Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yeagley's Campaign for Comanche Vice President a Huge Failure

Yeagley's appearance at the first candidate's debate only showed him to be ignorant and out of touch.

"I talked to one friend who was there last night. She said Yeagley is one woppish pasty looking skinny guy. He had no clue what ICWA was or what he would do to work with Chairman Coffey on Comanche issues. She said actually he just sat there kind of disassociated with the whole thing and couldn't answer straight out why he wanted to be Vice Chairman anyway. So he's not getting much support.

Another town meeting in Norman the 29th. If all goes well I plan to be there depending on if Yeagles is still in the running or not....."

Yeagley is apparently so nervous at the thought speaking to actual Comanches that he HID OUT from several Comanche women at his only other campaign appearance.

"The Comanche people were right to confront Yeagley outside the Committee House following his (in-a-word) weird nomination for tribal office, reported by several witnesses. It is not surprising that he was seen quickly slinking back inside the building, as the “heat” outside was something Yeagley could not weather. It is good to know that strong Indian people faced with such a toxic buffoon, stood up that day and compelled that merry-andrew to shrink away in cowardess."

Yeagley later chose to bash these women several times at his white supremacy forum. One of them pointed out that he was being very cowardly in hiding out when all they wanted to do was give him constrcutive criticism. Yeagley also told a series of lies about them. Yet very generously, rather than be angry at Yeagley's attacks, these strong Comanche women found Yeagley to be only worthy of pity.

"beverly isaac said...(in the comments response section)
My name is Comanchemoon, I was one of the women he labled vicious.

Fact is these ladies wanted to ask him a few questions. I wanted Sandra Gallegos, MY CHOICE FOR VICE CHAIR OF THE COMANCHE NATION, to meet him. Thats ALL, we did was discuss a few things.

Among one was the fact that his Mother was "NEVER" on the THE COMANCHE BUSINESS COMMITTEE AS HE STATES IN HIS BIO, and now in his campaign. I and my older sister tried to convince him and he accused me of saying his Mother was a liar, I would never do that, never. I just wanted him to get it straight before he went full force into his campaign, but he took offense at our kind constructive critism.

He said on his website that there were "many Comanche women, vicious, and they won't forget, and unfriendly regards etc.", None of that is TRUE.

There was Sandra Gallegos, my sister, my niece, my daughter and I, five Strong involved Comanche Women. He did like the attention he was receiving, although he accused Sandra Gallegos of being dishonest because she did not have a braclet on that showed her not signing in at the General Council Meeting, therefore she should not be able to RUN for office!!!

My sister told him, "she didn't even have to be here to be nominated, she could have been in Tulsa, if she was nominated by someone and didn't want to run, all she had to do was decline. You are nit picking, who told you she never signed in, who is watching her every move, why do you care" he backed off.

He actually knows NOTHING about our Government,...He has to confront the Comanche People sometime, well maybe he doesn't, but I would like to know WHY waste our Election Peoples' time and money even putting his name on the Ballots, of course he is thrilled to see his own name, Finally among the Comanche!

So much more I could say, but he already calls me his enemy, I am not, I just felt sorry for him, not anymore!
Comanchemoon 9:53 PM"

Another Comanche woman, Comanacha, said at the same link:

"He finally posted an APOLOGY after years of endlessly claiming and bragging to EVERYONE that his mother was the first woman to serve on the Comanche CBC, she wasn't. She ran and thats it.

He's good at bragging, thats about it...hes good at living in COMANCHE MYTH created by white authors, thats about it too!!!"

An earlier campaign video he posted at Youtube also highlighted his lack of knowledge of Comanche tradition. Yeagley spoke of "Comanche clans." Problem is, the Comanche don't have a clan system.


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