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Yeagley's Obsession With Black Male Genitals

From, Yeagley's latest racist rants that reveal his mixture of jealousy and loathing of Black males.

July 11, 2008
David Yeagley’s Trouser Eyes
from the Bad Eagle blog

Nothing shocks me anymore about David Yeagley’s lack of basic decency and compassion. His weird logic notwithstanding, his rants are marred with racially based comparisons and denigrating language about anyone who is not as pale as a bucket of milk. Just take a look at this jolly crumpet:

“Apparently, all a black man has to do is grab his own crotch, or verbally refer to his male organ, and white women swoon... they seem to bring nothing but low, immoral life with them, wherever they are. It is slavish sensuality, the antithis [sic] of spirituality. Even the black religions of Africa are not spiritual, but sensual. But, if the other races are willing to be absorbed into the darkness, then we can't really blame black people, can we? Why, that would make us all as weak as we accuse them of being. Whites think they can market black denigration, without being degraded themselves. Now, that's really racism” (July 2008).

First of all, what is Yeagley doing staring at people’s crotches in the first place, and do we really need to read about it? It appears to me that it’s not the crotch owners who are doing anything unsavory but the crotch watchers who then write about it on the web — but to each their own.

What is really meant by Yeagley’s phrase “slavish sexuality”? Is a person’s sexuality something that naturally succumbs to slavery under a slave master? Is David on some secret fantasy ride with his Dom? Or is Yeagley attempting to setup a false dichotomy within a person’s own sexuality, where no dichotomy truly exists? It appears Yeagley — once again — has not really thought this issue through very well. But I suspect that clear delineation was not part of Yeagley’s intended agenda.

And if “slavish sexuality” is a nonsense concept, it cannot be rightly used as a foil against any type of “spirituality” let alone the “ antithis [sic] of spirituality” — I’m guessing Yeagley really meant “antithesis” of spirituality. Largely though, I’m not convinced there is such a thing as a spiritual antithesis anyway. Considering that spirituality means many things to many sincerely spiritual people, only the most narrow and archaic-minded stereotyping of spirituality would even remotely function as Yeagley suggests with his false dichotomy. Both from the extreme diversity of history and the cosmopolitan reality of today’s world, Yeagley’s notion simply makes no sense at all.

No, Yeagley’s entire ‘rant’ has nothing to do with spirituality, clear thinking, or crotch gazing. In the end, it’s really just another race-baiting diatribe from a seemingly disgruntled white supremacist. The revealing part of Yeagley’s entire blog is this little nugget toward the end:

YEAGLEY — “other races are willing to be absorbed... Whites think they can market black denigration, without being degraded themselves. Now, that's really racism.”

Whites are marketing black denigration? When did this happen, was I in a coma? How did I miss something this important!

Actually no, it’s only white supremacists that are promoting the denigration of blacks, of which Yeagley apparently counts himself a member. Accepting and open-minded folks already regard these blatant racist distinctions as wholly unnecessary and quite fruitless as a fixation for both blogging and crotch gazing. It’s only “the Yeagleys” of the disgruntled blogosphere that take issue with race at all, unfortunately dumping their “great white throne” weltanschauung on everyone else’s lawn — no pooper scoopers in sight.

But the most important point is this, if racism is one group denigrating others as inferior, than Yeagley has setup an obvious and rather stupid bait-and-switch. “Now, that's really racism,” rants Yeagley, arguing that it is racist for white folks to mix it up with blacks. But he’s really just ratcheting up his brand of bait-and-switch hyperbole.

In actuality, mixing it up with blacks is the exact opposite of racism. By definition, ‘absorption’ between cultures would be necessarily inclusionist or multicultural — not racist. Only from the perspective of a dedicated white supremacist could you label the natural and evolutionary integration between whites and blacks as “racist.” Only a genuine bonafide white supremacist would ever make that altogether useless, and rather malcontented, distinction.

The truth of the matter is this: there is no such thing as racial purity, and consequently no such thing as a white race, by logical extension. Even further, the United States of America could not have been founded on any great white toilet, as Yeagley asserts, because no such reality did, nor could it biologically, ever exist.

Every American patriot, in every square inch of America, is of longtime mixed heritage resulting from a very long evolutionary process of natural selection, stretching back millions of years. One evolutionary branch splits into more limbs, and splits again, all joined from a beginning trunk at a juncture one might call an evolutionary crotch. Can you say “how’s your garden groin?”

But seriously, every human on planet earth has the same root DNA that descended from the beginning of life itself. All people on earth are genetic relatives of the first chromosomes that originated all of us. Those shared DNA materials from the first organism are still lingering around inside of us right now — literally. Grapes have it, Whites have it, Apes have it, Mites have it. We all have it.

So not only must we regard Yeagley’s bait-and-switch as dumb science; also, it is entirely useless toward explaining anything at all. The only possible use for Yeagley’s hyperbole would be to incite divisiveness and promote hatred where none need exist. Once again it seems David Yeagley has demonstrated himself to be of the ‘white supremacist’ persuasion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Davey,

And now I'm feeling sorry for him, because I have never called him anything but doc or yeagley....Does he like anyone besides betty ann and annie coulter? I know annie is untouchable...but he can dream. betty ann he most likely is running from. She has an obsession with blacks also, I think she likes them black men, therefore she is ruined in his eyes but that doesn't mean he will not use her for his bouncer.

Why does he keep doing this same thing to bring attention to himself. He said in one blog that he was through with Obama....I think he is smitten with him. Obama is not too bad on the eyes, he has an engaging beautiful flirty smile. I think yeagley is jealous of Obamas wife, and Obamas' good looks.

There is a blog called Webster's Blogspot where Mr. Morris give yeagley a run for his money....but on this Blog, can you imagine yeagley is rooting for the Native Americans? I could not believe my eyes, he is acually defending the INDIANS. I knew it would not last long, but I had to dig at him there, it was fun, but like I always say. I never lie about him.

I actully thought him and Morris would see eye to eye since they are both of the Religious type, but Morris put him in his place a few times. Ha.

Yeagley actually attended the Comanche Business Committee meeting yesterday, I guess he became heathen for the day, since he is Adventist.

Mr. Thomas Kavanaugh, well known author and anthropologist is doing work with the Comanche Nation was in attendance. I was speaking with him about some information while yeagley lurked around. He never approached Mr. Kavanagh, although I asked Mr. Kavanagh if he had met yeagley and offered to introduce them he declined. Imagine two white men at our meeting did not want to speak with each other. I asked Mr. Kavanagh about Bad Eagle, and he said his story of Quin-ne-kish-su-it was not the same as Yeagleys. Not suprising... then we got interrupted.

Like I said...there is more to this man...than he is letting on, he has a secret agenda with the Nation, why else would he be promoting the Indians of late? If he would just comes clean and apologize to the Comanche People...I could forgive him, his tresspasses.

He is a bad Apple, but he is alone in his own barrell, thats good.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am I self hating, but I love reading David's black comments ,he just put up a really hateful anti black posting ,maybe it's not me being self hating but able to see through David's jealouses ...what do you think ?

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why beat around the "bush"? It's easy to see that Dave is gay.

Let's add up the facts. No wife or girlfriend, a life-long bachelor and a reverence for his dearly-departed mother that borders on Oedipal, as in Complex.

He has no respect for his own Comanche women (or any women, for that matter) which is no doubt a projection of his feelings toward herself, er, I mean himself.

The only other woman he does admire is Ann Coulter, who is equally right-ish, caustic and unapproachable. But where one is seemingly asexual, the other has been seen in the company of a dude (I leave it to you to figure out who's who.)

Still not convinced? Remember back in elementary school when you threw rocks at the little girl you secretly liked? Compare and contrast Dr. Yeagley's "hatred" of Black males and their genitals.

I feel sorry for the guy. It must be a terrible burden to keep such feelings locked inside! But business is business. And as Mark Foley, Ted Haggard and Larry Craig can attest, you must do anything to protect the bottom line.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please say it aint so....he is not GAY....maybe he is waiting for the 22 year old to to stop being giddy over him and grow up and leave her boyfriend. Maybe is is secretly married, lots of celebs are, is he a celeb?

I have GAY friends, they don't place themselves above anyone, they are not untouchable, they are friendly huggers, giving and kind people, and educated as he...well not as many degrees, but who needs that many?????

I really have learned so much by reading yeagley and about him....I'm always looking for my Websters Dictionary. I had to look up what "Oedipus Complex" meant. I wondered why he didn't like strong outspoken Indian Women, yet never mentioned his father, except to say that his father was sorry he made him an Indian, or something close to that.

Narcissitic, Oedipus Psychologist who needs to look in the mirror and talk to himself.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the way David thinks as well as some of the other white supremist thinks about black people that if you don't have whites admirers validating you on your looks, your not worthy ,it's hilarous I don't give a crap .But David's obsession with black men sex is so disturbing ,the story could be about anything political involving black people and it goes to black penis....still love his site and yours too as counterbalance because I did for a while think that his views was commonplace with Natives .Betty Ann is such a zambo ,even David admitted that natives don't have curly hair ,she obvisiouly trying to breed out the black genes

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davey is talking about windmills now...he hasn't mentioned the Black privates yet..give him time.

At least he is leaving the Indians alone for a while. Now he is picking on an oil millionaire by the name of Boone, although he did mention the "Heart of Comanche Land"

He thinks he is so damn smart, he's sittin on top of an Oklahoma Landmark, "MT Scott" looking north at the Giant Wind mills and calls it the Arbuckle Mountains in southwest Oklahoma. I have to correct are looking at the "Slick Hills", not Arbuckle Mts. The Arbuckle Mountains are in South Central Oklahoma, about about 50 miles east of Mt. Scott, you are unable to see them at all even from the top of Mt. Scott.

Davey does not even know where the "Heart of Comanche Land" begins and ends, he is not Culturaly inclined.

The Windmills......Its called Progress. Just as Davey moves in and puts orchestra music to a Black and white 1920's movie which should be left as is...its called ugly as they are on our Beautiful "Southwest"(not South central) Oklahoma Landscape.

He really needs to learn about the Indian Spiritual places and get Culturaly inclined if he is going to USE us for his own advancement, how utterly embarassing, but you see, his white audience don't even know.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know, I guess Davey is looking in on this site....I re-read his Windmill Blog again because the millionaire "Pickens" was on the news and I noticed that Davey took out "Arbuckle Mountains" statement, you know the one where he says the Windmills were sitting on top of Arbuckle Mountain just North of MT. Scott....tee hee, not funny to anyone but me.

Good for you Davey, you will at least take constructive critism(NOT), and change your wording before anyone else saw it..good job, I know how much it must have hurt you to be corrected by a Strong Comanche Woman.....AGAIN. exclamation mark is not working.

3:09 PM  

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