Monday, July 14, 2008

White Conservative Activist: Yeagley an "Utter Fool"

This is pretty amusing: Yeagley is being repeatedly mocked as an idiot by someone who is an ACTUAL conservative, unlike Yeagley who simply poses as one to fool the naive.

Terry Morris, author of the Daniel Webster blog, describes himself:

I am simply an American, committed to and passionate about the idea of liberty through self-government and independency. These are my qualifications for blogging. These are the fundamental interests which drive my posts. You may decide whether I may be described as a 'Patriot,' which I take to be something more than simple 'patriotism,' or an occasional expression of 'patriotic' impulses.

Most of Morris's blog is straighforward discussion of ideas about small government. As I said before, actual conservatism rather than posing as one as Yeagley does and trying to ride the coattails of the conservative movement.

While Morris took Yeagley's claim of being Comanche and title of "Dr." seriously, otherwise Morris was not fooled by Yeagley, and clearly embarassed Yeagley was presenting himself as conservative. Perhaps a closer look at Yeagley's history of being a white supremacist is what Morris needed to see.

Yeagley offered a confused defense of Indian gaming which only left Morris amused at his feeble attempts to reason.

Then Yeagley truly made a fool of himself with his endorsement of a Republican running for congress.


Monday, July 7, 2008
Oklahoma Indians, here's your man

Attention uninformed conservative Okies: The advertisement you see to the left is merely a temporary thing. You needn't worry with it any more.

Here's Dr. David Yeagley endorsing Republican Jason Nelson for District 87 House. Now, I don't live in Dr. Yeagley's district so I have no say in who's elected to that seat. And I haven't read anything on our candidate outside Dr. Yeagley's endorsement. What concerns me are the grounds on which Yeagley endorses our Indian-friendly candidate, Mr. Nelson:

If you're an Indian, and you live in District 87 (central Oklahoma City), you must vote for Jason Nelson for your state representative. I ran into Jason yesterday evening, while walking through my neighborhood. He was campaigning, house to house. I spoke a good while with him. I'm convinced, he's the best man for Indians.

No, he doesn't say a word about Indians in any of his campaign material or on his web site. But, I'm telling you, I spoke with him personally, at length. I know what he believes, feels, and thinks about Oklahoma Indians. He's our man! (Also told me his wife was part Chickasaw!)

Now, Dr. Yeagley, how many otherwise white-looking folks in Oklahoma have a bit of Chickasaw or Choctaw or Cherokee running through their veins? This fact Mr. Nelson reveals about his wife surprises you and delights you? I don't get it.

Well, I could go on and on and on about why Dr. Yeagley's encounter with Mr. Nelson on the streets of his neighborhood in OKC cannot possibly have been enough to convince him of all that ... unless he's an utter fool. One single (lengthy) encounter with a candidate selling his candidacy (to an Indian) in his neighborhood and Dr. Yeagley's ready to grab up his megaphone and announce to the world "I know all there is to know about him Indian-wise, he's our man!"? C'mon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lady by the name of Nora posted on Websters Blogspot. She told Morris a thing or two about the infamous Yeagley. She has known Yeagley a lot longer than I, she is not Comanche, she has not been banned, she can go back, in fact, yeagley has invited her back, but I think she is through playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

Morris, like Yeagley does not want the input of Indians, he told me his sight was not a place for disfunctional Indians, and like yeagley told me, "Get your own Blog". I knew it was a racist site but I posted anyway. Morris like yeagley got offended when I gave what I thought was very interesting info of the Real history of the Puritans and Pilgrims. The White people DO NOT want to hear the truth.

I told him these were words of White writers, not disfunctional Indians, but he ignored this.

Yeagley advertises his site "bad Eagle" as the ONLY voice of conservative American Indians thought, and all conservative Indians are invited to join in their voices in honor of Indian Warriors." This is false advertisement. Like Nora pointed out and what I have seen since I learned about badeagle, he IS using his little itty bit of Blood for his own gain, yet won't allow REAL Indians to post.

This is false advertisment, yes you can post, but only if you kiss up to him. Yeagley did not want my input because I had the nerve to contradict him and betty ann. He did not want his Non-Indian posters to read this. I was never foul mouth as a few(betty ann) of his posters and he allowed them to be. My only vice was that I told the truth and was a "Real Comanche." He could not relate to this, he could not allow a "Real Comanche Woman" to disagree with him. I was a REAL threat to him because I was from Comanche Land, not a long distance poster. I was the real deal. Two other Comanches were banned also, they were men who spoke up for the Comanche also.

Yet yeagley has the nerve to speak of Indians, when no Indians are allowed to speak. The same as mr. morris, who can speak of us "Indians", but tells me to post elswhere, because he sees me as disfunctional, when I repeat what I have read on how the Native People were treated by the Colonial Puritans in Mass., he took offense at the TRUTH, just as his white friend yeagley. They are both descendant of the Original Puritans who began the slaughtered of the East Coast Indians, neither want to hear the Native American Side. Yet they can speak of us as though we don't exist, can't read, not supposed to have feelings or input.

I quoted John F. Kennedy}

"The American Indian is the Least understood and the most misunderstood of all Americans".

All mr. morris and his friend "momma" said was to belittle my punctuations.

I am glad Nora showed up to give them a little history of yeagley....they will listen to her, she is non-Indian, German in fact, Thanks Nora.....for being truthful and not racist.


6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeagley's Blog today is another ying/yang. Why is he suprised at Nelsons' white ways in lying about people in his campaign. yeagley does that all the time with the Indians. He keeps his white friend closley informed on Indian Issues, HIS WAY, and we all know what that means, doom and gloom.

yeagleys' way is to degrade us in the white eyes. This rolls off his forked tongue very easily, he has no conscience when it comes to the Indian issues.

He needs to stay white, stay away completely from the Indian issues, its really non of his business. He is not culturally inclined, knows nothing about our Government and doesn't want to know.

Its hard to be Inian, he is too soft and easily influenced by the whitey, he turns his head when an issue becomes difficult and ends up just completely taking the easy paved road skipping down the trail with the white man,,hence

Plus he likes that pure white blood(take a look at the pure pink whiteys he loves to post) we are too mixed in our different Bands and too brown for his tastes. would make your world and your life a lot simpler if you just stay away from the Indians....just stay away from our issues and stay in your White Pure blood world, for you are no help at all to any of us, you are actually a hindrance, you prove that everytime you refer to us....EVERYTIME.

9:36 AM  

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