Friday, January 05, 2007

Comanche Nation Backs Youngblood, Not Yeagley

It's become a predictable pattern. Yeagley does his best to disrupt, destroy, or tear down Native people and Native causes. Natives once again reject Yeagley, causing him to whine and squawk about how no one loves him or accepts his "great wisdom" of believing in white supremacy and the turning of Natives into pets for their white masters.

Let's review just how many times the Comanche Nation has rejected Yeagley:

1. Yeagley tried to get on the Comanche Nation's Business Committee. They rejected him.

2. Yeagley tried to get on the Comanche Nation's committee revising their constitution. They rejected him.

3. Yeagley tried to give a speech at the Comanche Nation's tribal college about his support for "Indian" mascots. They refused to let him speak there.

4. The Comanche Nation invited a friend of this site, Brent Michael Davids, to a music festival. Yeagley did his best to block their invitation. They rejected him. Only a prior commitment kept Brent from accepting their kind invitation. They invited him back for a different music event and he has accepted. Yeagley has utterly failed in his efforts to block Brent from coming. Several members of the Comanche Nation have told me amusing anecdotes of Yeagley's angry phone calls. The simple fact is that no one at the Comanche Nation listens to or respects Yeagley's opinion. He's a joke to some and a nutcase to others. Some Comanches regard him as I do, as a threat to Indian people.

(As far as I know, they invited Brent based on their high opinion of his musical talent. The fact that their invitation infuriated and irritated Yeagley was just a lucky bonus.)

And now the Comanche tribal chairman rejects the falsehoods Yeagley has been spreading about Rudy Youngblood.

In what must be especially galling to Yeagley and his white racist supporters, Youngblood's family came forward to support him and also confirmed that he is NOT adopted.

This is something Yeagley's own alleged blood relatives have NEVER done. They are deeply embarassed by him, and by the account of an old neighbor, Yeagley's brother and nephew both identify as white anyway.

"Statement from Comanche Nation Chairman Coffey regarding Rudy Youngblood – after Rudy’s visit to the Comanche Nation in November 2006.

Rudy Youngblood came to Lawton, Oklahoma at my request. He is from the Tahchawwickah family and his father is the late Preston Tahchawwickah. On behalf of the Comanche Nation we are quite proud of him and several of our members know him from the powwow circuit.

We were proud to welcome him home and had a wonderful cookout for him on Sunday evening."

"Lance Tahchawwickah’s statement on behalf of the Preston Tachchawwickah Family regarding David Yeagley’s speculations on Rudy Youngblood.

It seems that the matter of my brother, Rudy Youngblood, is of great importance to David Yeagley Please allow me to settle this once and for all. Rudy Youngblood is, in fact, my brother. He is family! What Rudy has said is absolutely TRUE.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yeagley, perhaps out of jealously or some other personal vendetta, is trying to discredit him. Why? I do not know.

Instead of attempting to taint his reputation, we, as Indian people, should encourage him. He is an asset to our race. He got where he is through hard work, determination, and dedication. Instead of knocking our youth down, we need to help them. We need to see to it that they accomplish more than the previous generations. So many bad things plague our race...alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. Here is a young man that is trying to break that vicious cycle.
But, instead of supporting him, Mr. Yeagley tries, and tries to enlist others, to make trouble for him. I have asked Dr. Yeagley…if that makes any sense?

So, this, is all I have to say...I hope that this statement answers any questions or concerns Mr. Yeagley, or anyone else has, with respect to my brother.

Now, moving forward, I only ask that Mr. Yeagley and others respect my family and our privacy. My father, the late Preston Tahchawwickah rests in peace, I have pleaded with Mr. Yeagley to please stop and respect that he has gone to the other side -- to stop speaking of him, about him, and talking about his family. My father is not here to respond to Yeagley’s attacks against my family and it is dishonorable of Mr. Yeagley to keep speaking of my father and his family. I only ask for respect -- for him and my family. Please hear me Mr. Yeagley.

Thank you for your time. I wish all a happy new year and nothing but the best for you and yours
Lance Tahchawwickahon behalf of the Preston Tahchawwickah Family"

I'm sure everyone would join me in hoping that Yeagley has respect enough for the family to cease his attacks on their father who has passed on.

But somehow I doubt he will. Yeagley has shown his lack of character with almost every word out of his mouth and every action he takes against Indian people.


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