Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wikipedia Finally Tells the Truth About Yeagley

For a long time time Wikipedia had a racist Italian named Badagnani who fancies himself an American Indian expert editing the page. He would not allow criticism of Yeagley, nothing showing how racist Yeagley is.

It appears more than a few Natives have been criticizing Wikipedia for this and editing in some badly needed truth into Wikipedia's Yeagley article. Whoever you all are, thanks for repeatedly repasting the article I originally wrote some months back. It may not last once the Yeagledites find out, but it's satisfying to see it there for now. That article has actually been reposted in so many places, it actually shows up on google searches rated higher than the Wikipedia article promoting Yeagley that Badagnani had up.

There was also this statement posted before the start of the Yeagley article on Wikipedia.

"Wikipedia has consistently failed to live up to its own standards of NPOV:

1. This Wikipedia topic have consistently been censored by an editor who is an open racist, a European named Baganini who describes himself as a "big Ann Coulter fan."

2. All Native contributors to this topic have been consistently censored.

3. All Native sources on this topic hsve been deleted, including accounts of Comanche elders, tribal historians, and other Native historians and activists.

4. Instead, the editors have consistently taken Yeagley's own words for much of the article. To them, a white supremacist posing as being part Indian is more trustworthy that Natiives are. This is a blatantly racist double standard, not to mention ignorant and ethnocentric.

5. All attempts by Native contributors have been ignored or censored, despite repeated offers to work with the editors. The editors do not even reply to Native comments or inquiries.

The editors defense of a white supremacist and refusal to allow ANY criticism AT ALL is remarkable and indefensible.

We will continue to spread the truth about Yeagley, no matter how much you censor.

We will outlast you, much like we've outlasted other white racists.

Of course you could simply work with us. But we suspect you'll show yourselves to be as petty as before and continue to allow this entry to be a puff piece promoting a white supremacist rather than admit to being wrong."

Their criticism of Wikipedia seems to have had a good effect. Not only did the Wikipedia article finally show the truth about Yeagley being adopted and being a white imposter and white supremacist, the Wikipedia editors actually *protected* it from being censored by Yeagley's followers.

Wikipedia's editor(s) deserve praise for finally ending their previous pettiness and fearfulness of the lame threats of Yeagledites that telling the truth about Yeagley being a white supremacist and being adopted and not Comanche by either blood or culture is somehow "libel."

After all, in almost a half year Yeagley has not carried out his frequent threats to sue this site or its contributors. Yeagley knows all too well that a trial would only further expose and humiliate him as the imposter and racist he is.

Perhaps he also has learned a litttle bit about the law, that truth is an *absolute* defense against anything you say or print being libel or slander. Everything on this site is truthful, thus I have never feared a lawsuit.


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