Monday, November 20, 2006

Yeagley's Warm Welcome to Nazis at

From the homepage of Vanguard News Network.

Their slogan? "No Jews, just right!"
Also notice the swastikas all over the place.

“Dr. David Yeagley...has created a few new forums on his site. They all fall under the heading The White Race and include White Nations....Dr. Yeagley has been sympathetic to our ultimate goals....

I recommend that everyone here sign up at Dr. Yeagley's forum and make your voices heard. His forum can be accessed here....This looks like a good forum for educational and intellectual debate.This may be a golden opportunity.Keep the conversation on a intellectual level representative of the White race....Even Jews who name the Jews are good.


And Yeagley's warm welcome to them, posted on the same link:

"Originally Posted by David Yeagley

I would welcome with most warmest wishes any white man or woman with real pride and respect for the race and it's accomplishments....
MSL, in several different posts, clearly stated his case, the many white people feel the Jew's influence is one that breaks down the white nation ideology, or works against racial pride.

This was educational for me....I do appreciate righteous indignation.

My question is always going to be, What is the suggested 'solution' to the Jewish 'problem' by those who consider Jews inimical...?Solutions have to be worked out on an individual basis, seems to me....

Of all the White-ists that have visited BadEagle, only Wolfe has really posed some ideas about the future, like city planning, etc...

I want to hear plans. I want to see ideas about how, where, when, in what way, to build a white nation. I want to hear rational thoughts, I mean thoughts that might be implemented...

I believe the white race has the right to love and preserve itself...But where are the implementations, the realistic plans? Never mind the ideological debates. I want hard core plans!"

Yeagley's supporters and members of have known about this for the past two years, of course, ever since Yeagley first put out his invitation. Neo-Nazis and other white racists dominate while the tiny number of Native supporters are expected to bow and scrape and agree with their hatred passed off as "truth."

Betty Ann Gross had earlier lied repeatedly, claiming that Yeagley's friendship and support for white supremacists did not exist. Now Gross openly cheers white supremacy herself:

"America was built by blue eyed blondes. Look at the statue of liberty, the angels, and Jesus Christ himself."

This could not be funnier. Does Gross think the Statue of Liberty is painted? Does she not know Jesus was a Jew, with skin the color of brass and hair like wool according to the Bible?

Yet it also could not be sadder, to see an Indian cheering for those who wish for her and her own people's deaths.


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