are WAYYYYYYYyyyy beyond that imagery. This fool is imbedded in this twisted, early 20th century limited ignorant belief.

Unfortunately to this Yeagley person he will now use this whole thing and prop himself up even more than he does by adding to his Indian resume that he actually ran for a seat somewhere amongst the proud Comanche nation. To white people he will appear more legitimate to them . To his critics this solidifies that he is REGISTERED as he can actually run for a seat reserved only for registered/blooded comanches. Oh well, just another huckster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to publish this blog and track the doings of this alleged... well, what can one call him? I stumbled across his website while researching the odd phenomena of Rudy "Youngblood" and was astonished at his take on just about everything.

So much cunning intelligence while lacking any noticeable wisdom. If he's not the walking caricature of a late 19th century white man I don't know what is!

Thanks again for keeping watch and keeping others informed. And also thanks for the good news on the 1% mudslide!

--Michael, whose family was sometimes noted to possess striped arrows.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.. thank you... thank you. I so much appreciate that you exposed this clown for the nutjob he really is. Our people have it hard enough without his 2 cents.


12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never too late to comment on this guy, because HE never ceases.

I like the discription "a late century white man." He loves to quote from Moby Dick and the early authors and poets such as Walt Whitman and talks his never ending psychology on death.

He hasn't learned a thing from his studies or anything constructive for the betterment of mankind. Its true we had our problems even at that time, but the Indian and the Whiteman had the first inter-racial friendships because they depended on each other.

Whitmans' prose was full of compassion to bring people together, all nations, inclusive. This man was the ultimate "Patriot". Yeagley, as intelligent as he claims, took what he could from these early scholors and used it HIS way.

Its hard to be Indian in America today! He hasn't learned the complex relationship with his own Indian People, If he is indeed Comanche as he claims!

He can't grasp the Indian Way, because he doesn't have the insight to compare what is Indian and what is White. He knows the white only.

He wants to place himself as the wedge between friendships and relataionships between the Indian and Whites, and he chooses to defend the White supremists against his own by his association with such groups as ONE NATION, JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, NATIONAL ALLIANCE, STORM FRONT, GENE EXPRESSION AND THE MINUTEMENT. I am sure there are many more he associates with agains the Native American.

11:01 AM  

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