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Letters Between LA Times Reporter and Myself

thanks for the feedback...i did speak to brent michael davids but, alas, i only had so much space....but this issue seems like it will be percolating for some time, so i may have a chance to revisit it some day.
glad to see the story prompted an uptick in web traffic!


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From: al carroll
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:18 PM
Subject: David Yeagley, White Supremacist

Dear Mr Welkos,
Thank you for your article.

You thankfully were evenhanded enough to spend as much of the article questioning Yeagley's heritage and credibility as you did Youngblood's. Your article also exposes in detail Yeagley's childish vindictiveness and includes endorsements of Youngblood and his truthfulness by the Comanche tribal offices and the award givers.

And incidentally, your article gave a big boost to the viewership of and

I wish, though, that you had more accurately called Yeagley what he is, a white supremacist and not a conservative. Yeagley's motive for attacking Youngblood is racism, plain and simple. He is much like the late Forrest Carter, a KKK leader and speechwriter for George Wallace who also posed as Cherokee and wrote Education of Little Tree...

Our sources include Comanche tribal gov't members, historians, activists, and elders. Brent, as a composer, also has contacts within the Native arts community such as musicians who have worked with Yeagley (and pledge to never do so again)...

Yeagley's own words, published by his boss, the notorious David Horowitz, reveal his true nature:

"These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie."

"Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people.The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage."

"Maybe Hitler was partially right on 'the hated white race' thing."

"Love of race is the only 'saving grace' left in the world."

"The Jew's influence is one that breaks down the white nation ideology."

"Indian men...deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies."

Yeagley is tied to the following Far Right and white supremacist groups:

National Alliance (Neo Nazi)

Stormfront (Neo Nazi skinheads)- Yeagley has many members of both groups in his forum, A Stormfront member is the moderator of the forum's sections on Jews.

VDARE- anti immigrant and self described as white nationalists. Yeagley wrote articles for them.

Minutemen- anti immigrant vigilantes, mostly white supremacists. Yeagley has a section of his website devoted to support for them.

Gene Expression- Eugenicists who advocate breeding out "inferiors". Yeagley wrote articles for them.

One Nation- anti-Indian and anti sovereignty group, mostly corporate interests. Yeagley wrote articles for them.

And of course David Horowitz's Apparently Horowitz's hatred for ethnic minority causes is so strong he doesn't mind hiring white supremacists, just like he reprinted articles from Jared Taylor (of the eugenics magazine American Renaissance) and gets funding from the Bradley Foundation, the same institution that published The Bell Curve.

Yeagley's forum is dominated by sections entitled The White Race and White Nations.

Other sections focus on hatred for Mexicans and Arabs, with topics like "The Arab Ego-Slavery of the Mind."

Stereotypes pervade even allegedly "pro-white" sections on Italians, Germans, Scots, and Jews. The Jewish section includes Jew-baiting topics like "Clues You Might Be Dealing with a Communist."

In the past Yeagley had a section devoted solely to support for the genocide Serbia's war criminal regime carried out against Bosnian Muslims.

Yeagley also describes himself frequently as an admirer of Hitler, worrying only that the Holocaust might give a bad name to white supremacy.

Even violent threats flourish at his forum. One white racist threatened an anti racist woman that he would have had her father shot.

One of his followers, John Martin, issued death threats against myself and Brent. I'm currently pursuing both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against Martin.

Since many of the death threats originated on Yeagley's forum with Yeagley's encouragement and perhaps even at his orders, I'm also considering charges or a lawsuit against him.

As you noted, much of the evidence points to Yeagley himself being an imposter.

Kiowa activist Cinda Hughes investigated and found no Comanche had ever heard of him before he became a Professional Token for David Horowitz. FrontPageMag's lawyers threatened the Native American Times, but the NAT pointedly refused to issue a retraction, only noting that he is enrolled. (As I point out frequently,by mistake because his stepmother was Comanche. You can find plenty of evidence of his hatred for his adoptive mother all over

If you look at the birth certificate he posts online, note that the DOB is far earlier than the date the birth was registered, usually a sign of a closed adoption.

Not even his own alleged blood relatives have come forward to defend him in the five years since he became a public figure, not even to say he truly is their relation. Quite the contrary to what happened in Youngblood's case.

He even altered his appearance to look "more Indian" or what he thinks Indians look like.

I hope you will do a follow up or full expose of Yeagley, who in only five years has made himself the most despised man in Indian Country, supplanting Ward Churchill. The two have much in common in sharing highly questionable claims on ancestry, dubious enrollments, and touting their claims of Indianness to support views extremely few Native people agree with.

A cross section of Native (especially Comanche) opinions on Yeagley.

Dr. Al Carroll
Adjunct Professor, History
Alamo Community College District


Blogger Rob said...

Good letter, Al, though a bit long. My reaction to the article was similar. It was too evenhanded--too much "he said, she said"--and not enough "one lone extremist vs. respected member of community."

Glad to see you finally have a comments function, too.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Dr. Al Carroll said...

You're right, Rob. probably too long for a thank you letter. What I was trying to do was convince him to do an investigative piece on Yeagley. But since he writes on entertainment news, that would have been of of his beat. (Even though Yeagley's ignorance is often unintentionally entertaining.)

As it is I'm satisfied to watch how Yeagley's attacks only undermined Yeagley, not Youngblood.

4:19 PM  

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