Thursday, November 30, 2006

David Yeagley: "Niggers in the News"

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David A. Yeagley, Racist? You Decide.By Brent Michael Davids, 11/29/06

“‘N_gg_rs’ in the News from the Bad Eagle Journal: It's never going to end. Blacks, African-Americans, Afro-Americans, American Negroes, whatever, have a perpetual ticket to glory in our wondrous American system... Can't the American Negro do better than this? Aren't there any real leaders among them? Is the American black man so easily destroyed? Does one word do it? Say it isn't so. If it is so, Why is it so? Then, of course, there's the poor black female...” (David A. Yeagley, Pianist)

It's the truth that rules in the end. Yeagley’s smoke and mirrors m.o. — attacks dressed up like so-called advice — is plain to see. Sites like this one would not exist if the false faces like Yeagley had a bit more humanity and self-control. But as long as they project out there misogynist, homophobic, militaristic, racist rhetoric, corrective sites will always be there in response. If Yeagley simply washed his mouth out with soap, the world would be a better place.

"I just think it is neurotic and preposterous to make the sky fall because somebody says "n_gg_r," or any other one single word. It is ludicrous, in fact.” (David Yeagley, Pianist)

What is it with this self-indulgent and self-important pontificator? Yeagley is obviously a “me-generation” poster child, smacking of insincere praise for a false dichotomy championed by those who seem to think that a little sensitivity towards others is somehow destroying the language. That’s the equivalent of saying the early "genocide" against American Indians never existed, because the word itself wasn’t in use at that time, therefore there was no Indian genocide. How infantile is that? Being sensitive toward others, and respecting how they — themselves — wish to be identified, is the hallmark of getting along and making peace. The above quoted attitude of the pianist David A. Yeagley is nothing but shortsightedness, and the belittling of others as inferior. This “language” argument (above) is itself a good illustration of racist reasoning, wishing away the reality of peace for the sake of hermeneutical manipulation.
posted by Brent Michael Davids at 11/29/2006


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