Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is Yeagley Truly Native? Part II

The evidence is remarkably consistent. There is nothing that says that Yeagley is Comanche except for the tribal enrollment mistakenly given him because of his adoption by a Comanche stepmother. His adoptive family (not surprisingly) has not come forward to defend him in the four years since he began preaching his anti-Indian hatred. According to the testimony of a neighbor, his brother and nephew have in fact always identified as white themselves.

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A conversation on the Native forum turned up a number of Oklahoma Indians who asked around and could not find a single Comanche or other Native who had heard of Yeagley before David Horowitz plucked him from obscurity and promoted him as a Professional Indian Token "Conservative."

(As discussed at this archive before, Yeagley's actual views are white supremacist, and he has no conservative support.)
I asked Garrison T. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" He said, "Who is that?"

I asked Elton Y. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" He said, "Who's that?"

I asked Shane H. about "that Dave Yeagley...." she said, "Who TF is that? Some preacher?"

I asked Paul D. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" He said, "Never heard of 'im."

I asked Mario T. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" He said, "Who does he sing with?"

I asked Harry W. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" he said, "Who is that?"

I asked Sonny C. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" he said, "Don't know 'im"

I asked Sammy T. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" he said, "Who is that?"

I asked Leo L. "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" he said, "I don't know who he is."

I asked Daryl T., a Comanche musician, "So how 'bout that Dave Yeagley?" He replied "He must not be very well known."

All Comanches, all from OK, all recent. Maybe we're dealing with a ghost.

I never heard of him until people kept bringing him up on here. Never saw him anywhere in Oklahoma. I do not go to Comanche dances but to Red Earth every year and never see him there. I do see the same people at the powwows I go to. He was never around Oklahoma AIM people or Indian events in Oklahoma. Never heard or read anything about him in the media. In the real world he doesn't exist. It appears his people don't know him either.

Naw, never heard of Yeagley either until joining up here and am in Oklahoma. Rub elbows with the Comanche folks all the time and only a few ever heard of him as well. For a guy that wants to be a famous Indian he sure missed the boat here.

Thunderbeing(who is not Native):
He sounds like an ndn hater to me..I wonder why he claims to be ndn if he thinks that the ndn people are such trash....What benefit would that claim give him?...I am only asking you because I dont know anyone else who knows him.
He seems a contradiction within himself. I read, about numerous severe health problems, he had suffered throughout his life, on the one page of his site I did read. Are they true?...or are they fabrication, as his explanations for different things?


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