Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yet Another Native Taunts and Challenges Yeagley to a Debate

From a member of, a board that Yeagley racistly labels "the zoo" because a few of its members are Black/Native mixedbloods:
"yeagley.. open call bro.. I will meet for a lively debate anytime... maybe we can bill it as "Fake Azz Injun Debates Real Wild Indian".... think 'bout it...

downriv was here..."

I would not expect Yeagley to accept. He's been afraid to accept the challenge put forth by his follower John Martin to debate me. He's even been afraid to allow Michelle Shiningelk to post at his forum, routinely kicking out anyone who does not agree with the white supremacy doctrine of his forum. For a time he was so afraid of debate he barred any new applications for membership at his forum.

By all accounts he is not much of a speaker unless the audience is stacked in his favor. In Denver he refused to answer questions from an AIM member and began screaming hysterically that he must be a Communist. Even on Bill O'Reilly he stumbled and muttered incoherently and has never been invited back.


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