Friday, March 02, 2007

Yeagley Supporter John Martin Issues More Death Threats

Visitors to this archive may remember John Martin as an unbalanced lunatic and imposter posing as a Gulf War veteran who issued several death threats from and several more at At Indianz he was kicked out. At Badeagle, Yeagley at first cheered him on. Then finally the other members of Badeagle had enough and urged him to quit embarassing himself and their forum. Another moderator sternly warned him and threatened to expel him, while others pointed out his many lies.

Martin continues to be determined to make himself and Yeagley look deranged and unstable. He tracked down my PARENTS' home phone number, thinking it was mine, and called six times yesterday.

The first time I happened to be there.

JM: Is Al Carroll there?

AC: Whose calling, please?

JM: Don't fucking worry 'bout it! Is he there?

AC: Aren't you a rude asshole? Go fuck yourself and the whore who made you. Bye now!

Martin sputtered for about a half minute, too surprised at first to even curse back while I laughed at him. Then I hung up, still pretty amused at his failed attempts to sound threatening.

While I went to class, he left five messages on the number's callnotes, each more filled than the last with profanity, racist epithets, death threats, and general childishness. Several things stand out:

1. The guy is just not very bright. He's begging to get locked up. He's basically left EVIDENCE not just once but six times of his crime.

In the message book at, he also admitted to the earlier death threats made both at and at

2. He made a lot of silly racist insults about my being Mexican. But he makes them with a very strong Mexican accent of his OWN.

Judging from the way he talks, he grew up in the barrio surrounded only by other Mexicans. It's quite possible he or his parents spoke Spanish as their first language, not English and certainly not Lakota. He doesn't have the slightest bit of a rez accent from any Lakota rez.

So his last name is not pronounced John MART-en, but John Mar-TEEN, spelled with an accent. Maybe his first name is actually Juan and his mother calls him Juanito.

3. On the fifth phone call he must have finally realized just how stupid he was being. He BEGGED me not to call the cops or his boss at work. Then halfway through the call his begging turned into another death threat if I did call the cops or his boss.

Too bad, Mar-TEEN. The phone company and police already have all the evidence. Be seeing you soon in court. When you threaten my parents, who are in their 70s and have heart problems, you get what you deserve.

Enjoy being locked up.

When you threaten people who have done nothing to you, I will see to it that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not simply for harassment but also for making death threats.

I will NOT be silenced.

I will CONTINUE to expose David Yeagley as the white supremacist and white imposter posing as Comanche that he is.

And I will CONTINUE to expose you as the racist unstable lunatic you are.


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