Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yeagley Supporter John Martin Issues Yet More Threats

Some people just don't learn. Apparently Martin is so stupid, he won't stop making threats, even though he's facing criminal charges already and getting fired from his job.;act=ST;f=53;t=7061;st=40
"he's (Carroll) on the road to extinction, he's just too maladroit to realize it."

In a conversation with his boss Steve Slawinski, Slawinski vowed to fire Martin after seeing evidence the calls or threats online came during company time.

I'll hold Slawinski to his promise. It's the only way ICPlus can avoid a lawsuit.

On a related note, Martin also saw fit to smear and libel two charities for Native children, World In Our Hands and the Albuquerque Indian Center. I toured Europe two summers ago on a speaking tour, raising several thousand dollars for these charities. I slept on the couches of NAFPS supporters to keep down expenses and gave up the chance to teach that summer to help Native children.

Because Martin has trouble reading (or more likely, just doesn't care about anyone besides himself and Yeagley), he spent several dozens posts falsely accusing me doing the tour for profit.

Attacking a children's charity is a new low, even for Martin or any other Yeagledite.


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