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Yeagley's Hatred of Comanche Women

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Yeagley slams Comanche women, trying to appease his past mistakes
from the Bad Eagle blog

This week, it seems Yeagley is still at it. You know, “it.” Misogyny. Misogyny seeps into most anything Yeagley blogs, but this time it’s a backhanded slap at the Comanche women. In one breath, Yeagley is trying to commend Wallace Coffey for his goodwill toward others as a virtue to which Yeagley himself supposedly aspires. But in the same breath, Yeagley turns around and baits the Comanche women into a potential argument about why the Comanche Nation is so angry and divisive. Interesting that Yeagley’s admiration for Coffey does not extend to the Comanche women. It’s as if he has not learned anything from Coffey at all. No surprise there, I’m a skeptic given Yeagley’s never-ending white supremacy rants and his voiced desire for Mexican immigrants to be left dead in the desert rather than welcomed into Indian country. That’s not very “Wallace Coffey” of Yeagley, is it? Nope, it’s not.

“I cannot describe the drama of a Comanche election... the content is unspeakable. The things that the opposition is willing to put in print about a candidate is incredible, literally. Much of it simply cannot be believed, or trusted, no matter who the source is... usually a female elder” (June 2008).

Actually, much of the negative content in the last Comanche election stemmed from Yeagley’s own failed run for office, and being confronted outside the building by many Comanche women upset about his fabrications. Yeagley was trying to claim family accolades he never earned and claim a Comanche history that never actually occurred. According to all reports except for Yeagley’s own revisionist retelling, the women correcting him startled him enough that he was noticeably unnerved and retreated back into the building. Safe, inside — but doubtful of his former public claims — and rightfully so. He had publicly spread misinformation and falsified his lineage, and was publicly reprimanded for it.

“Now, Wallace Coffey was imminently qualified... He is nationally known in a number of capacities, particularly education, but also universally beloved as a pow-wow Master of Ceremonies (MC)... Wallace doesn't get mad at people... I don't get the impression it's ever with malice or vengeance. Only when I began to accept this way within myself, did I begin to notice it, and appreciate it, in Wallace” (June 2008).

Wallace Coffey is a generous person, even to non-Comanches. When my "Powwow Symphony" was being performed yet again, this time by the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Coffey was willing to step into the MC’s role when beloved MC Sammy Tonkei took ill. My thanks to Wallace for his generous offer though a scheduling conflict led to a third performer into the MC's role.

However, the second part of Yeagley’s claim above is suspect. As already pointed out, Yeagley’s newly-asserted benevolence does not extend to Comanche women, and there is an ulterior, possibly selfish, motive for Yeagley to praise Wallace Coffey at this particular moment in time. Yes, I’m a true skeptic searching for the truth, and I see an interesting and yet unexplored back story emerging in Yeagley’s recent assertions. Simply connecting the dots.

“If one loves the people, one accepts this horrid behavior from the people... It is the misapplication of the authority of our women elders" (June 2008).

What do we make of Yeagley’s comment above? Not many ways to take the comment, it’s denigrating Comanche elders and gnashing teeth over the old matriarchal system of Comanche life. Yeagley’s new vision for Comanche governance would be placing the males in authority positions, males such as Yeagley himself holding office. I am totally glad that the misogynist, backward ways of the neocon are finally losing ground, even in the bought corporate media that neocons like Murdock primarily created. America is becoming a bit more cosmopolitan, more interracial, more open and freethinking, slowly but surely. Still a long way to go, but the move toward tolerance and equity won’t be stopped. Yes we can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanna say that I have read your writings on David's views for a while now, and have throughly enjoyed them .I have to admit I do love reading what David writes ,I know he is a hateful mean spirited racist, I'm American of African descent because of David I don't claim the Indian or white,since he feels we hate ourselves and want to be anything but,so he has some influence on me .I went from being insulted ,to feeling Mr Yeagley's pain his insecurites, depressions resentment jealouses and hopelessness .I wonder if I'm just as mean as him enjoying his pain ,because the country and the world is running counter his views ,Obama is pushing him further to the edge and if he wins I do think it's Yeagley's death. keep up the good work

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you let him influence you, then he has done his job. I enjoy reading him also, I go from hating his degrading remarks on every race except his own(white) to feeling sorry for him, as you do.

However he did not ever make me ashamed of being 4/4 Comanche. I was ashamed for him for letting his people down when he could have really helped in lot of ways if he didn't charge in like a know it ALL, and then use trickery to gain momentum. Was it all worth it? In the long run....which none of us have that much time....he hasn't gained any respect from the People he has used.

My Chairman has a lot on his shoulders and has to lead the Nation. I feel for him for the mess we are in at this time. Is it my doing? NO...but Yeagley says it is the OLD WOMEN OF THE NATION WHO CAUSE ALL THE TROUBLES. I told this to one of the new committemen Saturday. I said "look who is sitting up here..its not the OLD WOMAN. There are no women on the Comanche Nation Committee(CBC). The People who are here, men and woman are here because we are interested." Yes Yeagley started out WRONG.

With You Anonymous.....I think he has been grossly disrespectful to your People but he's done the same to the Whole Comanche Nation and especially the Women Warriors who are the backbone of the Great Comanche Nation.

Women are the backbone of any Nation for that matter, Black Nation, White Nation and all of the Indian Nations.

Will he ever change????????????????????????

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, he hasn't changed yet...its going on three months now and he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

He almost killed himself on that Mountain top, (not in tennesee).

He is acting as though he is standing up for the Comanche Spiritual Religion, by attending the courts and his comments on his blog on Medicine Bluff. Is that saying he now believes in the Comanche Religion? I doubt it!

Now he is stating he is against the Comanche Code Talkers, much to his chagrin... The House passed the legislation unanimously. "The Code Talkers from these many tribes are the true American Patriotic Warriors whose accomplishments have for too long been forgotten.

Wow, yeagley baby...whats next?

Enemy # uno

4:41 PM  

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