Sunday, June 01, 2008

Portillo Family Member Calls Yeagley "Such a Liar"

From Beverly Isaac, leaving comments over at Brent Michael David's, comes this account of a discussion she had with a member of the family Yeagley claims to be part of, the Portillos. Norma Portillo was the woman Yeagley claims was his mother (the same one Yeagley falsely claimed had been elected to the Comanche Business Committee.)

By many accounts, Yeagley was adopted into the Portillo family, and it's always been of intense interest that not a single one of the family has ever defended Yeagley, not even to say that he is related to them by blood and not adopted.

What Yeagley has specifically lied about (besides his own alleged family) is not entirely clear yet. But one thing is:

Yeagley is scared to death of what the people he claims are his blood will say, banning Bevery Isaac from his little white supremacy site simply for talking and being friendly to the Portillos.


I met a lady last Christmas who's maiden name was Portillo. When I asked her if she knew Yeagley, she said, "Yes, and he is such a liar."

She can't stand the stories he's made up of the family. She and her husband recently moved here from California. She was helping us decorate for the Elders Christmas Dinner and was going to Volunteer at the Hospital, but got sick and then she was moving into a new house. So we lost contact, I recently called her to ask if she was OK and settled in. She was happy to hear from me, she said she didn't have anyone around she knew.

I am pretty sure there will be no Picnic with her and Yeagley together. She said her family knew her Uncle George Portillo very well, yet she can't stand Yeagley and his lies about the family.

She is very knowledgeable about her Uncle George. As soon as I know she has her computer set up, I will have to make sure she gets this information.

When I told Yeagley about his cousin Lee Mowry, he immediately told me not to discuss him with her, he said, "I know my family." Soon thereafter I think is when he and Betty Ann started giving me a hard time on his site. I was eventually denied access to commenting and banned. Yes, I think Yeagley has a lot to hide. I can't wait until I get in contact with Lee Mowry again. Her mothers' name is Mary Etta, she was at the time I met them 90 years old.

I also find it strange, that when Thomas Kavanagh visited the Comanche Nation, not too long ago that Yeagley did not show up, since he mentioned him here. He was there for a question and answer session and had a meal with us, approximately 100 people or more were there to honor him, I got my book signed by Kavanagh THE COMANCHES A HISTORY, 1706-1875. Yeagley must be ashamed of answers he would have given.


I find that last part strange as well. I've met Thomas Kavanagh in person. He helped arrange for me to look at Indiana University's archives on Native veterans of World War I for my dissertation, which eventually became my first book, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags.

Like Beverly, I think Yeagley feared being exposed by Kavanagh as (even more) ignorant than he already has been shown to be.


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