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Yeagley's Attacks on Rudy Youngblood Backfire

After convincing an LA Times reporter to investigate Youngblood, the reporter spent as much of the article questioning Yeagley's heritage and credibility as he did Youngblood's. The article also exposes in detail Yeagley's childish vindictiveness and includes endorsements of Youngblood and his truthfulness by the Comanche tribal offices and the award givers.

And incidentally, the article gave a big boost to the viewership of and

So in a perverse way, we should thank Yeagley for his continuing incompetence and the way he keeps discrediting himself further.



"'Apocalypto' actor's ancestry questioned
'I am Comanche,' insists Rudy Youngblood, who is being honored by a Native American group.

By Robert W. Welkos
Times Staff Writer

March 28, 2007

....So far, the questions over Youngblood's ancestry haven't been enough to derail plans by First Americans in the Arts, a nonprofit group that honors Native American accomplishments in entertainment, to award him its outstanding new lead actor award at its Beverly Hills soiree on April 14, but David A. Yeagley is not giving up.

"He has no Indian blood in him that anyone can validate," Yeagley said. "[Comanche] officials got scooped up in the thrill of claiming a movie star."

For his part, Youngblood said he can't understand why Yeagley has it in for him.

"It's very hateful and very negative," Youngblood said in a recent phone interview. "He stalks me like he knows me. He's never met me."

Michelle R. Shining Elk, the actor's manager and publicist, calls Yeagley's allegations "off the wall" and in turn accuses Yeagley of falsifying his own background.

Burgeoning career

The controversy comes at a time when Youngblood is being courted by several producers. The actor has received "numerous" scripts and is currently in negotiations on a project, which Shining Elk would not identify except to say it would be even more physically demanding than his grueling role as a man on the run in "Apocalypto. "

Youngblood, who earned acclaim for his work in the action-adventure movie, is represented by Gibson's agent Ed Limato and Jim Osborne at International Creative Management. For his part, Youngblood said, "I don't want the rest of my career to be pursuing Native American roles; I want to be challenged as an actor."

The debate over Youngblood's ancestry highlights the complexity involved when determining what it means to be Native American.

Youngblood's personal website states: "Rudy is from the Tahchawwickah
Comanche family, his father is the late Preston Tahchawwickah. He is
adopted Cree…. Like many Native people, Rudy is an integral part of several Indian families throughout the United States — he is honored to be a part of each of them."

Jolene Schonchin, a spokeswoman for the Comanche Nation in Lawton, Okla., said Youngblood "is not on our tribal rolls, but he does have Comanche blood. His blood comes from his paternal side. His father was a full-blooded Comanche and a prominent member of the Comanche tribe, Preston Tahchawwickah. "

....another of Preston's children, Lance Tahchawwickah, has come out publicly in support of Youngblood, calling him "my brother."

Youngblood told The Times that Preston Tahchawwickah was not his biological father but his ceremonially adoptive father. Regardless, Youngblood said, "I am Comanche. I'm not going to go into names. My tribe knows it. That is all that needs to be said."

Youngblood said his biological mother is Comanche and his biological father is Yaqui, but he declined to identify them further, citing concerns for their privacy.

When contacted by phone, a woman in Belton, Texas, who identified herself as Youngblood's mother said that she is Comanche and that she finds the debate over her son's heritage "hilarious."

The actor said he has used the name "Youngblood" — a family name that he said comes from an uncle — since he was 6. He said he has also used the name Rudy Gonzales, which he said was his stepfather's name.

Youngblood's defenders have blasted Yeagley and question his motives.

"The bottom line is, we don't need to explain anything to him," said
Shining Elk. "Rudy is just his current target."

Heritage dispute

Meanwhile, Yeagley's own American Indian heritage has been questioned by his critics. The website DavidYeagley. org, a forum for anti-Yeagley commentary, claims Yeagley had a Comanche stepmother and "was never raised in Comanche ways and was never taught them."

The Oklahoma-based Yeagley scoffed at the allegations. "Their only defense is to discredit me, saying that I am not an Indian." He said his mother was a Comanche with some Chickasaw, and his father was part German and part English.

Yeagley, whose attacks on Youngblood can be found at his website, has infuriated many Indians with his endorsement of Columbus Day parades and the use of Indian mascots on campuses, something that many Native Americans find offensive. Yeagley's critics often vent against him on, whose similar-sounding Web address is intended to lure surfers away from Yeagley's site.

Donna Talamantes, a trustee of the First Americans in the Arts group, said they have received e-mails and letters from Yeagley and his supporters protesting the group's plan to honor Youngblood at next month's Beverly Hills banquet.

But she says they have no plans to cancel the award.

"We went back and forth, and we believe him to be who he says he is," she said. "We've talked to family members and community members who will vouch for him."

Talamantes lamented that the flap has ensnared a promising young actor. "The sad thing is that as Native Americans, we are the only people in the country who have to prove who we are as native peoples."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Lynn Schonchin Jr. I have nothing to hide. This coward yeagley has now offended Me...he has no idea what it is to be Tribal...he is a cowardly dog he cannot say these things to a person face to he will find out first hand what it means to be look after your help all of those around do for others before you do for out dog for now you have offend ME. I am not Comanche...but my wife a former Tribal Princess, her mother a former Tribal Princess a family well known and highly respected. Who is this wretch to call himself Comanche...what has he done to help the do anything positive to help others in the Nation. I am Tribal, born and raised to respect all...until something proves it self unworthy and untrust this one has.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeagley...You need to leave Rudy alone, and worry about your own pedigree card. How many other US citizens carry CDIB's? If you knew your comanche history, you would know its more than a piece of paper that the thivo Uncle Sam gave you, its about heart. Rudy's got heart and soul, and was the most kind and humble person I ever met. Funny. I didn't see you at the movie premiere, or visitors center? Rudy did not act superior, he was treated in a superior and honored manner, by his fellow tribal members that understand and comprehend that positive press about our 'bavee' is a positive reflection on us, as well as all Indigenous peoples. Face facts, we live in a E entertainment society. So, Mr. Ultra Comanche man: what's the last "tradish" thing you've done? I know its hard to swallow the fact that no one could give a shit about you or your apple opinions at 'home.'
By the way, 'your' nation's telephone roster lists Ms. Schonchin's office as Public Information Office - which means in laymen, non-doctorate, non-idiot terms she has been given the authority to release information on behalf of "your" Nation. Why, if you are so intent on your claim to the Nation, do you continue to 'smear' or 'downgrade' your own people? Because in the end it is all about what's in your heart, and you don't have/weren't raised with one. What you fail to understand or accept is: Rudy Youngblood has been accepted and is beloved by his Nation. We honored and respected his homecoming. You - we don't. Period. Simple jealousy.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems Yeagley has ticked off lots of REAL Comanches. Typical wannabe loser.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know what yeagley you need to leave rudy alone because he is what he says he is i dont believe he would lie about his heritage im also part native american myself and i am proud along with him so you shouldnt envy his sucess

- a proud rudy fan

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy Gonzalez Youngblood...Mexicans have Native American blood in them.He is who he is and is honoring the Native American that is in him. At least he is doing something positive for the Native American people, don't try to take that away from him. More people should be doing what he is.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming from someone that's black, if Rudy Youngblood was not half- black/or did not look it, I do not think that he would not have stirred up this much commotion.Speaking of purity, by his own accounts, and based on looks, he is not "pure" either!!Which means that whatever standards he judges Rudy by apply to him to at least some extent.In my humble opinion, Rudy Youngblood looks Native American,Mexican American, and African Americans.I have come across some of David Yeager's other works, and my biggest beef with him in spite of this article is like other conservatives of color, he lives to impress the most racist of whites and gives support to their views.For this reason, he seems to epitomizes the type of biracial person most full bloods/more full blooded people of color have a problem with-the self-hating white supremacist.

another anonymous blogger

1:03 AM  
Blogger ndnchick said...

My name is Cvte (jaw-dee) Tahchawwickah-Lober, and Preston Tahchawwickah was my uncle and Lance Tahchawwickah is my first cousin. What I want to know is who is this Yeagley? And what is Rudy Youngblood saying about Preston being is father, I think I would have at least heard that I had a famous cousin.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that This Yeagley guy has fired up this big contraversy over Rudy's Ethnicity. Why can't Yeagley take Rudy's word for it? Why would Rudy lie? You can tell by looking at Rudy who by the way is Gorgeous!that he has Native American blood in him. Dose it realy matter what kind and how much he is Native American. In my opinon Yeagley needs to stop hating on other people and get along with his fellow Native American brother's.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have just read the article concerning a man named yeagley bent on causing mayhem in yet another Native American. I am really appalled by his behaviour. I live in Australia and am proud of the native Australian people, having grown up alongside quite a few whom I class as good friends. Yeah I have white skin but when are these ignorant people going to realise we are all one in spirit. Maybe they never will. I say Down with the white supremests, they aren't even lord over their own soul, so they can judge no-one.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in absolute Love with Rudy !!!!!!!! He is a superstar.....I am 28 year old woman ( European:0))))))))))

And I have never seen anybody better than Rudy ( and I don't care if he is Comanche , Mexican , Chinese or Jewish!!!!! He is Lovely , Sweet and I Love Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) All Haters SHUT UP!!!

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Adam Wright and like Rudy I am also not enrolled. My last name may be a white name (my dad's) but on my mother's side, we are of the Comanche nation (the Doggett family). What does it matter that he is not enrolled. I know of many people that are of many tribes that are not enrolled, and what gives anyone the right to question who we are. We are the only ones in this damn country who have to prove who we are and we were the first ones. I get sick of people like you who are always doing the whole thing about "who is enrolled ... who is carded." It doesn't matter. What matters is what's inside. I have many relatives and friends and adopted family who are enrolled that will gladly back Rudy, and we all call him brother. There are members of the Tahchawwicka family, the Mowatt family, Burges, Tahsequah, and many other Comanche families. But I've never heard of Yeagley. So... who are you?

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Get A Life said...

I say, get a life and stop worrying about Rudy. Okay, I can understand mentioning the discrepancy once. But to go on a crusade against somebody, jumping thru all kinds of hoops to find out all his personal history just so you can discredit him is ten different kinds of PATHETIC. Especially when he hasn't even been in the business that long: he's been in one freaking movie people, get a grip, a job, a hobby or something. Leave the boy alone. Yeagley, not everyone can be as attractive as Rudy: get over it.

2:02 PM  

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