Monday, January 15, 2007

Michelle Shining Elk: "Yeagley...Has No Idea What Being Indian Means"

"That yahoo Yeagley is at it again with his latest "Power in the Blood, Not Youngblood"

For crying out loud. Just stop the insanity Yeagley. For the sake of what little ounce of dignity or self-respect you MIGHT have left.

Anyway, as it goes, Yeagley continues to show what a buffoon he is with his accusations and writings -- always failing to back up his claims, always quick to point out his own neurotic perceptions sans any facts, truths or realities. But, like always, his writings are greatly misleading and chock full of inaccuracies. When he does try to cite facts that support his claims, he continues to rely on Wikipedia?

Yeagley talks about conversations he has had with the Screen Actors Guild and with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and others in his quest "to expose the truth." He has been contacting these people and agencies trying to find out how and what consequences Rudy should pay because in Yeagley’s mind he thinks that Rudy “acting as an Indian” took the role of “Jaguar Paw” away from another Indian. That claim of Yeagley’s just screams “I AM DAVID YEAGLEY AND AGAIN I DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, BUT I AM GOING TO PRETEND I DO BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I DO!” Silly man, silly, silly, silly little man…

Another prime example of Yeagley grasping at straws, Yeagley, you just need to GET OVER IT!
I am certain that all Yeagley has managed to do here is add to his ever growing and never ending list entitled "PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT THINK I AM NUTS." Which, based on Yeagley's past actions, will eventually become his "PEOPLE I WILL 'EXPOSE' AND SUE LATER" list.

Later he starts in on me again...making claims that I have never responded to his accusations or queries. Of course, what he fails to mention is that he has blocked me from adding any comments to his site. So, what he is doing is using that as a crutch to continue his weak and pitiful attempts to attack me and mislead readers into believing that what he is saying, or implying about me, is in fact the truth. His pathetic claims and silly little quips about me are juvenile and further demonstrate what a weak man he is. He so desperately wants me to publicly say how my last name changed, why I now use Shining Elk – he wants to claim that it is because I’ve “adopted” it and use it as some sort of “fantasy.” This cracks me up to no end. I am not hiding anything, but Yeagley wants to make himself look like the big bad man who is “exposing the truth.” Laughing… It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out how it changed…

Yeagley continues to obsess over Indian blood, about the Indian blood of others, but continues to demonstrate that he has no idea what being Indian means, or is about – it's not always about blood quantum but that ding dong doesn't get it. Just I have have stated in my past responses to Yeagley’s crap that he writes - there is so, so, so much HE JUST DOESN'T GET!! And yes, I use the word “crap” because that is what it is. He makes claims about the dishonest and misleading modus operandi of others but fails to step back and see that his own dishonesty and lies are proof that he lacks any amount of dignity or level of self-respect.

So, again, as in the past (as always),Yeagley continues to alienate himself everywhere -- including Indian country and around the world as he continues to spew poison and fist fight with himself and show the world the type of man he really is -- weak, pitiful, sad..."


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